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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Installation of Officers Mizpah Lodge No. 300.

 On Thursday, Dec. 28, the Ladies Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, installed their officers elected for 1906, as follows: Clyde Harris, Past Mistress; Maud Boudreaux, Mistress; Lily Triay, Vice-Mistress; Martha Chargois, Secretary; Bertha Baldwin, Treasurer; Leonce Coumes, Chaplin; Eden Church, Condustress; Mae Shows, Warden; Alma Montgomery, Inner Guard; Viola Rourke, Outer Guard.

 The aims and intentions of the Auxilary, are to unite the families of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen; to promote their welfare socially, morally and intellectually, and to encourage them in all things pertaining to the good of the Brotherhood. Lafayette Advertiser 1/3/1906.

A. O. U. W. Officers.

At a meeting of Ideal Lodge No. 25 A. O. U. W., last Monday, the following officers were elected: C. O. Mouton, master-workman; H. A. Van der Cruyssen, foreman; J. E. Weigle, Jr., overseer; Ben Falk, guide; J. T. Allingham, financier; Thomas Rogers, inside watchman; Joseph Rogers, outside watchman; J. J. Davidson, Sidney Mouton, H. A. Van der Cruyssen, trustees, C. O. Mouton, reporter to grand lodge; Dr. F. R. Tolson, medical examiner.
Lafayette Gazette 1/22/1898.

The Gazette returns thanks to the A. O. U. W. Lodge for a very handsome invitation to a ball given by them at Falk's hall to-night. Laf. Gaz. 1/29/1898.

Mr. W. D. Southwell, of New Iberia, was in town last Wednesday making arrangements for the completion of his contract for the final work in the interior of the bank building down stairs. He will also make the needed changes in the second story previous to its occupancy by the K. of P and Brotherhood of Railroad Train lodge. Laf. Adv. 2/4/1893

The ball given last Saturday night by the lodge of A. O. U. W., did not receive the patronage it ought to have had. The young men were conspicuous by their absence. Laf. Adv. 2/5/1898.

Successful Ball.

 The ball given by the local lodge of the A. O. U. W. last Saturday was a success. Although the number of those who attended was not large, the affair was a thoroughly enjoyable one in every particular. The lodge is to be congratulated on the successful and pleasant outcome of its undertaking. Lafayette Gazette 2/5/1898.

Castle Hall Lafayette Lodge 37.

 Whereas by decree of the Almighty God Supreme Chancellor of the Universe, our late brother, Eli McDaniel has been taken from this earthly life and it is meet that we should put upon record an expression of our appreciation of his virtue and our sorrow for his loss, therefore be it.

 Resolved that the death of Bro. Eli McDaniel struck from the roll of the Knights of Pythias and Lafayette Lodge 37 the name of one whose kindly disposition an genial manner, won him the fraternal regard of his brother knights and the good opinion of his friends and fellow citizens generally

 Resolved our heart-felt sympathies are extended to his bereaved wife and sorrowing children bereft by his untimely taking off and that in token of our condolences and regard copies of this memorial be forwarded to the family by the keeper record, and seals and entered in the minutes of the Lodge.
         W. H. ALEXANDER,
Lafayette Advertiser 2/9/1901.

Remember the Knights of Labor ball at Falk's Hall, to-night. They have made elaborate preparation, and as they always do, give a most hospitable entertainment, where every facility in afforded for mirth and enjoyment. They give these entertainments every season, and they are always liberally patronized. Go and enjoy it.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/15/1890.

All members of A. O. U. W. are requested to meet at Falk's Opera House Wednesday Feb. 23rd. Laf. Adv. 2/19/1898.

The grand ball given by the Knights of Labor, at Falk's Hall, last Saturday night, was another splendid success added to their credit and prestige. It was largely attended, and the enjoyment of the affair was complete. The supper was pronounced to be one of the most elegant and sumptuous spreads ever seen in the Hall. The Knights are no ways backward in expense when it comes to making their ball popular and attractive. Laf. Adv. 2/22/1890

 A special meeting of the Hope Lodge No. 145 F. & A. M., will be held at the Lodge-room this evening at 7 o'clock. All members are requested to attend.
Laf. Adv. 4/27/1889

Mizpah Lodge Ball at Gordon Hotel.

 The ball given last Tuesday at the Gordon Hotel by Mizpah Lodge No. 300, Ladies Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen proved a success financially as well as socially.

 Promptly at 9:30 sweet strains of music were heard from the "Billeaud Band," and the grand march was gracefully led off by Miss Alice Lalanne, of Washington, La., and Mr. C. W. Breeding, of Lafayette. As they marked time to the music, other couples joined in, forming an attractive scene, blended with youth, beauty and gallantry.

 Sixteen couples entered the contest walk. The judges appointed were: Messrs. Baxter Clegg, Felix Salles, R. J. Pellerin, Octave Guilbeau and Dr. G. A. Martin. After careful observation, decision was rendered in favor of Miss Ruby Scranton for the ladies' prize, and Mr. F. E. Wagner, of Houston, Texas, for the gentleman's prize.

 Mr. Philip Mouton carried off the beautiful point lace handkerchief, which was raffled.

 The members of Mizpah Lodge express many thanks to the public for liberal patronage, and particularly to Mesdames C. H. Lusted, Geo. Montgomery, J. B. Coumes, W. H. Adams and D. Delahoussaye. Messrs. T. M. Biossat, H. F. Limerick, A. Bonnet, B. Schmalinski, F. Salles, F. C. Triay, Morgon & Debaillon, B. Negrotto, Morgan Lodge 347, Bayou City Lodge 145, B. R. T., The "Lafayette Advertiser," and "Lafayette Gazette," for contributions and assistance; the enthusiasm shown was received as a token of (unreadable words) for the organization. 
                        A. MEMBER.
Lafayette Advertiser 5/3/1904.

   The local brotherhood of railroad trainmen will give their annual ball at Falk's Opera House, May 22. Remember the date. Laf. Adv. 5/17/1902. 

Don't forget the excursion to take place on the 27th inst. from Washington to Thibodeaux under the auspices of the Morgan Lodge, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen. Thibodeaux is one the prettiest towns in south-west Louisiana and a nice place generally to go.Lafayette Advertiser 5/19/1894.

 Make your arrangements to go to Abbeville on the grand excursion given by the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, on July 2nd. Special preparations will be made for the ladies, and as no intoxicants will be sold on the train all can feel assured that they will have a pleasant time. Laf. Adv. 5/20/1893.

The excursion to Abbeville given by the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen will be run on Sunday, July 2nd. Make your arrangements to attend.
Laf. Adv. 6/3/1893

Trainmen's  Dinner. - The Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen gave a grand spread at Domengeaux's restaurant on Tuesday night. The table was loaded with all good things, the market affords, and to these were added the charm of sociability and the flow of wit, so that the supper will be long remembered by the fortunate participants as a most happy event.
Lafayette Advertiser 6/14/1902.


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