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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Falling Into Line.

Lafayette is growing apace, and the directors of the First National Bank realize the consequent necessity of making greater provision to accommodate the fast expanding business of that institution. It was decided at the last meeting of the Board of Directors to replace the present bank building with a larger and more substantial structure of imposing design, to be fitted up with modern furniture and fixtures. The east side of the new building will be placed on a line with the newly widened Jefferson street, which will add to the appearance of the building as well as to the appearance of the street.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/6/1904

The statement of the condition of the First National Bank of Lafayette at the close of business Dec. 31st, 1898, published in another column, speaks well for the institution and is substantial evidence of the high favor in which this bank is held by the business community.
Daily Advertiser 1/7/1899

First National Elects Offers.

The annual meeting of the stockholders of the First National Bank was held yesterday, pursuant to notice, and the following Board of Directors was elected to serve during the ensuing year C. C. Brown, M. Billeaud, Jr., C. D. Caffery, F. Demanade, N. P. Moss, J. G. Parkerson, P. B. Roy and John Whittington.

The directors immediately qualified by re-electing the old staff of officers, as follows: N. P. Moss, president; J. G. Parkerson, vice-president; S. R. Parkerson, cashier; C. D. Caffery, attorney and O. C. Mouton, notary.

The First National Bank is now occupying its handsome and commodious new quarters and, with its greatly increased recharge sources and facilities, is beginning business in the new year under altogether auspicious conditions. Lafayette Advertiser 1/11/1905.

First National Bank.

The stockholders of the First National Bank met last Tuesday, pursuant to notice, and elected the following Board of Directors for the ensuing year: F. Demanade, J. G. Parkerson, C. C. Brown, Chas. O. Mouton, P. B. Roy, C. D. Caffery, John Whittington, M. Billeaud, Jr., Arthur Roy and N. P. Moss. Lafayette Gazette 1/12/1901.

Mrs. Gardner, wife of the late Gen. Gardner No. 580, the uniform and of her lamented husband. The whole is placed in a glass case and can be seen in the building of the First National Bank of Lafayette. These historical relics have a great value specially to the veterans whose proverbial love to their late commander is well known. Besides the younger generation the abnegation and devoted patriotism of their ancestors to their south land. Lafayette Advertiser 1/14/1899.

Relics of Gen. Gardner.
 Mrs. M. Gardner, widow of General Frank Gardner, U. C. V.'s, the military uniform worn by her illustrious husband during his service in the Confederate Army. Mrs. Gardner has also given to the camp the sabre carried by the general when he was an officer in the Federal army, before he left it to join the Southern forces, and his sword with which he so gallantly defended Port Hudson. Among these valuable relics is a beautiful silk sash presented after the war by the ladies of New Orleans to the hero of Port Hudson. The relics have been encased in a neat box with a glass cover, which has been given to the First National Bank. Lafayette Gazette 1/14/1899.

 The stock-holders of the First National Bank held a meeting last Tuesday and re-elected the following Board of Directors: Ed. L. Estorge, J. S. Whittington, C. C. Brown, P. B. Roy, J. G. Parkerson, Charles O. Mouton, C. D. Caffery, A. J. Moss, N. P. Moss. Laf. Gaz. 1/14/1899.

Bank Officers.

 The following directors of the First National Bank for the ensuing year were elected Tuesday: P. B. Roy, J. G. Parkerson, J. S. Whittington, C. D. Caffery, A. J. Moss. Dr. N. P. Moss was elected president and Judge J. G. Parkerson, vice-president; S. R. Parkerson, cashier, F. V. Mouton, assistant cashier and Wm. Campbell and C. D. Caffery, notaries. Messrs. C. O. Mouton and E. L. Estorge are the new directors and Dr. Moss is the newly elected president. The new officers are all business men who have been intimately connected with commercial circles in this town and parish for many years, and doubtless will give a thorough business administration.
Lafayette Gazette 1/15/1898.


The First National Bank of Lafayette Elects Officers - Brief Review of the Bank's History by President Moss.

At a special meeting held last Tuesday the newly elected board of directors of the First National Bank of Lafayette organized for the management of the bank during the ensuing year by electing N. P. Moss president, J. G. Parkerson vice president, S. R. Parkerson cashier, F. V. Mouton assistant cashier, C. D. Caffery attorney, and Judge O. C. Mouton notary.

In a brief review of the history of the bank on this occasion, President Moss said in part: "This institution first opened its doors for business on the 9th day September, 1891, under the title of the People's State bank, with a capital stock of $25,000, of which only $4,350 was then paid up. Four years later (in 1895) the infant bank was converted into a national banking association, to secure to its customers and the public the well-known advantages guaranteed by the national banking laws of the United States.

"The institution successfully overcame the adverse conditions that all pioneer banks commonly encounter during the early years of their career, and has gradually developed into one of the most stalwart country financial institutions in the State.

"The unbroken record of prosperity of this bank during the one decade of its existence is best told by the unbiased figures that have kept a faithful account of its business year by year."

President Moss then read a statement prepared from the books of the institution showing the steady growth of the business until the deposits, starting with December 31, 1891, at $16,151.07, had crept up to $229,767.68 on December 31, 1900, and the resources of the bank from a modest beginning of $35,584.77 on December 31, 1891, now rolled up to the handsome figure of $348,071.75.

