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Wednesday, July 24, 2013



T'he hospitable home of our venerable townsman, Dr. F. S. Mudd, was the scene of much gaiety on New Year's eve. Little less than a hundred people responded to the invitation issued by the Misses Mudd and met at their home at Sterling Grove to see the old year out and the new year in. A better place could not have been selected to say goodbye to the old year and extend a hearty greeting to the new. Dr. Mudd's home is built on the order of the ante-bellumn structures, in the midst of a picturesque grove of live oaks. It is suggestive of the old south and recalls to the mind the best days of Dixie's glory and valor. It serves to link the old with the new and is an ideal spot to think of the past and the future. The house had been fittingly decorated for the occasion. The reception rooms and the dining hall were tastily arranged with garlands of evergreens and moss and the holly berries on the walls lent an artistic coloring to the scene.

A most interesting musical program had been prepared, several pieces of vocal and instrumental music being rendered in a manner that was delightfully clever and pleasing. Selections on the violin by Prof. Sontag and Mr. Ned Voorhies. on the piano by Miss Lea Gladu, and the singing of Mrs. Crow Girard, Miss Anna Hopkins, Miss Lizzie Mudd and Dr. Girard made up a musical entertainment of rare excellence. A recitation by Miss Hopkins was greatly enjoyed.

After eating a splendid lunch and the advent of the new year was announced there was a sincere interchange of good wishes, and all went home contented with the pleasing memories of the closing hours of 1902 and satisfied with the auspicious beginning of 1903. The guests were: Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Nickerson, Mr. and Mrs. B. Clegg, Mr. and Mrs. A. Mouton, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Pellerin, Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Blake, Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Biossat, Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Crow Girard, Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Martin, Mesdames C. K. Darling, M. Meriwether, Tom Hopkins, A. B. Denbo, R. M. DeLaney, F. S. Mudd Jr., Jno. Nickerson, Mrs. Jones of Texas, Misses J. Torian, L. Gladu, L. Tolson, E. and A. Hopkins, M. Marion, B. Cornay, R. DeBlanc of New Iberia, M. Robertson of Mississippi and K. Davis of Texas, Messrs. F. Sontag, N. Voorhies, L. Judice, L. Marion, G. B. Harris, Win. Middlemas, E. V. Chase, D. Greig, A. and E. Morgan, C. Debaillon, H. Mouton, S. Nickolls, W. S. Torian, J. S. Givens, Win. Clegg, Drs. H. P. Beeler and F. E. Girard.
Lafayette Gazette 1/3/1903.

At the Crow Girard House.

On last Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Crow Girard threw open, to their many friends, the doors of their new home in Industrial street. Brilliant lights cast their scintillating beams from every window and door of the beautiful home and as one approached this gorgeous blaze of light, a picture of the fairy palaces of the long ago was recalled, and Cinderella and her Prince, and the fairy elves of the "Once upon a time" seemed not afar. Upon entering this ideal home the exquisite taste manifested in the decorations appealed at once to the artistic sense of every guest, however, aesthetic. The mantels were linked with soft moss, peeping from which were rich red camellias harmonizing with the scarlet and green of the holly. From every chandelier swaying draperies of moss were suspended, half hiding the tempting sprigs of mistletoe that hung defiantly down above the heads of the gay young folk. By nine o'clock the last guest had arrived and a Quotation Hunt was indulged in, affording much merriment, Mrs. B. Clegg, Miss J. Torian, Messrs. W. S. Torian and E. Morgan succeeded in matching the same number of quotations, and upon cutting Mrs. Clegg was the fortunate winner of the prize, a beautiful box of stationery. After the game delicious refreshments were served and several musical selections fittingly closed a most delightful evening.
Lafayette Gazette 1/3/1903.

Biossats Give Reception.

Prominent among the social functions of Christmas week was the reception given by Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Biossat in honor of Miss Horn, of Keachie, La. Choice piano selections were rendered by Miss Horn, Miss Mudd, Miss Gladu and Mr. Stephens, and Mrs. Alfred Mouton sang an appeciated song. Little Inez Biossat, with a fairy wand in her hand, invited the guests to return to their childhood days. After indulging in amusing games and relating the most thrilling experiences of their youthful days, the guests were ushered into the dining room where delicious punch and cakes were served. Useless to say that on this, as on former occasions, Mrs. Biossat entertained in her usual charming manner, and the genial host contributed much to the pleasant hours spent in their beautiful home.
Lafayette Gazette 1/3/1903.


 Mr. and Mrs. Biossat entertained a number of friends last Friday evening, complimentary to Miss Horn of Keatchie, La.

 The occasion was an old time Christmas frolic and as enjoyable as it was informal. A delightful musical program was rendered by Misses Mudd, Gladu, Horn, Mrs. A. Mouton, Mr. Stephens.

 The party then assembled in the reception hall were little Inez Biossat addressed them saying "That the good Chrismas fairy would turn again into children."

 Every one entered into the spirit and seemed to be only too glad to be children once more.

 Mr. G. B. Harris distinguished himself in the games by capturing two prizes.

 Dainty refreshments were served in the prettily decorated dining room. At a late hour the guests said good night to Mr. and Mrs. Biossat thanking them for one of the most pleasant events of the holiday season.

 Those present were; Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Pellerin, Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Martin, Mrs. C. Parkerson, Mr. and Mrs. A. Mouton, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Comstock, Mrs. Darling, Mr. and Mrs. Mays, Dr. and Mrs. Moss, Mr. and Mrs. Nickerson. Missies Torian.Parkerson, Caffery, Horn, Littel, Mudd, Gladu, Robinson, DeBlanc. Messrs. Torian, Harris, Middlemas, Stevens, Gladu, Judice, Robichaux, Trahan, Parkerson.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/3/1903.

Mr. and Mrs. Dautrive Entertain.

The past week was essentially one of pleasure and gaiety in local society, but one of the most pleasant and enjoyable of the several social functions was the one given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Dautrive by Misses Mabel Dautrive and Coras Desbrest. These young ladies proved themselves most charming hostesses. The guests were: Misses Viola Young, Laurence Campbell, Rita Trahan, Irma Mouton, Lucille Revillon, Medora Lindsay, Lizzie and May Bailey, Marie Ducrocq, Mrs. H. C. Ducrocq, Mrs. M. Boudreaux, Messrs. Eben Morgan, Pink Torian, Amick Courtney, Jerome Mouton, Frank Mouton, Chas. Debaillon, Geo. Debaillon, F. Sontag, M. Boudreaux, B. Dautrive, Drs. H. P. Beeler and A. R. Trahan. Lafayette Gazette 1/3/1903.

