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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Mr. Ed Higginbottham has resigned the position he held in the employ if the Waters-Pierce Oil company at this place. Laf. Adv. 1/6/1894.

The Oil Field.

The Acadia Oil and Fuel Company has contracted with the Moresi Brothers to drill a well on the Domengeaux farm near Anse la Butte. This company has the means necessary to make thorough investigations on its holdings.

We are informed that the Southern Pacific has contracted with Moresi Bros. to bore two wells. Lafayette Gazette 1/10/1903.

More on Oil Field.

Assessor Martin, whose faith in the oil possibilities of this section has never waivered, informs The Gazette that the prospects of the Anse la Butte field are brighter now than they have ever been. The building of new derricks and the unusual activity in that locality show that the oil people are going to make an earnest effort to develop the field. The Heywoods are greatly encouraged to continue the work which they have been prosecuting with characteristic energy. The Southern Pacific is getting ready to go down for the oily fluid as is evidenced by the erection of a first-class derrick. Mr. Kennedy, the company's geologist, visits the field nearly every day, and while he has given out no opinion for publication he is evidently pleased with the outlook.
Lafayette Gazette 1/10/1903.

A Pumper. - The Gazette is informed that the Heywoods are getting the necessary apparatus for their second well at Anse la Butte which, from all indications, will develop into a good pumper. 
Lafayette Gazette 1/10/1903.  


 A peculiar feature of the oil situation, as looked upon here, is the scarcity of news which comes out of the West Louisiana field. Something dribbles out every once in a while, but it is believed there is some object for concealing the true situation there. Reports come of wells capped and other wells which are being drilled, and then all of sudden there is a lull and wells are never heard of again. They got so deep, and that is all there is to it. Beaumont men took up great quantities of land around Jennings, and their operations are shrouded in mystery, for there has not been a single authentic statement of what they are doing for weeks. There were half a dozen rigs at work around Vinton and Lake Charles also had its quota of derricks, and yet there is silence, absolute and unqualified, from both these places. Once in a while some traveler from there comes to town and tells of the number of derricks he has seen, and what he has heard, but that is about all the news which comes out of the field now. There is no question of the presence of oil in West Louisiana. How large the quantity and whether there will be any gushers in that section as there are at Beaumont are questions which time alone can settle. But the oil is there. It has gushed for as long as an hour in the well at Jennings, and some of the oldest and most experienced operators in the Beaumont field, who were present when the gushing was going on, declared the oil was there if the hateful position of the sand could be gotten rid of, and they were of the opinion it could. They were so strongly of this opinion that they took lease on all the land they could lease, and telegraphed their friends to come over and get it on the good thing.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/11/1902.

A Regular Peach. - The Southwestern Oil Company, of Houston, Texas, will please accept the thanks of the staff for a most beautiful and artistic calendar, adorned with the picture of a divinely beautiful girl. Her eyes would be described by the poets as "soulful, and heavenly blue," her neck irresistibly fair, her cheeks - well, she's what George Ade would call a regular peach. Lafayette Gazette 1/12/1901.


It gives us pleasure this week to introduce to the business public of Lafayette, Mr. Geo. A. De Blanc, and we refer our readers to his card in another part of the paper. Mr. De Blanc was a resident of our parish several years ago, having come here from New Orleans. He afterward moved with his mother and other members of the family, to the City of Mexico, where he lived for a number of years as a sub-agent of the Waters-Pierce Oil Co. About fifteen months ago he returned to Lafayette to accept a position with the lumber firm of Moss & Mouton and in his business capacity during this time has become well and favorably known. Latterly, Mr. De Blanc decided to embark in business on his own account and has every reason to expect his enterprise will be rewarded with success. Messrs. Moss & Mouton have transferred their coal business to him and to this has been added the other lines mentioned in his card. We commend Mr. De Blanc to the favorable consideration of the public of Lafayette, feeling certain he will be careful of the interests of all persons having business relations with him. Lafayette Advertiser 1/12/1895.

It is reported that all the wells at Anse la Butte are full of oil, and that very soon a pumping system will be put in. Laf. Gaz. 1/17/1903.

Capt. Lucas' Big Luck.

 Capt. Lucas, the lucky man who discovered the now world-famous oil well near Beaumont, Texas, is well-known in Lafayette. He directed the boring of wells at L'Anse la Butte, between here and Breaux Bridge, in the hope of finding oil. It will be remembered that at a depth of four or five hundred feet oil in small quantities oil was found, but for some reason or other the work was discontinued. There seem to be unmistakable evidences of the existence of oil at L'Anse la Butte and it is to be hoped that the boring will be resumed. Some of the enterprising citizens of the town should become interested in the matter, because it is not improbable that there exists an immense lake of the precious stuff somewhere in that neighborhood. At any rate, it's worth another trial. Lafayette Gazette 1/19/1901. 

