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Saturday, December 9, 2017


Capt. George O. Elms, of Opelousas, was doing some surveying in our parish on Saturday, settling the long disputed Vordenbaumen vs. Jamieson line.
Laf. Gaz. 1/13/1894.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


There will be services at the Presbyterian Church on next Sabbath at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sabbath School at 9:45, Prof. R. C. Greig, supt. Y. P. S. C. E. Wednesday evening at 7:30. Laf. Adv. 1/12/1901.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Remember KVOL back in the day?

(Listener #1) "Paul Thibeau!!"

(Listener #2) "I remember "The Best In The House."

(Listener #3) "Our Schools In Action."

(Listener #4) "

 "The Music of the Day; The Things We Remember....KVOL."

What Matters in the Hub-City, Matters on KVOL...The Voice of Lafayette.


Tuesday, November 21, 2017


 From the Lafayette Advertiser of November 15th, 1910:


 Governor Sanders has issued his Thanksgiving Proclamation as follows:

    State of Louisiana,
     Executive Department.
 Whereas, it has been the time-honored and long-cherished custom, handed down by our forefathers, to set aside one day in each year as a day of thanksgiving, especially to render thanks to our Creator for blessings received in that year;
  Now, therefore, I, Jared Young Sanders, Governor of Louisiana, do hereby designate and appoint Thursday, November twenty-fourth, as a day on which I call upon the people of Louisiana to lay aside their usual vocations and to assemble in their homes and their several places of worship, regardless of sect or creed, for the purpose of giving thanks to Almighty God.

 This year has brought to our people a greater prosperity than they have enjoyed for several years, both agricultural and industrial. We have been free from pestilence, storms and calamities. The splendid growth and great possibilities of our State are attracting the attention of the world. We are on the threshold of an era of great activity and material growth, and our people are thoroughly aroused to the development of our latent and long-neglected resources.

 While giving thanks for many blessings of a Divine Providence, let us not forget the unfortunate, the sick and the needy. Let us open our hearts to the tender supplications of sweet charity, for in no better way can we show our gratitude to God.

 Given under the my signature and the great seal of the State of Louisiana, at the State Capitol, in the city of Baton Rouge, this eleventh day of November, 1910.
  By the Governor: J. Y. SANDERS;
  Assistant Secretary of State.
Lafayette Advertiser 11/15/1910.

Union Thanksgiving Services.

 Union Thanksgiving services will be held at the Baptist church at 11 a. m., on Thanksgiving day. There will be special music for the occasion and Rev. Densen will preach the sermon. The public are cordially invited to be present. Lafayette Advertiser 11/15/1910.

From the Lafayette Advertiser of November 23rd, 1909:


 Union Services Will Be Held at the Presbyterian Church Thursday at 10:30 O'Clock A. M.

 A union Thanksgiving service will be held at 10:30 a. m. Thursday at the Presbyterian church which the public is cordially invited to attend. The following program will be carried out:

 Doxology ... Congregation
 Invocation ... Rev. Stewart
 Chorus - "Creation" ... Choir
 Scripture lesson ... Rev. Vaughn
 Prayer ... Rev. Denson
 Trio - "Come, Holy Spirit" ... Mrs. Demanade, Miss Embree, Mr. Cairns 

Reading President's Proclamation ... Mr. O. B. Hopkins.

 Solo - Selected ... Mrs. Girard

 Thanksgiving Hymn ... Congregation

 Sermon - A Psalm of Thanksgiving ... Rev. Vaughn

 America - Congregation
Lafayette Advertiser 11/23/1909.

 From the Lafayette Advertiser of November 23rd, 1909:


 Gov. Sanders has issued the following Thanksgiving proclamation:
   Whereas, it is the duty of man at all times to render to his Creator thanks for his gifts and blessings, and, whereas,
   "It has been the honored and long-cherished custom for the people of the several States of this republic to set apart, from year to year, a day of thanksgiving, blessing and prayer. Now, therefore, I, Jared Young Sanders, governor of Louisiana, by this proclamation, designate and appoint Thursday, Nov. 25, 1909, as the day on which I call upon the people of Louisiana to lay aside their usual avocations, to assemble in their homes and their several places of worship, regardless of creed or sect, for the purpose of giving concerted thanks to the Almighty God.

 "While many sections of our beloved State have been swept by destructive storms and many of our (last 2 sentences unreadable) Lafayette Advertiser 11/23/1909.

 From the Lafayette Advertiser of November 24th, 1908:

 The public is cordially invited to be present at the Thanksgiving service at the Methodist Church on Thursday, Nov. 26, at 11 a. m. The Rev. Stewart, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, will preach the sermon. Special music has been prepared. Everybody is invited. Free seats and a hearty welcome. The following is the program.

Doxology -
Invocation - Rev. C. C. Miller
Chorus - America.
Proclamation - Read by Dr. E. L. Stephens.
Quartette - Miss Wise, Mr. Cairus, Mrs. Girard, Mr. Stewart.
Scripture Reading - Rev. J. I. Kendrick.
Duet - Mrs. Embry, Miss Embry.
Prayer - Rev. J. I. Kendrick.
Solo - Mrs. Crow Girard.
Sermon - Rev. E. M. Stewart.
Chorus - "The Lord is Great."
Lafayette Advertiser 11/24/1908.

 From the Lafayette Advertiser of November 28th, 1906:



Thursday, November 16, 2017


Out of stop set: So much music we can't hold it back any longer ... 95-7 The Spot.

The New 95-7 .. The Spot

League City's New Favorite Spot on the Radio ... Your Music - Your Place - Your Way

KKHH and KKHD-HD-1 - Houston ... This is Your Spot ... Your Place ... Your Music ... Your Way ... 95-7 The Spot

You Don't Listen to One Kind of Music - That's why we don't play just one kind of music ... Houston's New 95-7 The Spot

Houston's New 95-7 The Spot

Houton's New 95-7 The Spot ... Why we figure out what we're going to play next ... you try to figure this out.

Now you have a Spot in Houston where you can hear all your favorite music ... (eg) ... Music you grew up with ... (eg) ... All in One Spot ... (eg) ... your place your music your way This is Houston's New 95-7 - The Spot.

Clear Lake's new favorite Spot on the Radio ... Your place Your Music Your Way ... The New 95-7 .. The Spot.

 You said you wanted variety ... Alright, we built The Spot ... just for you


Tuesday, November 14, 2017


The Petition. 

 The Advertiser is glad to state  that the gentlemen passing the petition to call an election for the purpose of voting to extend the present water works tax in order to build a central school building, a public market, and extend water mains and electric lights to all parts of town, are having the greatest encouragement. The petition lacks only 20 names, and there is no question but that as soon as the tax payers can be seen, the number will be readily secured. It is indeed complimentary to the citizens of Lafayette that they so willingly and cheerfully show their generosity and public spirit, and the Advertiser believes that there is a great future for our town. 
Lafayette Advertiser 1/11/1902. 

Monday, November 13, 2017


Violated Fish and Game Laws.

 Thursday evening Sheriff Lacoste arrested Victorin and Bernard Bourque two young white men from Vermilion parish for violating the fish and game laws passed by the last Legislature. They had brought a wagon load of fish to town and were offering them for sale.

 At certain seasons of the year it is against the law to have certain kinds of fish in one's possession or to offer them for sale.

 Judge Pugh fined them $25.50 each, which they promptly paid and still had $7.50 each left from the proceeds of the sale of the fish. Lafayette Advertiser 1/11/1905.