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Sunday, November 12, 2017


(Vermilionville, La.)

We would call the attention of our planters to the article "subscriber" in our last number; if they had read the short article and weigh it well, they will readily perceive the importance of the move proposed, they will readily understand the necessity of regulating free labor by fixed rules, and how far the interests of all would be benefited by concert of action on the part of inhabitants holding real estate. We then again invite the planters of the Parish, to answer call made upon them, but in so doing, and to carry out the objects and purposes aimed at, they must be unanimous as to the rules of labor to be established, and these once established they must be unanimous in the enforcement of them, otherwise, the attempt to ameliorate our condition, and improve the country, would prove abortive. Lafayette Advertiser 1/9/1869.

At the Canning Factory. - Mr. Alfred Hebert one of our most enterprising citizens, has erected a large warehouse adjoining the canning factory, for the storage of corn. In connection with this is a feed grinding mill. The corn is run through this mill and comes out corn, cob and shuck all ground into a conglomerate mass like coarse meal or any degree of coarseness desired. It is claimed that this feed is very nutritious, and that stock are very fond of it. It is certainly economical, as all the cob and shuck are utilized. The mill is worth investigation. Our farmers should look in their interests in this matter.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/24/1891.

Barn Destroyed. - Wednesday at 2 o'clock in the morning a barn on Mr. Ludovic Billaud's plantation was discovered on fire and as there was no means at hand to combat the flames the building with all its contents were soon consumed. Over 200 barrels of corn, several plows and other farming implements were lost. Mr. Billaud cannot account for the origin of the fire, but fears it was the work of an incendiary.

Lafayette Gazette 1/26/1895. 

Mr. Ludovic Billeaud of this parish shortly after midnight the 24th inst., about 50 barrels of corn and a lot of farm implements were consumed by flames. No plausible explanation has been offered for the accident. Lafayette Advertiser 1/26/1895.

FOR SALE. - A fine plantation situated about four and a half miles from the town of Lafayette, La., on the public road to Opelousas, La., containing 125 arpents of prairie land and 45 arpents of wood land; and being about a half a mile from the Morgan's rail road. The land is of first quality for the cultivation of corn, cotton or sugar cane. Said property will be sold on easy terms. For further particulars address Wm. Campbell, lock box 26 Lafayette, La.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/2/1895.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017



JAN. 1
New Year 1909

JAN 2.
1907 Street Fair

JAN. 3
1906 Teachers Deserve Pension

JAN. 4
No Post

JAN 5.
Farming With Dynamite

JAN 6.
Chelsea 7750

JAN. 7.
1913 Parcel Post

JAN. 8
1898 M E Dedication

JAN 9.
1914 Broom Company
Edison Talking Pictures

JAN. 10
1911 Census Report

JAN. 11
1910 - 10 Years of SLI

JAN. 12
1912 Welcome Town of Maurice.

JAN. 13
1914 Daughters of Confederacy Organize.

JAN. 14
Cross Country Drive

JAN. 15.
1909 High Insurance Rates

JAN. 16
1869 The Coming Railroad

JAN. 17
Evangeline Circle

JAN. 18
No Post

JAN. 19
1912 Gift for Library.

JAN. 20
1914: U. D. C. Chapter Formed

JAN. 21
1882 A Synagogue In Laf.

JAN. 22
1909 - S. P. Buys Land West of Lafayette.

JAN 23.
Mail Boxes at Depot

JAN 24.
1906 Jefferson Posts Notices
p. 4

JAN. 25
1910 - The January Comet
p. 1

JAN 26
1909 Fruit Peddlers Arrested
p. 4

JAN 27
No Post

JAN 28
1910 Blenk Teurlings Cathedral

JAN. 29
Lafayette Wholesale Grovery

JAN 30
Majestic Theater
1907 Mardi Gras

JAN 31
1913: S. P. Adds to Shop

FEB, 1

FEB. 2
1909: Telephones for the Farm

FEB. 3
1900 A Public Library

    FEB. 4