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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Sprucing Up.
Court House square has lately been adorned by the planting of several well grown cedars and four oaks. We are told this is done by individuals on their own responsibility. We hope the idea will take and that others will "do it some more." Lafayette Advertiser 2/4/1882.

The Police Jury have greatly improved the court house square by building plank walks and new steps over the fence at the front entrance.
Laf. Adv. 2/9/1889.

Temperance Lecture. - Rev. David Tatum, a celebrated Quaker temperance evangelist, will lecture at the court house Sunday Feb. 14, at 3 p. m. Everybody is invited, especially the young people.  Lafayette Advertiser 2/10/1904.

POLICE JURY .  Messrs. Alfred Hebert and R. C. Greig were appointed to advertise for bids to paint the court house.
Laf. Adv. 2/11/1899.

POLICE JURY. - By motion duly made, the President of the Police Jury, Mr. W. B. Torian, was appointed as purchasing agent for the parish and authorized to purchase any all supplies required in the administration of the parish prison as well as such repairs as may be deemed necessary upon the court-house or Clerk's office.
Laf. Adv. 2/11/1893.

POLICE JURY. Resolved, That the keeper of the parish jail be and is hereby instructed to keep an account with every prisoner of the blankets, etc., furnished, and if any prisoner shall fail to account for the same, then in that case the jailer is authorized and required to make affidavit against such prisoner for theft before his liberation.
A communication from Mr. W. B. Bailey, Clerk of Court, calling attention to the unsafe, condition of the archives of his office by reason of the loss of a large key by his predecessor in office, and also representing the necessity of a new seal for the Clerk's office, was read and on motion the President was empowered to take such steps as would be deemed essential.
Laf. Adv. 2/11/1893.

Police Jury.
Jan. 7th, 1882.

 Among other business....

 On motion, the following was adopted :

 Ordered, that the Sheriff be instructed, as keeper of the Parish Jail, not to permit the Town authorities hereafter to have the use of the jail but upon the distinct understanding and condition that the Town Council be responsible for all damages done by individuals incarcerated therein by the Constable, and under no circumstances is the Sheriff to permit the use of the blankets and other property therein belonging to the Parish to any other than Parish prisoners.

 Ordered further, that the Sheriff is hereby instructed to demand of the Town Council payment for all damages to the jail, heretofore committed by prisoners incarcerated by the corporation authorities.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/11/1882.

POLICE JURY - Messrs. C. Debaillon and E. G. Voorhies were appointed to confer with the City Council and arrange for securing electric lights for the court room. Lafayette Gazette 2/12/1898.

And what a pride to exclaim "I have the correct time, listen to the town clock." Where to put it? At the court house. It is well and proper that time and justice should be together, as it takes time to get justice, and justice is never on proper time. Let us have our clock. May our city fathers realize this great need and give us poor folks time and a correct one. Watches. Yes, we have them but this is individual time. We were not born selfish and consequently we want a clock that shall be common property. What say ye?Lafayette Advertiser 2/5/1898.

 POLICE JURY: Mr. Mouton reported recovering of the court-house roof with corrugated iron roofing by Mr. A. E. Mouton at a cost of $300. Approved.
Laf. Adv. 2/14/1903.

There was a great Concourse of people on out streets last Monday owing to Court being in session. Laf. Adv. 2/19/1898.

Police Jury.(This is part 2 of Police Jury business involving a jail built by the Pauly Jail Building Co. appearing in the Advertiser of 2/20/1897. Unfortunately, the issue of the week prior is not available. But, this pretty descriptive in itself.)
 Upon completion of said equipments and appurtenances as required by said specifications, and its acceptance by said party, the said party of the second part shall pay to the said party of the first part the sum of $1,295.00 and balance as follows: $1,500 twelve months, and $1,500 twenty-four months after completion and acceptance of said work, with interest rate of eight per cent per annum from date of acceptance until paid, interest payable annually.

 It is hereby further agreed by and between the parties hereto as follows:

(1.) Said party shall appoint a Superintendent or Committee, qualified to judge as to the quality and character of the material and work required  by this agreement, whose duty it shall be to inspect and report upon the work and material during the construction of said building, and make and furnish estimates of the value of the material furnished for and labor performed thereon from time to time and should any material be furnished therefor, or work be done thereon, which, in his or their opinion, is not in accordance with the requirements of the plans and specifications therefor, it shall be his or their duty to notify said first party thereof, in person or by or by a written notice forwarded by registered mail to its proper address, unless (unreadable words) they and said or its agent or sub-contractor can agree upon the subject in controversy, and the part of the work affected by such notice shall cease and not be resumed until and agreement is reached upon the subject in controversy, or settled by competent authority, and should said Superintendent  or Committee permit any part of the work on said building to be completed without objecting thereto and giving notice to said first party as aforesaid, it shall be taken and considered the (unreadable word) as an approval thereof, and said first party shall not thereafter be held responsible therefor, nor be required to reconstruct the same without full and adequate compensation therefor.

 (2.)  Should any misunderstanding in this agreement arise between the parties hereto in relation to any part of the work or material provided for or embraced under the terms of this agreement, or in relation to any of the stipulations hereof, which cannot be settled between themselves, the matter in controversy shall be referred to two disagreement between said two arbitrators the they shall jointly choose a third, and their decision in the matter shall be final and binding on both parties hereto, and any time lost in the prosecution of the work on said building or its equipments by reason of controversy as to the material or work thereon, shall be allowed to said first party in the final completion thereof.

 (3.) Upon final completion of the work embraced in this agreement, the said second party shall examine the same, and if completed according to contract, shall immediately accept the same and make final settlement with said first party therefor, as hereinto fore provided and stipulated; but no such settlement shall be made with, nor any payment be made hereon to any agent of said first party or any other person whomsoever, except to an officer of said party, or upon written order of said first party signed by one of its officers and bearing its corporate seal.