Judge Walter J. Burke of New Iberia, stated to an Advertiser man, that work will commence at Anse LaButte next March. Mr. Burke is one of the principal stockholders in the company. He also expressed himself as confident of securing oil in paying quantities without doubt. The Pioneer company will also resume work as soon as they can receive the necessary piping. Laf. Adv. 2/1/1902.

The Martin Gas Creek.

Assessor A. M. Martin reported to the Advertiser that he and other parties have contracted to have a well bored on the place called the "Martin Gas creek" about one mile from the town of Lafayette.

The following are the contractors: Joseph Espola, broker and real estate agent of Mobile, Alabama ; P. D. Dowlen, state and county tax collector of Mobile and Marcus R. Williams, president of the Cosmopolitan Bank of Baltimore, Md.

The lease contracted for consists of 80 acres furnished by the following parties :

A. M. Martin - 20 arpents
Jos. A. Chargois - 10 arpents
Mrs. Edgard Martin - 10 arpents
C. G. Bienvenu - 10 arpents
C. D. Caffery - 10 arpents
Richard Bros. - 20 arpents

The boring is to commence in 90 days from date and a forfeit of $1,000 was agreed to in case of failure.

Mr. Martin also received a sum necessary to build the derrick and everything will be ready to start next Monday.

The Advertiser always admired Mr. Martin in his efforts in the oil question and wish him full success which he so justly deserves.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/14/1903.

 Grants Right of Way for Pipe-Lines to Run from Jennings and Anse la Butte.

 At a special meeting Thursday, the Police Jury granted to Bass and Benkenstein, of Crowley the right of way through the parish for a pipe line, which will begin at Jennings. They also granted same right to Moresi Bros. and A. M. Martin, line to run from Anse la Butte. The Jury also increased the number of delegates to the the Cotton Growers' Convention, which is now in session in New Orleans, from five to twenty-five. The Jury will meet again to-morrow. Lafayette Advertiser 1/25/1905.


The Guffey Company at Work.

Derrick Completed and a Large Quantity of Piping on the Grounds.

The Pourcio's Holding Soon to be Developed.

The Guffey Company have just completed a large derrick on their property at Anse La Butte and have already on the ground a large quantity of piping ready to begin work in earnest. This company has complete confidence in the oil field of this section and are willing to put their money in it. When men of affairs, who are on the look out for paying investments, are willing to spend their money on our lands, it certainly looks as if there is paying quantities here. Evidently these people see a bright future for south Louisiana, and are here to help develop these new and hereto unsuspected resources. Oil here is but the shadow of a doubt that we have it in inexhaustible quantity means enormous things to us. It means manufactories, growth, wealth, and prosperity. It only needs this mineral wealth to make this section the most favored on.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/22/1902.

Death of Dewey Heywood. - Mr. Dewey Heywood, one of the four brothers constituting the firm of Heywood Bros., died at Domengeaux's hotel in this city at 1:10 p. m. Monday in the 33rd year of his age. Mr. Heywood was taken sick with typhoid fever about four weeks ago and was seemingly doing well, the disease appearing to be of a mild type. His brother, Mr. Alba Heywood, was with him from the beginning of his illness and saw that he was provided with the best medical attention, and that he had the services of two trained nurses. Mrs. Dewey Heywood was in constant attendance at the bedside of her husband. No fatal termination was anticipated, but as is sometimes the case in this treacherous malady, complications developed two or three days ago and he speedily took a turn for the worse, which soon placed him beyond medical skill. His mother arrived Monday just in time to be with him at the last. Mr. O. W. Heywood who is sick at Jennings could not be present, Mr. Scott Heywood arrived Monday night.

Mr. Dewey Heywood was man of strong character, firm in his friendships and of a generous open hearted nature. He had the happy faculty of winning friends and here in Lafayette he had made some strong ones. He was very popular in Beaumont where for two years past he has had the management of the Heywood Oil Company's business. His death will be learned with regret all over Southwest Louisiana and East Texas where he was well known.

The remains accompanied by his bereaved relatives were taken Tuesday to Battle Creek, Mich., for interment. Lafayette Advertiser 3/2/1904.

Anse la Butte Again Attracting Attention. -

Rumors of Renewed Activity Among Oil Prospectors.

 It is rumored that oil prospectors have been negotiating for land in the Anse la Butte section. It is reported that tracts of land have been leased and that farmers in that neighborhood have been asked to give options on their farms. We have not been able to ascertain whether of not these rumors are well founded. It is safe to say, however, that before long some one will be willing to invest his money to find out if there is any oil a Anse la Butte.

 The investigations which were conducted last year by Mr. Lucas, the discoverer of the Beaumont geyser, established the fact beyond doubt that there is oil in the neighborhood. Owing to the cessation of the work it was not ascertained if there is oil in large quantities. After reaching a depth of about 500 feet the boring was discontinued.

 The Gazette hopes that a company will be organized here or elsewhere for the purpose of conducting thorough and intelligent investigations at Anse la Butte. The discovery of oil at that point would result in incalculable benefit to Lafayette. Lafayette Gazette 3/2/1901.