Society. - A most enjoyable progressive euchre party was given by Miss Lizzie Parkerson, Thursday night, in honor of her visiting cousins, Miss Agnes Carey, of Atlanta, Ga., and Miss Annie Parkerson, of Franklin, La. The first lady's prize was won by Miss Jennie Torian, and Mr. Pinkney Torian carried off the first gentleman's prize.  Lafayette Advertiser 1/12/1905.

Misses Bailey Hold Euchre.

The Misses Bailey entertained at a progressive euchre at their home last Friday evening and a most pleasant time was enjoyed by all. Prizes were won by Mrs. C. Hebert, and Charles Debaillon and the booby was awarded to Miss Lucie Judice. Delicious refreshements were served and the guests departed wishing that the future reserved them many more such delightful entertainments. Lafayette Gazette 1/26/1903.


Last Sunday night Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Mouton gave a most delightful soiree dansante, at their residence on St. John's street, in honor of Misses Caroline Martin and Louise Bourges. The numerous guests were most cordially welcomed by their hospitable host and hostess, who exerted themselves to see that each and everyone enjoyed to the fullest the pleasures and amusements which had been provided for them; and that they did enjoy themselves was fully attested by their smiling faces, merry laughter and unrestrained indulgence. The guests were surprised to find how completely oblivious of the lapse of time they had become when at a late hour they took their departure. Among the guests were Miss Mamie Voorhies, of St. Martinville, Mr. S. Locke Breaux, of New Orleans; and Mr. Steven F. Read, of Chataignier. Lafayette Advertiser 1/5/1889.

The party given by Little Miss Emma Falk, at Falk's Hall, last Sunday evening for the purpose of christening her doll, was largely attended by the juveniles of the town, and was a grand success. More than fifty children were present. The doll was duly christened "Nancy," with Master Pierre Gerac as godfather and Miss Ada Moss as godmother. The children then spent several hours joyously in dancing and various amusements, not forgetting to pay particular attention to the bountiful supply of refreshments which had been prepared for their consideration.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/5/1889.

Mrs. Hector Prejean entertained a number of friends at a delightful supper last Tuesday night. The dining room was beautifully decorated for the occasion with holly and ribbons, and under the mellow rays of many lights presented a lovely sight. Mrs. Prejean is a charming hostess and the evening passed most enjoyably and pleasantly.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/6/1904 

Progressive Euchre.

At the Home of Mrs. J. Arthur Roy .

Of all the delightful afternoon entertainments that have been so prevalent during the holidays, none has been more enjoyable than the Progressive Euchre at which Mrs. J. Arthur Roy entertained so charmingly on last Wednesday afternoon. Promptly at three-thirty o'clock the guests began to assemble and by four o'clock nearly a half hundred persons filled the parlors and halls. Eight exciting games were played and seven of these being won by Mrs. Denbo and Mrs. Clegg a tie for the first prize resulted and in the final cut, Mrs. Denbo came out victorious and was awarded a beautiful chocolate pot of artistic design and workmanship. The second prize was cut for by Mrs. Coronna, Mrs. Blake, Mrs. Stephens, Mrs. Mills and the Misses Campbell, Robertson and Parkerson.

Mrs. Blake succeeded in the latter tie, and became the much envied possessor of a dainty cake plate. The hostess now led the way into the dining room where a most tempting array of delicacies was spread. Snowy linen blended with the delicate green of the ivy and other vines that formed a most tasteful decoration. Silken ribbons of a delicate hue were suspended from the chandelier and ended in artistic bows at the four corners of the festal board. Not less pleased than the eye was the palate, for the delicious slads and other substantials, followed by the cooling ambrosia served with cakes of various kinds, were most highly enjoyed and generously partaken of. Those who enjoyed the afternoon's entertainment were Mesdames L. J. Alleman, T. M. Biossat, T. N. Blake, E. F. Baker, C. D. Caffery, B. Clegg, G. DeClouet, G. DeBlanc,C. K. Darling, A. Doucet, A. B. Denbo, Tom Hopkins, V. Levy, W. A. LeRosen, A. Martin, V. Mouton, F. J. Mouton, J. C. Nickerson, B. J. Pellerin, N. P. Moss, E. P. Mills, V. L. Roy, R. B. Raney, E. L. Stephens, D. Schwartz, F. Winn and B. N. Corrona; Misses Louise Revillon, S. Mouton, Zerelda Lizzie and May Bailey, Lea Gladu, Lizzie Parkerson, P. Campbell, Gertrude Mayfield, Edith Dupre, E. Montgomery, Robertson, Louisa Tolson and Elizabeth Mudd.

At the Home of Mrs. B. N. Coronna.

A very enjoyable euchre party was given on the second inst. by Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Coronna to the young friends of their charming daughter, Miss Ula. Skillful fingers had rendered very beautiful the interior of the Coronna home and a profusion of potted plants, cut flowers and holly wreaths gave an air of outdoor beauty that was very effective. At nine o'clock the first game was played and for two hours the fascinating game was indulged in. The first prize for the ladies, a handsomely framed sketch of nature, was awarded to Miss Wilson of New Iberia. Dr. A. R. Trahan won the gentleman's prize, a very fine purse. The booby, a bottle of catsup, was given to Mr. Chas. Debaillon, with the explanation that he needed to "catch-up." After partaking of very dainty refreshments served with sprays of flowers that were pinned on as souvenirs of the occasion, each guest departed feeling that this had been an evening of rare pleasure and undivided enjoyment. The guests present were: Misses Lizzie and May Bailey, Louisa Torian, Viola Young, Aimee Martin, Rose DeBlanc, M. Robertson, Elizabeth Mudd and Wilson ; Messrs. A. and E. Morgan, Gus. Kennedy, Wm. Middlemas, Geo. Harris, A. Woodson, B. Schmulinski, C. and G. Debaillon, J. and F. Mouton, L. D. Nickerson, Drs. A. R. Trahan and H. P. Beeler, Mr. and Mrs. Gouldsberry.

At the Home of Mrs. J. C. Nickerson.

On Thursday afternoon, Mrs. John Nickerson and her charming daughter, Mrs. C. K. Darling, entertained at a very elegant reception from four to six. The picturesque Nickerson home in Sterling Grove was transformed into a veritable garden of flowers and plants.

