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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Wednesday was ladies night at the Century Club, and an enjoyable reception was tendered by the gentlemen members to their lady friends.
Laf. Adv. 1/9/1897.

Notice. - By order of the Board of Directors of the Century Club, a special meeting of the stockholders will be held at the Club rooms, Tuesday, Feb. 17th, 1903.  H. A. VAN DER CRUYSSEN, Secretary.
Laf. Adv. 1/17/1903.

The Century Club will soon put in a billiard table.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/23/1897. 

Century Club.
The stockholders of the Century Club met at the club rooms Tuesday evening, and it was decided to sell one-half of the lot purchased from Dr. F. R. Tolson several months ago. The whole lot was paid $2,300, and the club will realize $2,100 from the half of it. It is the purpose of the club directors to erect a two-story frame building on the remainder of the lot. Laf. Gaz. 2/21/1903.


The Century Club will give a billiard Tournament on Monday and Tuesday nights April 24th and 25th. Prizes will be given to the winners.
Laf. Adv. 4/8/1899.

The Century Club has decided to have a grand jubilee on the 19th. of May. We will give more details shortly. Lafayette Advertiser 4/9/1898.

 Billiard Tournament. - There will be a "Billiard Tournament" at the Century Club next Tuesday and Wednesday nights, the 23rd, and 24th, commencing at 8 o'clock sharp.

 A prize will be given to the winner of the Tournament and a handsome prize will be presented to the lady who guesses the greatest number of winners during the Tournament. Each lady attending the first night's play and who arrives before the completion of the first game is entitled to a guess.

 Everybody is cordially invited to attend.
    Lafayette Advertiser 4/20/1901.

Billiard Tournament at the Century Club. - The Billiard Tournament at the Century Club last Tuesday evening was an immense success. The parlors of the club were richly and artistically decorated for the occasion. A large number of ladies were present, and by their charming presence added greatly to the pleasure of the evening. A full attendance of members indicated the great interest taken in the contest, and a high appreciation of the favor of having their lady friends partake of the hospitality of the club.

 The winner of the Tournament was Mr. Felix Mouton. The contest was a hard one, and proved that Mr. Mouton is a very skillful player. In the guessing contest, Mesdames T. M. Biossat and G. C. Comstock and Miss Lizzie Parkerson guessed and the winners of the billiard contest. The three ladies drew for the prize which was a handsome breast pin, and Miss Parkerson was the lucky one. The gentleman's prize awarded to Mr. Mouton was a fine silk umbrella. Every game of billiards was well played, and each contestant did his best, so that the interest was kept at a high pitch from beginning to end.

At 10 o'clock refreshments were served in the Literary room was tastefully furnished. The Century Club is one of the liveliest institutions of Lafayette, and has an active membership of 70, which will in the near future reach.
Lafayette Advertiser 4/26/1902

AT THE CENTURY CLUB. - As announced previously the billiard tournament took place at the Century Club on last Monday and Tuesday evenings. The rooms of the club were brilliantly illuminated and the ladies guests added an air of cheerfulness.

 Everything went as merry as a "marriage bell."

 The winners of Monday night's games were Messrs. Serrett, Denbo, Trahan, Krauss, Don Caffery and Joe Mouton.

 Miss Mattie Torian was the successful contestant in naming the greatest number of winners and she won a beautiful amethyst pearl broach, donated for the occasion by Mr. T. M. Biossat, a member of the club.

 On Tuesday night the games were between the winners of the preceding evening and the successful ones were Joe Mouton, Trahan and Nickerson who substituted Denbo.

 The three winners played one game for prize, Joe Mouton, winning 1st prize, a beautiful set of gold, center cut diamond cuff buttons and Nickerson 2nd prize.

 Thus two nights were spent pleasantly affording good muscular exercise and rewarding for skillful playing.

 There was a large attendance on both nights and the occasion was pronounced a success. Lafayette Advertiser 4/28/1899.

The Century Club team and the Band boys are doing some tall practicing for the championship game on May 18, and there is going to be some artistic playing. The game will be a warm one. Lafayette Advertiser 5/10/1902.

The Century Club reached the century mark this week. The membership is now 100, and still they come. Laf. Adv. 5/17/1902.

   Great Game at Surrey Park. 

 Although the weather was threatening, nevertheless a big crowd of friends and admirers assembled at Surrey Park last Sunday to witness the championship game of ball between picked nines from the Century Club and the Sontag Military Band. The colors of the Club and Band were much in evidence. A number of buggies and carriages with their horses lavishly decorated with ribbons and the colors of the two nines, and gave quite an animated appearance to the scene. The game was called at three o'clock, and from start to finish kept the interest of all at high pitch. The first inning was against the club team, and when the Band boys began to roll up tallies in the second and third innings, things began to look black for the Club team. They saw the situation and tried to retrieve lost ground by changing batteries, but the Band boys had the game on them, and notwithstanding the Club nine made a tremendous effort they couldn't offset their losses in the first part of the game. At the close the score was 16 to 10 in favor of the Band boys. Following the game were several mule races, that afforded lots of amusement to everybody. Later in the evening the Band gave a concert at their stand in Parkerson's Grove. Lafayette Advertiser 5/24/1902.

New Club House For New Century.

 The Century Club having found its present quarters entirely inadequate and on account of a large membership, decided to erect a handsome two story brick club building, which will be an ornament to the town ;  and to that end have purchased of Dr. F. R. Tolson on the on Jefferson street just across from the present home of the club for the sum of 2330 dollars. The first floor will be arranged for business purposes, and the second floor will be used exclusively for the benefit of the club. The exact style and plan of the building has not yet been decided positively, except that it must be a handsome building, two stories in height and the 2nd story planned so as to make the most convenient, comfortable home-like club rooms in the state. Lafayette Advertiser 6/14/1902.

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