OIL COMPANY. - The Lafayette Oil and Mineral Company was organized Tuesday with a capital of $100,000. The following officers were elected: President Leo Judice; Vice-president, J. Arthur Roy; Secretary, A. B. Denbo; Treasurer, S. R. Parkerson. The Board of Directors is composed of the following: Leo Judice, Chas. D. Caffery, S. R. Parkerson, C. O. Mouton, J. E. Trahan, R. O. Wood, J. A. Roy, Dr. N. P. Moss, A. B. Denbo of Lafayette, J. C. Lyons and Judge John Clegg of New Orleans. This company has thousands of acres in St. Martin, Lafayette and Calcasieu parish, and especially very desirable lands near Anse LaButte.
Lafayette Advertiser 5/4/1901.  

Heywood Oil Co. Will Bore.

 We are reliably informed that the Heywood Oil Co. will bore for oil at Anse la Butte. This is a strong company and the Heywoods have the reputation of pushers which is good evidence that now the Anse la Butte field will be thoroughly tested, and if oil exists there in paying quantities they will ascertain that fact. The people of Lafayette are very much interested in this field, and they learn with satisfaction that the Heywoods have taken hold, for having plenty of money and the nerve to venture at it, the matter will be settled. Lafayette Advertiser 5/10/1902.


A Brief Outline of the Situation. Results So Far Very Encouraging.

 Those in the Field Will Continue. No Doubt About Oil. Large Salt Mine of Pure Rock Salt.

 A reporter for the Advertiser saw H. L. Meyer, who is drilling a well at Anse la Butte, and who thoroughly understands the situation at the oil field, and requested that he give a brief outline of affairs there, which he very kindly did as follows:

 He stated that up to date several companies have drilled and tried to bring in a well, spending nearly $300,000. Results, while not all hoped for, nevertheless are sufficiently satisfactory to encourage them to continue, for without question there is a large field, well worth developing.

 Heywood Bros. are the main land owners, and now, having secured the Guffey leases, are in practical control of the field. Next to the Heywoods comes the LaDanois Company, who also have large holdings; but as yet have yet shown no disposition to develop their land. Then come Moresi Co., who have been working honestly for two years to get a gusher. They have succeeded, as have the Heywoods, in obtaining oil; but for lack of gas pressure have not been able to bring in the wells.

 So far eleven wells have been drilled, three of which produce about 10 barrels daily, with use of compressed air.

 The next well will be put down by Mr. Meyer. Heywood Bros. will do the drilling. The well will be located about 150 feet from Moresi No. 3, in the swamp. This particular piece is considered the cream of the field as far as ascertained, and Mr. Meyer expects to bring in a 400 to 500 barrel daily producer. Mr. Meyer put down the Acadia well for a New York Co., but got only salt water. This time he is counting on big success.

 One of the important developments of the field is the discovery of an immense salt mine. It is of a wedge shape running east to west with the apex towards Breaux Bridge, where the thickness is about 500 feet. The nearest point toward Lafayette shows a depth of 1000 feet. It is pure rock salt. Mr. Meyer stated that he, had discovered a special process by which it could be rendered to a fine table salt of very superior quality. - Mr. Meyer has the utmost confidence in Anse la Butte and says that big things can be expected from it in the near future.
Lafayette Advertiser 5/18/1904.

Work at Anse la Butte to Begin. 
Active work will be begun in a few days at Anse la Butte, Mr. Moresi of Jeanerette has all the necessary machinery on the ground and will go ahead at once. He will sink a well on the Pourcio tract, lease owned by the Guffey Co., He confidently expects a gusher. The Heywood Company have also contracted with the Anse la Butte Company to bore a well within 30 days, at Breaux's tract. Mr. Moresi presented us a bottle of oil from the Pioneer well at Anse la Butte. Lafayette Advertiser 6/1902.

A company has been organized to develop the spring of natural gas discovered some time ago between Lafayette and Breaux Bridge.  The work will begin soon. The company is as follows :- Burke, of New Iberia; Rob Martin, Judge J. Mouton, Judge Blackman, Ledoux Smith, J. P. Russel and Hill. Lafayette Advertiser 6/17/1899.

Oil In Lafayette. - Before speaking of the oil found in the well of the Falk-Hannen Brick yard. The Advertiser has investigated completely both the vicinity and the samples of the liquid obtained from the well. We are now convinced beyond the possibility of a doubt that oil exists in that locality. The analysis of it corresponds to that of the oil found at Anse La butte. The surface indications are  very good and in view of that fact the Lafayette Oil and Mineral Co., leased valuable lands in that neighborhood. The shareholders are rejoicing that they have invested in this company as prospects are very bright indeed. The company's machinery will soon be in Lafayette, and the work of drilling will begin at once. Lafayette Advertiser 6/22/1901.

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