Graceful garlands of holly and ceder festooned the walls and lost themselves amid bowers of palms and banks of rich crimson and waxen white camellias. Stately ferns with their gently waving fronds and luxurious roses were profusely used throughout the drawing rooms and dining hall and all lent a touch of nature that is ever artistic and beautiful. Mrs. Nickerson, handsomely attired in black satin with jet trimmings, and Mrs. Darling, in a harmonious combination of black and blue, were assisted in receiving by Mrs. J. C. Nickerson, who was dressed in an exquisite silken robe of delicate lavendar.

The trio stood beneath an arc of palms and received each guest as they were ushered in by Mmes. Blake and Davidson, who afterward led the way into the dining hall where delicious viands were served throughout the afternoon. Mmes. Denbo, Clegg and Biossat and Miss Clye Mudd presided over this realm and dispensed very daintily the tempting menu of chicken salad, sandwiches and gelatine, followed by a second course of fruit trifle and a refreshing beverage.

From behind a screen of palms sweet strains of music from stringed instruments floated, the seductive notes mingling with the gay talk and laughter of the assembled guests who lingered on and on as though the voice of a siren lured them to remain, until the gathering shades of twilight fell, reminding all that the hour of parting had come.

The guests present were: Mmes. Wm. Clegg, G. A. Breaux, E. R. Kennedy, J. L. Kennedy, V. T. Walters, T. B. Hopkins, Jr., O, B. Hopkins, R. M. DeLaney, W. A. LeRosen, J. J. Davidson, C. Girard, V. L. Roy, J. A. Roy, C. D. Caffery, E. P. Mills, Chas. Parkerson, C. G. Comstock, T. M. Biossat, T. N. Blake, B. J. Pellerin, J. A. Martin, Alf. Mouton, Alex Mouton, A. B. Denbo, P. D. Beraud, F. Demenade, B. Clegg, J. C. Nickerson, A. Judicem T. McMillan, A. A. Morgan; Misses Zerelda Bailey, Anna Hopkins, Mary Littell, Lizzie Parkerson, Gertrude Mayfield, Edith Dupre, Clye and Elizabeth Mudd. Lafayette Gazette 1/10/1903.


A most enjoyable progressive euchre party was given by Miss Lizzie Parkerson, Thursday night, in honor of her visiting cousins, Miss Agnes Carey, of Atlanta, Ga., and Miss Annie Parkerson, of Franklin, La. The first lady's prize was won by Miss Jennie Torian, and Mr. Pinkney Torian carried off the first gentleman's prize.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/12/1905.


Many friends of Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Hopkins, Jr., were entertained at their home last Friday, at a "tacky party." The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Comstock, Mr. and Mrs. B. Clegg, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Levy, Mrs. T. B. Hopkins, Sr., Mrs. T. N. Blakem Mrs. O. B. Hopkins, Mrs. A. B. Denbo, Mrs. DeLaney, Mrs. B. J. Pellerin, Misses M. Littell, L. Hopkins, A. Hopkins, L. Mudd, Louisa Tolson, Zelia Christian and Fadra Holmes, Messrs. P. Torian, E. Morgan, C. Debaillon, J. Givens, Drs. Beeler and Girard. Appropriate prizes were won by Mrs. O. B. Hopkins, Mrs. A. A. Morgan, and Mr. C. Debaillon.

Last Sunday evening Misses Irma Mouton and Philomene Doucet entertained their friends at the hospitable home of Mr. F. V. Mouton. After playing an interesting game of euchre, the lady's prize was awarded to Miss Philomene Doucet and the gentleman's to Mr. Adolph Mouton, and the booby prizes were won by Mrs. Albert Clark and Mr. Dautrive. The following were present: Misses Cora Desbrest, Mabel Dautrive, Eugenie Doucet, Lucy Judice, Rita Trahan, DeBlanc, Odille Smith, Corrine Guidry, Aimee Martin, Philomene Doucet and Mrs. Albert Clark. Messrs. Alley Sprole, F. E. Broussard, Albert Robichaux, Sam J. Leblanc, Frank Jeanmard, Chas. Broussard, Albert Clark, Dautrive, Geo. B. Harris and A. Mouton.  

Prominent among the social events of the week, was a reception given Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy.

 The large hall and spacious parlor had been profusely decorated with gray moss, ferns and palms.

 An excellent orchestra furnished sweet music during the entire afternoon. An elaborate, but dainty buffet lunch was served in the prettily decorated dining rooms, where good cheer and mirth resounded until a late hour.

 The house party consisted of Mesdames W. P. Torian, P. D. Beraud, F. Demenade, A. Morgan, T. B. Hopkins, T. B. Hopkins, Jr., C. D. Caffery, E. P. Mills, L. J. Alleman, E. L. Stephens, J. Ramsey, W. Ramsey, M. Meriwether, T. N. Blake, C. G. Comstock, B. J. Pellerin, T. M. Biossat, C. K. Darling, J. A. Martin, F. R. Tolson, W. A. LeRosen, A. B. Denbo, R. M. DeLaney, J. J. Davidson, Crow Girard, J. Nickerson, S. R. Parkerson, Alfred Mouton, Alex Mouton, A. Doucet, Marion, Walters, B. Clegg, O. B. Hopkins, P. Girard; Misses Jennie Torian, E. Hopkins, Anna Hopkins, Lizzie Parkerson, Louisa Tolson, Sallie Torian, Maxim Beraud, E. Montgomery, H. McLaurin, Edith Dupre, Gertrude Mayfield, Z. Christian, F. Holmes, L. Singleton, Margaret Robertson and Lea Gladu.  

 Miss Rita Trahan gave a euchre party Wednesday evening at which many of her friends were hospitably entertained. Pretty prizes were given the winners of the card game. The following guests were present: Misses N. DeBlanc, of New Iberia, M. Lindsay, Sadie Mouton, Irma Mouton, Philomene Doucet, Lizzie Bailey, May Bailey, Laurence Campbell, Cora Desbrest, Mabel Dautrive, Mrs. Albert Clark, Fernand Mouton, Leo Judice, Geo. Harris, E. Morgan, A. Mouton, F. E. Broussard, H. Lindsay, C. Debaillon, Sam J. Leblanc, B. Dautrive, Drs. Mayer and Beeler, and Jerome Mouton.
Lafayette Gazette 1/17/1903.

 Mrs. Crow Girard entertained the Epworth League Friday evening. The program consisting in songs, recitations and reading. Laf. Adv. 1/19/1901.

Home Entertainments. -  A series of home entertainments has been a source of endless pleasure to local society of the past two weeks. A coterie of young people had a rendezvous on different occasions at the residences of Mr. W. B. Bailey, Mrs. S. T. Givens, Dr. J. D. Trahan and Mr. Wm. Clegg, and indulged in euchre playing, music and singing to their heart's content. Lafayette Gazette 1/19/1895.

