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Tuesday, July 23, 2013



Population by Wards - Good Showing Made - Increase of Population Since the Year 1830.

 The Gazette has received the bulletin containing the census of Louisiana by parishes and wards. The figures show that Lafayette has not remained behind her sisters. On the contrary, she has outstripped many of them and been surpassed by few. When it is considered that in area Lafayette parish is one of the smallest in the State its increase in population and its industrial growth should be a source of pride to its people.

 In order that the reader may have an idea of Lafayette's steady growth during the last seven decades and as a matter of historical interest we append the following table showing the aggregate population as far as back as 1830, in which the first census of the parish was taken. (We believe the parish was created in 1823.)

It is noticeable that there was a falling off only between the census year of 1840 and that of 1850. This is explained by the fact that Vermilion was carved out of Lafayette parish during that decade. When Lafayette parish was formed in 1823, it comprised all the territory now making up the large and populous parish of Vermilion.

 The bulletin that we have received gives only the aggregate population, white and black together, and we have no way of finding out at the present moment the proportion of negroes after 1880, but it is safe to say that the whites are easily in the majority. Every census from 1830 to 1880, excepting that of 1860, shows the white people largely in the majority, which, there is every reason to believe has been greatly increased during the last twenty years. That the prevailing nativity is white it is clearly evident. Lafayette has always been a white parish and local industrial  conditions insure a continuation of Caucasian ascendancy.

 No doubt some of The Gazette's readers will be glad to know how much the various wards in the parish have advanced. In order that all may better understand the following table attention is called to the foot notes which are reproduced exactly as they appeared in the government bulletin:

By reference to the census returns of 1870 and 1880, we have ascertained the population of the parish since 1830 and of the town since 1870. The figures printed below show the town's increase since 1870:

 It must not be overlooked that several hundred people live just outside the limits of the municipality, and are really, if not technically, citizens of the town. And should any one happen to ask you the town's population you might just as well give it in round numbers by saying four thousand.

Lafayette Gazette 1/12/1901.

Lizzie Bailey Appointed to Asst. Census-Supervisor.
Mr. Clegg, census supervisor of this district, has begun the work preparatory to the census-taking which will commence next June. Being allowed the assistance of a clerk, Mr. Clegg has appointed Miss Lizzie Bailey to that position. He has already appointed some enumerators in the district. The others will be appointed in time to familiarize themselves with their duties. This being a very populous district the work of taking the census will be of considerable magnitude. Lafayette Gazette 1/20/1900. 

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