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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


A Synagogue in Lafayette.

The following telegram expalins itself, and in connection with its publication we will state that our Hebrew friends intend this to be a first class ball in every respect. Funds have to be raised for the building of their Synagogue and they have adopted this as one of their means of reaching the general public at the same time giving them the full value of every dollar they may receive -- in real enjoyment. Mr. Weeks is General Manager of the Crescent News Co., leases of the Railroad Hotel.
New Orleans, Jan. 19, 1882.
E. Phillips, Secretary Jewish Congregation.

It will afford us pleasure to grace you the use of our house for your Ball, Feb. 18th.
E. A. WEEKS, General Manager.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/21/1882.

We are happy to perceive that the spirit of our population, and the future condition of our little burgh is decidedly on the mend. Without counting the late buildings that have sprang up and those in contemplation, we noticed yesterday that the Hebrew association of our Town had been enclosing the lot donated to them, for a burial ground, we are informed (not reliably, it has become a dangerous word to use) that it is their intention soon to build a Synagogue in our midst.  
 Lafayette Advertiser 5/22/1869.

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