Miss Annie Parkerson, of Franklin, and Miss Agnes Carey, of Atlanta, Ga., took leave of Lafayette society last Wednesday, after a specially enjoyable visit in our midst. Miss Carey will remain in Franklin a few days before proceeding on her journey home. Laf. Adv. 1/19/1895.


A theater party and dance were given by the young men of Lafayette last Weddnesday evening. After the performance, dancing was indulged in to the strains of sweet music. The following were in the party: Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Pellerin, Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Martin, Misses Crouchet, Cornelia Broussard of Patterson, Nydia DeBlanc of New Iberia, Rita Trahan, Corrine Guidry, Ruby Scranton, Lizzie and May Bailey, Mabel Dautrive, Mayre Littell, Ula Coronna, Ida Robichaux, Laurence Campbell, Louisa Tolson; Dr. H. P. Beeler, Messrs. A. Woodson, Amick Courtney, Frank Broussard, Frank Jeanmard, Jules Guilbeau, A. Robichaux, George and Charles Debaillon, Frank Mouton, Eben Morgan, W. A. Broussard and Jerome Mouton. Lafayette Gazette 1/24/1903.


Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Hopkins entertained a few friends on the sixteenth inst., complimentary to Miss Mayme Duson of Crowley and Mrs. R. M. DeLaney of Texas. At seven o'clock an elegant dinner of seven courses was served and generously enjoyed. The table with its snowy damask relieved by the gleam of delicate china and silver, and soft decorations of vines and roses was very beautiful indeed and the taste displayed was the subject of much admiration. Those present were Mmes. B. Clegg and R. M. DeLaney; Misses Hopkins and Duson and Messrs. B. Clegg and W. S. Torian. Lafayette Gazette 1/24/1903.

 A game of progressive euchre at the hospitable home of Dr. and Mrs. N. P. Moss, was greatly enjoyed by a circle of their friends, last Friday evening. Laf. Adv 1/27/1894

 Mrs. T. M. Biossat entertained her friends at a 'pink tea' last Tuesday afternoon. Misses Villa Rushing, Yolanda Rigues and Lizzie Parkerson, and Mrs. N. P. Moss assisted the hostess in receiving. The occasion proved one of much enjoyment to the participants. Laf. Adv. 1/27/1894.

Surprise Party.

 Miss Lizzie Parkerson entertained a number of her friends at a surprise party last Tuesday evening. Among those present were Mmes. A. B. Denbo, T. N. Blake, N. P. Moss, F. E. Girard, B. Clegg; Misses Louise Rochelle, Bessie Cornay, Lea Gladu, Susie Hopkins, Liza Hopkins, Adelie Young, Eva McCampbell, Lily Pharr, Lizzie Mudd, Clye Mudd, Mattie Goodwin, Lily Kittredge; Messrs. Jno. Givens, Don Caffery, Felix Mouton, Jack Nickerson, Pink Torian, S. R. Parkerson, Profs. W. A. LeRosen, Simmons, Drs. F. E. Girard and A. R. Trahan. Lafayette Gazette 1/28/1899.

Lafayette society has been in a perfect whirl for several past on account of numerous theatricals and surprise and euchre parties. Laf. Adv. 1/28/1899.

On last Tuesday evening an impromptu dance and social was held in the house formerly run as a hotel by Mr. Veazy. Notwithstanding the disappointment regarding the music, was enjoyed by all present. Laf. Adv. 1/28/1899.

Misses Gertrude Coronna and Wilhel Schmulen left Sunday to visit the relatives in Lake Charles. Laf. Adv. 1/30/1907.


The bonnet and necktie party given by Mrs. M. Meriwether and Miss Robertson on Wednesday evening was a most unique and novel affair.

 As requested in the rhymed invitations sent out, each matron and maid brought a "frame of ancient date" and "flowers, plumes and ribbons gay" and under the touch of skilled masculine fingers, those conglomerated masses of discarded finery were transformed into hats fearfully and wonderfully made. While the sterner sex toiled unremittingly on with knitted brows and pricked thumbs of those of the gentler sex were not idle, for there were yards of silk and ribbons to be converted into ties. After one hour of painstaking labor the hats and ties were put upon exhibition.

 Winsome maidens and the more stately dames marched in single file before the judges, Messrs. Biossat, Caffery and Mouton.

 Such a startling display of millinery seen save at the spring opening of some vast emporium. Such a dash of color! -- red, green and yellow streamers floated to windward, two gaudy redbirds pathetically standing upon their heads graced one hat; upon another, a soft plume nestled against its chiffon bed on the one side, while on the other in sharp antithesis, arose a quill that stood like a grim sentinel at arms. The coquettish hat jointly trimmed by Messrs. W. B. Torian and Alex Mouton was a revelation, and showed a precocity far beyond the years and experience of the two youthful modistes. After calm deliberation the judges declared that the marvelous taste displayed by Mr. B. Clegg won for him the prize, a beautiful crepe de chine tie.

 Mr. Clegg's creation was worn by Miss Mayre Littell with a jaunty grace that showed off most effectively the harmonious blending of color and smartness of design.

 A cluster of crimson rosebuds adorned the fore part of the prize-winner. Bows, ties  and streamers of red and yellow ribbon languidly drooped from the tilted brim, and reposing snugly upon the elevated crown was a colossal bunch of exotics. Mmmes. Biossat, Caffery and Mouton were selected to judge the merit of the neckties, and Miss Jennie Torian was awarded the prize -- a handsome powder box.

 Miss Torian's four in-hand was proudly worn by Mr. Leo Judice and was indeed a dainty pale blue and white combination. The tie which secured the booby for Mrs. Clegg was sported by Mr. Nickerson and was an abbreviated Ascot of emerald hue, one that would gladden the heart of any true son of Erin's Isle.

 At the conclusion of the exciting contests dainty refreshments were served, and each guest, with appetites whetted by the onerous tasks of the evening enjoyed a menu of salmon croquettes, chicken salad and other substantials, which were followed by ices and coffee.

 Sweet music by a string band was discoursed throughout the evening and added much to the enjoyment of a thoroughly delightful evening. The guests present were: Mmmes. Baxter Clegg, Alex Mouton, J. A. Martin, T. M. Biossat, C. D. Caffery, H. DuCrocq;  Misses Ruby Scranton, Jennie and Sallie Torian, Mayre Littell, Anna Gamard, Mary Marion and Elizabeth Mudd; Messrs. W. B. Torian, Alex Mouton, T. M. Biossat, C. D. Caffery, B. Clegg, Chas. Debaillon, J. C. Nickerson, P. B. Torian, Wm. Middlemas, Leo Judice, Lucius Marion, Don Greig and Drs. J. A. Martin and A. R. Trahan.

