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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Awarded Gold Medal. - Mr. Alex Mouton has received from the Commissioners of Awards of the World's Fair a beautiful tanner announcing the award to him of a gold medal for pure cane syrup. The banner is on exhibition in the window of P. Krauss' jewelry establishment. Laf. Adv. 1/11/1905.

New Industry Near Lafayette.

 Some days ago Mr. Alfred Hebert, of Lafayette, bought the Torian plantation, on Pin Hook lane. Mr. Hebert has since sold half of the place to Mr. Desire Hebert, of Lake Arthur. It is the intention of these gentlemen to go into the manufacture of syrup on a large scale. They will put up a syrup mill with a daily capacity of about twenty-five barrels. Should the venture prove successful it is the intention to increase the capacity of the mill.

 Louisiana syrup is the best made. It is unquestionably superior to any other served in the hotels and restaurants throughout the country, and it is not surprising that the demand for it is growing larger every year. Whenever shipped to the North it has given the utmost satisfaction.

 It seem strange that notwithstanding the superiority of the home product retail dealers have been compelled to get their supply of syrup from the Eastern States, and that right here in the very sugar-bowl of Louisiana the people have often been obliged to use the unpalatable stuff manufactured and canned by our more enterprising Yankee friends and labeled syrup. If there is one thing that should be made in Louisiana it is enough cane syrup for home consumption.

 The Gazette is pleased to note the establishment of this new industry in this vicinity, and hopes that it will prove a great success. 
Lafayette Gazette 1/19/1901.

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