 (4.) The foregoing contains all the understandings and agreements had between the parties hereto in relation to the erection and completion of said building and its equipments and appurtenances, and the payments therefor, and neither of said parties is to be held to the performance of any supposed understanding or agreement not herein expressed, or set forth in the specifications referred to herein and made a part thereof.

 In testimony whereof, the aforesaid parties hereto have caused duplicate copies hereof to be signed by the proper and duly authorized agents or representatives of the said principles, and attested by the signature and official seal of Clerk of Court of said Parish on the date first written herein.

 Chas. D. Caffery, Orther C. Mouton; witnesses.

 The Pauly Jail Building & Manufacturing Co.
               F. B. Hull, Contracting Agent,
                           Lafayette Parish, La.


                     R. C. Landry,
                     Alfred Hebert,
                            Com. from Police Jury,
                                  Lafayette, Parish, La.
     Attest :
                  E. G. Voorhies, Clerk of Court,
                                   Lafayette Parish La.

 AND WHEREAS, said above articles of agreement are in accord and comply fully with the bid made to the police jury by said Pauly Jail Building & Manufacturing Company to construct certain repairs to the Parish Jail of Lafayette Parish, in the plans and specifications attached to and made part of said agreement;
       AND WHEREAS, the proposed repairs to said parish prison are absolutely necessary for the safe keeping of parish prisoners and the proper sanitary condition of said parish prison.
 THEREFORE, be it ordained by the Police Jury of the Parish of Lafayette in the State of Louisiana, in legal and regular session assembled (a majority of all the members elect of said Police Jury concurring); that the articles of agreement fully set out in the preamble of this ordinance, be, and the same is hereby accepted for and in the name of the Parish of Lafayette, a corporation duly organized under the laws of the State of Louisiana.

 BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, ETC., That the sum of twelve hundred and ninety-five dollars, be, and the same is hereby appropriated out of money in the treasury and out of the first money collected out the revenues of 1896 and 1897, not otherwise appropriated, for the payment of said sum to said Pauly Jail Building and Manufacturing Company on the completion and acceptance of the work provided in the contract set out herein and made part hereof.

 BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, ETC., That as only nine mills on the dollar of the assessed value of the property in Lafayette Parish is required to meet and pay the annual current expenses thereof, leaving one mill on the dollar of the ten mills allowed by law still assessable and collectible annually for other purposes now, in order to provide for the payment of the indebtedness contracted herein for the repairs of the Parish Prison, as aforesaid, and the payments stipulated of fifteen hundred dollars twelve months and fifteen hundred dollars twenty-four months after the completion and acceptance of said proposed work and repairs, with interest at eight per cent per annum from date of completion and acceptance, a tax of one mill on the dollar of the ten mills allowed by law for parochial purposes on the assessed value of taxable property in Lafayette Parish for the years 1897 and 1898, be, and is hereby appropriated, levied and set apart, or enough thereof to pay said debt and interest contracted for the construction of said repairs to the Parish Prison of Lafayette Parish.

 BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, ETC., That the Parish of Lafayette, is hereby instructed, and it is made his mandatory duty to keep apart and separate from other funds of the Parish coming into his hands as such, the sum of twelve hundred and ninety-five dollars out of any money now in the treasury and out of the funds coming into his possession and not otherwise appropriated, for the payment of said sum upon the completion and acceptance of said proposed work and repairs; and to also keep apart and separate from other funds of the Parish out of the revenues of the years 1897 and 1898 from the property tax for said years one mill of the taxes of said years to be applied to the payment out of these revenues of the debt and interest contracted for the work and repairs on the Parish Prison aforesaid.

 BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, ETC., That any ordinance or part of any ordinance contrary to or in conflict with this ordinance, be, and the same is hereby repealed.

 BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, ETC., That this ordinance shall take effect from and after its passage.

 President Landry reported that in conjunction with Mr. Alf. Hebert he had appointed Mr. Wm. Clegg as supervising architect of the repairs and alterations of the Parish Jail. By motion the action of the committee was approved and ratified.

 There being no further business the Police Jury adjourned.
         R. C. LANDRY, Pres.
         R. C. Greig, Sec.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/20/1897.

POLICE JURY  On motion the salary of the keeper of the Court House was abolished.

Resolved, That hereafter the use of the Court House is prohibited for the giving of balls, concerts or any public exhibition.

 Resolved, That Theodore Hebert Jr., be authorized to remove the driven well now standing on the Court House square, on the condition that he erect it on the street and near the banquet and connect with it a horse trough, all in a proper and conventional manner for the use of the public, to keep it in good condition at his own expense. Laf. Adv. 2/22/1873

The work of planting the Court House has begun and in  a few days the whole building will present a new appearance. The work is thoroughly done under the supervision of Mr. C. E. Carey. Laf. Adv. 4/8/1899.

Police Jury Action.
Among other items of business...

"..... By motion Messrs. A. Hebert, R. C. Greig and L. Hirsch, were appointed to procure estimates for painting and kalsamining the Court House.

 By motion Mr. Alfred Hebert was appointed and authorized to enter into a formal contract with Mr. B. Falk for the laying of a brick walk in and around the court square, at the rate of $48.75 per hundred feet length by six feet width, and $64.80 per hundred feet length, by eight feet width. The said walks to be laid with pressed brick and covered with cement. The said work to be done, in first class workmanship and all materials therefore to be furnished by said contractor, one half of said contract price shall be paid cash and the remainder one year from date without interest. Motion adopted...."
Lafayette Advertiser 6/2/1894.

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