 A very delightful euchre was given by Mrs. J. C. Nickerson on Thursday afternoon complimentary to Mrs. C. K. Darling prior to the departure of the latter for her home in Texas.

 Mrs. Nickerson's sweet cottage home was most artistically decorated with cut flowers and potted ferns.

 Drooping clusters of purple hyacinths intermingled with immaculate lilies filled vases and epergnes and banked in profusion throughout the parlors were pink red, and white camelias.

 Mrs. Nickerson was assisted in receiving by Mmes. DuCrocq, Denbo, Darling and Clegg.

 Promptly at four o'clock the silvery tinkle of a tiny bell at the head table announced that the first game had commenced. Eight games were played at the termination of which Mrs. B. J. Pellerin's score card revealed eight stars showing her to be the winner of every game, and she was awarded the first prize which was an extremely handsome vase or oriental design. Mrs. Alfred Mouton captured the second prize, a fine pack of playing cards. To Mrs. L. J. Alleman was given a gigantic stack of red stick candy as a booby.

 After the awarding of the prizes a most tempting menu was enjoyed. Dainty slices of turkey and ham were served with savory dressing, gelatine and olives. Cooling ambrosia and cake completed the elegant repast.

 Those present were: Mmes. John Nickerson, Alcide Judice, W. B. Torian, C. K. Darling, B. Clegg, A. B. Denbo, T. N. Blake, B. J. Pellerin, J. A. Martin, C. D. Caffery, N. P. Moss, C. M. Parkerson, F. R. Baker, T. M. Biossat, V. C. Walters, W. A. Lerosen, Alf. Mouton, T. McMillan, S. R. Parkerson, T. B. Hopkins, jr., L. J. Alleman, H. DuCrocq, E. P. Mills; Misses Lea Gladu, Zerelda Bailey, Edith Dupre, Gertrude Mayfield, Lizzie Parkerson, Jennie Torian and Elizabeth Mudd. 

Mrs. C. M. Parkerson, assisted by Mrs. F. R. Baker, entertained at an informal euchre on Wednesday afternoon.

 The card tables were arranged in the parlor and dining room which were thrown into one and darkened. The solf light of candles cast a glow over the tastily decorated rooms, and brought out the combined beauty of cut flowers and vines that were very effectively used.

 Miss Lizzie Parkerson presided at the punch table and the cooling beverage was served throughout the afternoon.

 After ten exciting games, Mrs. C. K. darling was found to be the fortunate winner of the first prize, an elegant cake plate. Mrs. J. C. Nickerson won the second prize, a beautiful silver tray. Mrs. J. A. Martin carried off the booby.

 Refreshments most tempting were served by Misses Ula Coronna, Bessie Caffery and Viola Young.

 Those who enjoyed the afternoon were: Mmes. Baxter Clegg, Clarence Darling, John C. Nickerson, B. J. Pellerin, J. A. Martin, D. Schwartz, N. P. Moss, C. D. Caffery, T. M. Biossat, V. Levy, B. N. Coronna, L. J. Alleman, A. Doucet, T. N. Blake, A. B. Denbo, W. A. LeRosen, G. Gouldsberry and F. H. Hawkes; Misses Elizabeth Parkerson, Bessie Caffery, Viola Young, Ula and Rosalie Coronna and Elizabeth G. Mudd.         

 Thursday evening, Miss Ida Matthieu gave a euchre party at the home of Judge O. C. Mouton complimentary to her guest, Miss Bella Barry of Grand Coteau. A series of games were played and pretty and appropriate prizes were awarded Miss Cornelia Broussard and Mr. Albert Robichaux. Delightful refreshments were served. Her guests on the occasion were Misses Bella Barry, Cornelia Broussard of Patterson, Lizzie and May Bailey, Laurence Campbell, Rita Trahan, Mabel Dauterive, Lucie Judice and Messrs. Albert Clark, Chas. Debaillon, Geo. Debaillon, Albert Robichaux, Mestayer, Frank Jeanmard, Frank E. Broussard, Dr. H. P. Beeler and Jerome Mouton.

Lafayette Gazette 1/31/1903.

The "C" Social - Mrs. Sechrest, Missed Edra and Mary Sprole and Bertha Jenkins deserve credit for the success of the entertainment at Falk's hall last Tuesday night. The arrangements at the hall showed that the ladies had worked faithfully to make the affair worthy of the patronage of the public and the large number of people who attended was an evidence that their efforts exerted in behalf of a good cause were fully appreciated.
The "art gallery" was the skillful and ingenious work of Miss Bertha Jenkins. This feature of the entertainments afforded no little fun to the audience.
The tables were splendidly furnished with good things, all elegantly prepared and neatly served.
The program, though unpretentious, was decidedly interesting, all participants acquitting themselves in a most creditable manner.
The program was as follows:
Recitation - Mrs. Crow Girard.
  Instrumental duet - Mrs. Sechrest and Miss Clara Hebert.
  Instrumental duet - Misses Cora Desbrest and Aimee Mouton.
Song - Miss Jesse Laidlaw.
   Lafayette Gazette 2/2/1901. 

A Splendid Dinner.

About 150 people, relatives and friends of Mr. A. C. Guilbeau, assembled at that gentleman's home at Carencro last Wednesday to partake of a dinner which had been prepared for them. With characteristic amiability, Mr. Guilbeau made all the guests feel at home, being ably seconded by Mrs. Guilbeau. The dinner was a bounteous and delicious one and was enjoyed by all. Toasts were offered by Alphonse Guilbeau, Adolphe Guilbeau, D. A. Dimitry, Julian Mouton, A. C. and Octave Guilbeau, Ike Broussard and others. Among the ladies present were: Mrs. I. A. Broussard and her sister Miss Daughtry. Lafayette Gazette 2/3/1894.

 The Misses Clye and Lizzie Mudd entertained a few of their young friends last Monday evening, and a pleasant time, as a matter of course, was enjoyed. Some wonderful tricks in ledgerdemain were performed by some of the guests present, we are informed. Laf. Adv. 2/4/1893

Enjoyable Time.