Continuing along the same line, the president said: "An increase of over 1400 per cent, in deposits and nearly 1000 per cent, in resources in less than ten years is a record of which it is the institution may well feel proud, and these figures speak with greater eloquence than words of the remarkable success that has attended the business career of this bank.

"Since 1891 we have seen the years come and go, each an improvement on the one preceding it. This uninterrupted record of successful effort is not the result alone of the work of those in the immediate charge of the the affairs of the bank, but representing the interested co-operation of officers, directors and customers, to each of whom is due this acknowledgement."

President Moss concluded his remarks with the statement that never in the history of Lafayette have the prospects for business been so encouraging as at this time, and he gave the assurance in the future, as in the past, the First National Bank would be an important factor in the commercial life of this section of the country. Lafayette Gazette 1/19/1901.

First National Bank.
The Board of Directors of the First National Bank of Lafayette met on the 16th., and elected the following officers to serve during the present year. N. P. Moss, president; J. G. Parkerson, vibe-president; S. R. Parkerson, Cashier; F. V. Mouton, asst-cashier; C. D. Caffery, attorney; O. C. Mouton, notary.

Lafayette Advertiser 1/20/1900.

At an election of officers of the First National Bank held last Tuesday all the old officers were re-elected as follows: Dr. N. P. Moss, president; J. G. Parkerson, vice president; S. R. Parkerson, cashier; F. V. Mouton, asst. cashier; C. D. Caffery, attorney and Judge O. C. Mouton, notary. In such hands this bank will have another year of prosperity. Lafayette Advertiser 1/21/1899.

The First National Bank.

Last Tuesday the directors of the First National bank of Lafayette held their regular meeting and elected the following officers to serve during the ensuing year: Dr. N. P. Moss, president; J. G. Parkerson, vice-president; S. R. Parkerson, cashier; F. V. Mouton, assistant cashier; Chas. D. Caffery, attorney; O. C. Mouton, notary.

The First National Bank had its origin in the People's State Bank, organized July 30, 1891. Among the promoters of the bank were N. P. Moss, the president and Mr. S. R. Parkerson, cashier of the present institution. Both these gentlemen have been closely identified with it since its origin. The directors of the bank are men of business integrity who have always taken an important part in the development of the town and parish. The First National Bank has just closed the most prosperous year in its history and has every reason to hope for increased prosperity. Lafayette Gazette 1/21/1899.

First National Bank.

 At the meeting of the new board of directors of The First National Bank held last Tuesday, the acting officers of the bank were all re-elected for another year, viz: C. Girard, president; J. G. Parkerson, vice-president, S. R. Parkerson, cashier; F. V. Mouton, assistant cashier; C. D. Caffery, attorney; Wm. Campbell, notary public.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/23/1897.


There was no change made in the personnel of the board of directors of the First National Bank at the election which took place the 14th instant, and last Tuesday the Board organized for the ensuing year by re-electing the old set of officers, viz: N. P. Moss, president;  J. G. Parkerson, cashier; C. D. Caffery, attorney; O. C. Mouton, notary. The substantial increase in the business of the First National Bank during the past year is a source of so much gratification to the shareholders, and officers and directors of the institution. Lafayette Gazette 1/25/1902. 


Officers Re-elected.
At their meeting last week the Board of Directors of the First National Bank re-elected all the officers of the bank, which is a handsome recognition of the services of these gentlemen. Laf. Adv. 2/3/1904.

Mr. W. D. Southwell, of New Iberia, was in town last Wednesday making arrangements for the completion of his contract for the final work in the interior of the bank building down stairs. He will also make the needed changes in the second story previous to its occupancy by the K. of P and Brotherhood of Railroad Train lodge. Laf. Adv. 2/4/1893

A Commendable Act. - The First National Bank, the Improvement Company, the Moss Pharmacy and Moss & Co., are having concrete street crossings laid at each of their corners at their own expense. This is a most commendable and public spirited act, and pedestrians will gratefully appreciate it every time it rains. There are other street corner (unreadable) is in order for other property owners to follow suit. Lafayette Advertiser 3/1/1905.

FNB Moved Temporarily. - The First National Bank moved into the Century Club building Saturday, where they will remain until the erection of their handsome new building which is to be completed by September 1. The work of demolishing the old building began Monday. Laf. Adv. 5/18/1904.

Finished Tearing Down.
The work of demolishing the First National Bank building was completed last week, and the workmen are preparing for beginning the new building which will be very handsome.
Lafayette Advertiser 6/1/1904.

Work Begun.
Work began in the First National Bank's new building Saturday under the supervision of Mr. Livaudais, architects New Orleans. J. A. Vandyke has secured the contract for the carpenter work and T. J. Gelvin for the brick work.
Lafayette Advertiser 6/1/1904.


 Work on the First National Bank building, the hotel and the opera house is going forward rapidly. A large force of men is employed and that corner presents a lively appearance. The concrete walk on both sides of Moss & Co.'s store is about completed. There are now concrete walks finished from the Crescent News Hotel on both sides of the street to Moss's corner, and on Vermilion street, north side, from Morgan & Debaillon's to Dr. J. F. Mouton's office. L
Lafayette Advertiser 6/22/1904.

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