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Wednesday, July 24, 2013



Temporarily Discontinued - May Have a Modern Wagon in a few days.The delivery service of the Wells-Fargo Express having been discontinued for the last day or two, an Advertiser reporter called on our local agent, Mr. C. D. Boudreaux, to learn the reason. He stated that the present delivery man had been forced to quit as his horse had given out, and declined to continue at the rate now paid him. Mr. Boudreaux also added that he had once put himself in communication with headquarters and was endeavoring to have a modern express wagon placed in service here. He expects a favorable answer in a few days. If Mr. Boudreaux succeeds in securing this much-desired and much needed modern express wagon, he will have the thanks of the people of Lafayette.

Lafayette Advertiser 2/3/1904.

New Express Wagon. - Lafayette has at last got an up-to-date express wagon, the company having lately put them in the cities. They have also fixed up the express office, with railings, etc., and have a man in charge. For all of which we express appreciation, and we hope the day is not far off when the Wells Fargo people will go just a little farther and give us an office up town. Lafayette Advertiser 3/1/1905.




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