 One of the most thoroughly enjoyable social events in the history of our town was the informal dance given on Friday, January 28, at the Cottage Hotel. The warmth of a most genial hospitality was evinced by the charming hostesses, Mesdames A. Young and T. N. Blake, Misses Young and Littell. The dance music was furnished by a quartette of traveling musicians whose efforts, to judge from the faces of the merry dancers, were much appreciated. This delightful entertainment will linger long in the memory of the many participants, among whom were the following:

 Mesdames T. N. Blake, B. Clegg, F. E. Girard, A. Denbo, N. P. Moss, R. Delaney, A. Bonnet, S. R. Parkerson and E. Trahan. Misses L. Gladu, E. and S. Hopkins, P. Harmanson, P. Gueriniere, B. Cornay, L. and C. Mudd, Haydee Trahan and Molly Wartell. Messrs. B. Clegg, F. E. Girard, A. Denbo, A. R. Trahan, F. S. Mudd, R. E. Cunningham, Chas. F. Trudeau, Ralph Squires, O. B. Hopkins, J. C. Nickerson, A. Morgan, F. O. Cornay, Kinney Zell and P. L. Caillouet. Lafayette Gazette 2/5/1898.


A very pleasant and profitable meeting of the Women's Literary Club was held with Mrs. T. M. Biossat on Saturday, January 31. A paper on the "Geography of Louisiana" by Mrs. F. E. Davis proved very interesting and instructive. It included questions on the area, population, soil, and various other features of our State and the answers obtained manifested careful study on the part of the club members. A carefully prepared paper on "Parish Government" by Mrs. A. B. Denbo also elicited intelligent answers regarding the laws and lawmakers of our parish. Miss Anna Hopkins read a sweet selection from the lamented Mary Townsend whose recent decree removed from Louisiana one of her best known lyric writers.

 A very beautiful piano solo was well rendered by Miss Lea Gladu, which fittingly closed an already delightful  program.

 A committee composed of Mrs. E. L. Stephens, Misses Edith Dupre and Alicia Dickson was appointed to arrange for a lecture by Prof. John R. Ficklin of Tulane, and a rare treat is anticipated for the near future.

 During the afternoon sweet melodies from a music box added to the pleasure of the program, and after the adjournment of the club dainty refreshments were served in the dining room.

 The guests at this meeting were: Mmes. C. M. Parkerson, Farley of New Iberia, and Miss Jennie Torian.
One of the most elegant receptions of the season was given on Friday Jan. 30 by Mrs. F. R. Tolson in honor of Miss Mattie Wier of Houston, Texas.

 Mrs. Tolson's handsome new home in Johnston St. was brilliantly illuminated with myriads of electric lights and most artistically decorated with odorous roses, variegated camellias and palms.

 Little Misses Elizabeth Denbo and Alice Moss daintily attired in white organic frocks, gracefully ushered in the elegantly gowned matrons who thronged the drawing rooms and dining hall from four to six, the appointed hours.

 Mmes P. D. Beraud and A. B. Denbo greeted the guests at the entrance to the parlor, in the centre of which under a chandelier ablaze with light, the hostesses received with Miss Weir.

 Mrs. Tolson's gown was a very effective combination of black and white. Miss Tolson wore a delicate frock of canary and black with roses and Miss Wier an an exquisite white robe of diaphanous liberty silk over taffeta. Soft trimmings of tule were lavishly and suited well the petite figure of the wearer.

 In the dining room Mmes. W. M. Kelly, W. A. LeRosen, T. B. Hopkins, Jr., Misses Viola Young, Maxim Beraud, Eliza and Anna Hopkins dispensed dainty refreshments of chicken salad, sandwiches, and other delicacies with which was served the truly Southern luxury a tiny cup of cafe noir. Mmes. N. P. Moss and L. J. Alleman presided over the punch bowl and, passing into the hallway, each guest lingering sipped the sparkling fluid. Those who called during the afternoon were Mmes. J. F. Mouton,A. A. Morgan, G. Snodgrass, A. Vandiver, T. N. Blake, T. M. Biossat, J. A. Martin, E. L. Stephens, V. L. Roy, C. Girard, J. L. Kennedy, E. R. Kennedy, B. Clegg, J. C. Nickerson, C. K. Darling, W. V. Nicholson, C. D. Caffery, D. Schwartz, F. K. Hopkins, H. K. Ruger, F. Demanade, C. Whittington, E. P. Mills, C. M. Parkerson, F. B. Baker, E. F. Baker, A. Doucet, T. B. Hopkins, Sr., and S. R. Parkerson.

 Following the afternoon reception the doors of the Tolson home were thrown open at eight-thirty to the young people, and an evening to the young people, and an evening of genuine pleasure was enjoyed by all. A very amusing contest was indulged in which afforded a great deal of mirth, particularly to the young ladies present. Each young gentleman was given the name of some lady present whose dress he had to describe. Many ludicrous descriptions were read, the following being one of the very best: "Green dress trimmed with medallions and pendants, with two folds twelve inches from the floor, and lots and lots of folds near and around waist. Two green velvet shoulder covers; white front over shoulders six and one-half inches down back; velvet pads and several pins on sides and back of neck; diamond butterfly and black ribbon in hair; white puffs near hands and baggy sleeves."

 Light refreshments were served, and throughout the evening a string band discoursed sweet music.

 The guests were: Misses Mattie Wier, Anna and Elizabeth Hopkins, Zelia Christian, Alicia Dickson, Fadra Holmes, Emily Horton, Edna Close, Gertrude Mayfield, Edith Dupre, Cornelia Broussard, Lizzie and May Bailey, Mayre Littell, Ruby Scranton, Ula Coronna, Sallie and Emmie Torian, Margaret Robertson, Margaret Ruger, Maxim Beraud, Viola Young and Elizabeth Mudd ;  Messrs. P. B. and John Torian, Wm. Middlemas, Chas. and Geo. Debaillon, Ashby Woodson, J. W. S. Lillebridge, Archie and Eben Morgan, Frank Broussard, Lorne Nickerson, Jerome Mouton, John Givens, Ashton Beraud, Drs. H. B. Beeler, J. O. Duhon and John Tolson.

 One of the most enjoyable social events of the week was the progressive euchre given by Mrs. J. A. Martin on Wednesday afternoon.

 A spring like atmosphere pervaded the interior of her pretty home, for vases and bowls were filled with great purple violets, their fragrance breathing the near approach of spring.

 Contrasting with the delicate purple of the violet, gorgeous pink camellias were used  in profusion, the two flowers forming a very effective combination. Eight tables were arranged in the hallway and rooms and from four to six ten interesting games were played.

 The first prize, a handsome brass clock, was won by Mrs. T. B. Hopkins, Jr., and to Mrs. F. B. Baker was awarded the second, a lovely satin head res, embroidered in violets.

 The booby went to Mrs. Victor Levy.

 During the afternoon punch and bonbons were passed, and at the termination of the games, delicious refreshments were served. The guests were: Mmes. Geo. Comstock, T. N. Blake, B. J. Pellerin, A. B. Denbo, T. B. Hopkins, Jr., C. D. Caffery, C. M. Parkerson, F. B. Baker, F. V. Mouton, Lionel Mayer, G. H. DeClouet, E. Constantin, H. Prejean, A. LeBlanc, J. C. Nickerson, T. M. Biossat, Alf. Mouton, J. A. Roy, A. Doucet, B. Clegg, V. L. Roy, Victor Levy, H. K. Ruger, B. N. Coronna, J. L. Cunningham, Alex Mouton, W. A. LeRosen ;  Misses Lea Gladu, Lizzie Parkerson, Gertrude Mayfield, Edith Dupre, Margaret Robertson and Elizabeth Mudd. Lafayette Gazette 2/7/1903.

A jolly tacky party took place at the residence of Dr. J. D. Trahan Monday night. The young people entered fully into the spirit of the occasion and extracted lots of fun out of it. It was one of the pleasantest social affairs of the season. All present voted Miss Rita a charming hostess. Laf. Adv. 2/8/1902


 Mrs. C. M. Parkerson entertained at cards on Wednesday afternoon in honor of Miss McCampbell, of Corpus Christi, Texas. The first prize was won by Mrs. B. Clegg; booby by Mrs. Davis. A dainty repast terminated a very pleasant entertainment. The participants were, Mmes. B. Clegg, E. Trahan, A. Denbo, F. Girard, T. M. Biossat, J. B. Pellerin, A. Bonnet, N. P. Moss, C. D. Caffery, F. E. Davis; Misses A. Young, L. Pharr, E.McCampbell, L. Parkerson, V. Kelly, L. and C. Mudd, Lea Gladu and Zerelda Bailey. Lafayette Gazette 2/11/1899.

On Sunday afternoon Mrs. V. L. Roy was hostess at a very delightful Progressive Flinch party. Her artistic home in Johnston St. was enhanced by a large collection of potted plants, foliage and cut flowers interspersed throughout the entrance hall and parlor, the same effect extending to the dining room.

After eight exciting games the first prize, a costly vase, fell to the lot of Miss Zelie Christian and Mrs. A. B. Denbo was given the consolation, a dainty violet bowl.

Mrs. M. Meriwether was awarded the booby.

A tempting lunch was served from savory dishes, and delicious ices completed the repast. The sweet music of a string band added much to the enjoyment of the afternoon.

The guests present were: Mmes. E. F. Baker, E. L. Stephens, J. A. Roy, C. Girard, J. J. Davidson, T. N. Blake, A. E. Denbo, B. J. Pellerin, J. A. LeRosen, T. B. Hopkins, jr., M. Meriwether, N. P. Moss, L. J. Alleman, L. Mayer, B. Clegg, A. Doucet, I. A. Broussard and C. D. Caffery. Misses E. and A. Hopkins, Z. Christian, G. Mayfield, E. Dupre, E. Montgomery, H. McLaurin, L. Parkerson, M. Robertson, L. Tolson and L. Bailey. Lafayette Gazette 2/14/1903.

Society News.

 One of the ante-lenten social events was an elegant dinner given recently by the Misses Torian, at the residence of their uncle, Mr. W. S. Torian, Sr., complimentary to Misses Parr and McCampbell, of Texas. From a table of artistically decorated, its beauty further enhanced by fine china, sparkling cut glass and silver, was served a dinner of six courses, tweleve covers, the menu of which was perfect in every detail. The whole was gracefully presided over by Miss Mattie Torian, who was assisted in entertaining by her sister, Miss Jennie, both beautifully attired. The guests, all of whom were in full dress were the Misses Parr, McCampbell and Hopkins; Messrs. E. Tolson, J. Pellerin, O. B. Hopkins, T. Simmons, P. B. Torian and Dr. A. R. Trahan. Lafayette Gazette 2/18/1899.

Mardi Gras.

 Among those from this town who went to New Orleans for the carnival festivities are: Prof. and Mrs. W. A. LeRosen, Judge and Mrs. O. C. Mouton, Mrs. T. B. Hopkins, Mrs. R. T. Delaney, Misses Eliza Hopkins, M. Bagnal, Nella Alpha, Lizzy Mudd, L. parr, E. McCampbell, Jennie and Levinia Torian, Marie Mouton, Marthe Mouton, Mrs. Jno. O. Mouton, Berthe Poupart, Heloise Mouton, Mrs. Alfred Chargois, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Plonsky, Prof. Simmons, Judge Julian Mouton, Sheriff Broussard, O. B. Hopkins, P. B. Torian, Aby Demanade, Louis Lacoste, Robert Richard, Edward Mouton. Lafayette Gazette 2/18/1899.

Society News.

 One of the ante-lenten social events was an elegant dinner given recently by the Misses Torian, at the residence of their uncle, Mr. W. S. Torian, Sr., complimentary to Misses Parr and McCampbell, of Texas. From a table of artistically decorated, its beauty further enhanced by fine china, sparkling cut glass and silver, was served a dinner of six courses, twelve covers, the menu of which was perfect in every detail. The whole was gracefully presided over by Miss Mattie Torian, who was assisted in entertaining by her sister, Miss Jennie, both beautifully attired. The guests, all of whom were in full dress were the Misses Parr, McCampbell and Hopkins; Messrs. E. Tolson, J. Pellerin, O. B. Hopkins, T. Simmons, P. B. Torian and Dr. A. R. Trahan. Lafayette Gazette 2/18/1899.

Miss Gussie Plonsky, daughter of Mr. Jos. Plosky, who has been on a visit to friends at Opelousas for the past two months, returned home Saturday much improved by her trip and delighted with the attentions shown her during her absence. We did not learn the name of a handsome young gentleman who came on the same train, but went back immediately. However, as we expect to see him again very soon, we will try and make his acquaintance.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/18/1882.


 Mrs. O. B. Hopkins entertained at an enjoyable Flinch party on Tuesday afternoon, complimentary to her guest, Mrs. Phillips of Texas.

 Her sweet home presented an unusually attractive appearance, embellished with verdant foliage and fragrant flowers.

 Several games were played and Mrs. A. Denbo coming out victorious was awarded the first prize, a beautiful picture framed in ebony. Mmes. W. A. LeRosen, T. N. Blake, A. Doucet and C. Girard tied for the second prize and cutting, Mrs. LeRosen was the fortunate winner of a dainty potpourri of delicate design. The booby prize, a match holder was awarded Miss Holmes. The tables which seated the players were afterwards spread for the delicious refreshments served by the tea girls, Misses Rena Hopkins and Qunitilla Morgan.

 The guests on this occasion were: Mmes. T. N. Blake, B. J. Pellerin, A. B. Denbo, C. Girard, J. L. Kennedy, W. A. LeRosen, T. B. Hopkins, sr., A. Doucet, J. A. Phillips, V. L. Roy; Misses Lizzie Parkerson, Louise Tolson, Fadra Holmes, Alicia Dickson, Zelia Christian, Eliza Hopkins. Lafayette Gazette 2/21/1903.

The Social Event of Valentine's Week.

 The social event of valentine week was the entertainment of the Ladies' Five O'clock Tea Club by Mrs. A. Denbo, whose charming personality lent additional pleasure to the meeting. In the unavoidable absence of the president and vice-president, Miss Gladu ably presided. Arrangements for an anniversary supper was discussed, but final developments postponed until a called meeting which will take place this Saturday afternoon, at the residence of the Misses Trahan. A recitation by Miss Lizzie Mudd, vocal solo with guitar accompaniment by Miss Susie Hopkins, readings by Misses Trahan and Mudd were enjoyed. After the serving of choice cakes and a delicious ice, followed a Valentine party, a unique and appropriate diversion. The first prize, a dainty powder-box, was won by Miss Lizzie Mudd, the booby, a surprise-box, was awarded Miss Adele Young.

Lafayette Gazette 2/26/1898.


A Phantom Party.
 An enjoyable social incident was the phantom party of last Monday night. Some one made the suggestion, and it soon found many ready adherents, that one of those mystic and very amusing gatherings be organized to while away an evening. So, it was pursuant to appointment that a lot of frolicsome young people met at the home of Mrs. J. J. Revillon Monday evening and took upon themselves the characteristic phantom disguise imparted by a white sheet and a domino. When all was in readiness and at a given signal the gruesome and ghostlike crowd wended its way to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Plonsky, and there they found a welcome none the less hospitable because the host and hostess had been taken by surprise. Here the incognito party indulged in music, dancing and singing until the hour of eleven o'clock, at which time the phantoms were invited to lay aside their disguise and meet around a festive board that the amiable hostess had laden with delectable refreshments for the enjoyment of the mysterious spirits that had elected to favor her with their presence.

Among those present on this occasion were: Misses Marie, Louise, and Julia Revillon, Lorena Marsh, Emma Falk, Rose Duhon, Lucy Prudhomme, Lena Flora and Rose Plonsky. Medames Hebert Billeaud, Jos. Ducote, M. Rosenfield and J. J. Revillon. Messrs. Alex. Delahoussaye, L. F. Salles, Jos. Ducote, H. J. Mouton, Ed. Lehman, Robert Bailey, Lucius Prudhomme, Albert Theall, H. Billeaud, M. Rosenfield, Onezine Mouton and Prof. Mouton and Prof. W. A. LeRosen.
Lafayette Advertiser 3/2/1901.

Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Martin entertained Gen. Agent, J. M. Lee, Jr., of the Southern Pacific Thursday. Those present were Mayor C. D. Caffery, Clerk of Court E. G. Voorhies, Mr. I. A. Broussard, Mrs. Wm. Campbell. Sr., and daughter, Miss Philomene, and Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Preager.  Lafayette Advertiser 4/12/1905.


Courageous Ladies Brave the Storms.

 Notwithstanding the heavy wind and rain storm which ushered in the evening of May 3rd, our courageous young ladies were not to be deterred from showing their deep regard for their amiable and popular young friend, Miss Nita Hohorst, and their high appreciation of the kind extended by her mother, Mrs. Ed. Pellerin. Bravely they confronted the elements, and right richly were rewarded for their unselfish perseverance. Rapidly the storm drifted away, and the skies, as if in sympathy with the occasion, beamed placid and reassuring. Soon a large number of our charming belles and gallant beaux were assembled in that cosy home beneath a hospitable roof, and the evening was devoted unrestrainedly to that delicious social intercourse and "flow of soul" which can only be fully enjoyed and appreciated by those in the "heydey" and liquid dew of youth." There were promenades about the tastefully arranged floral garden, music, dancing, and tete-a tete sub rosa. A rare and sumptuous repast was spread in the garden, which was brightly and cheerfully illuminated by beautiful variegated Chinese Lanterns. Mrs. Pellerin was everywhere, dispensing cheery hospitality and tireless in administering to the pleasure of her fair and manly guests, assisted by Mrs. Jno. O. Mouton and Mrs. T. Cornay. Our jovial old friend, Ed. Pellerin, though a little out of his element, showed up like a full blown - sunflower, his genial face beaming with kindly interest and his features wreathed with a complacent smile ever exceeding that he always exhibit when wrestling with a pound gaspergoo. Miss Nita was most graciously and royally assisted in the reception and entertainment of her guests by Miss Yolande Rigues. Those participating in the pleasure of this most enjoyable evening were: Misses Bertha Erwin, Leila Singleton, Evelyn Wall (of Abbeville), Leonora Bisland (of Orange, Texas), Maud Young (of Royville), Edie Young, Yolande Rigues, Alix Judice, Louise Judice, Martha Mouton, Stella Trahan, Haydee Trahan, Marie Campbell, Mimie Cornay, Eliza Corney, Zerelda Bailey. Messrs. Paul Barke, Alex. Delahoussaye, Geo. B. Petty, J. G. Davis, Alf. Mouton, Sidney Mouton, John P. LeBesque, John Comeau, D. V. Gardebled, Felix Girard, J. J. Davidson, Geo. Richard, Florian Cornay, Ned Mouton and Emmanuel Pellerin. Lafayette Advertiser 5/10/1890.

Sunday evening a most enjoyable surprise party was given at the hospitable home of Mrs. Albert Judice, and the young people participating were: Misses Alix Judice, Althea Roy, Anastasie Gerac,  Marthe Mouton, Lea Gladu, Carmelite and Eugenie Mouton, Marie and Louise Revillon and Zereda Bailey, and Messrs. Leo Judice, Rodolph Roy, Alfred and Sidney Mouton, Arthur Breaux, George Richard, Gaston Gladu, Felix Salles, Emmanuel Pellerin, George Doucet and Pierre Gerac, Jr. Laf. Adv. 6/20/1891

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