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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Steps have been taken by the committee in charge of the excursion which leaves today for New Orleans, to feed and room the excursionists at reduced prices. 75 cents per day for three meals and lodging can be obtained at Dazette's hostelry. A member of the committee will see to this need upon application being made. Thus the trip can be made cheaply. Laf. Adv. 1/7/1899.  

Druggists' Excursion - The Morgan's Louisiana and Texas Railroad and Steamship Company will sell tickets from Lafayette to San Francisco and return Oct. 7 to 11, 1903, with return limit Nov. 15, 1903, at a rate of $67.50 on account of National Wholesale Druggists Association.

During Sept. and Oct. on way settlers rates to California points $30.

Round trip rates to all Summer tourist points at reduced rates. For further particulars, apply to local agent, or to:
C. B. ELLIS, D. P. A     

Lafayette Advertiser 1/10/1903.

On account of the street fair in Lafayette special trains will be run from Franklin, Lake Charles, and Alexandria and will return after the night performances. Excursion rates from all points.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/10/1903.

Excursions from all points will be run to Lafayette during the Street Fair. Also a special excursion from New Orleans will come here Feb. 1st.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/17/1903.

Mardi Gras. February 18-24. - Low round trip rates via Mobile and Ohio Railroad to New Orleans and Mobile. For all particulars apply to your home or write Jno. M. Beall, M. & O. R. R., St. Louis. 
Lafayette Advertiser 1/20/1904.

Passed Through Lafayette. - One of those beautiful vestibule trains, run by the Raymond & Whitcomb Excursion company, passed through Lafayette at 8 o'clock Wednesday night. These excursions are run from Boston to points in Mexico and California. This train was composed of ten elegant coaches and two baggage cars. None but the wealthy can ride in them. They eat and sleep on the train, have drawing-room and library, and wherever they stop the excursion company pays back hire, hotel bills, etc. Fare for round trip from Boston, $685.00 each. (Nearly $17,000 in today's money.)
Lafayette Advertiser 1/24/1891.

Mardi Gras in New Orleans. - New Orleans Mardi Gras.One fare for the round trip from all points via the Texas & Pacific Railway. Dates of sale February 10-15, inclusive, final limit. February 20, 1904. On payment of fee of 50 cents an extension to March 5, 1904, will be granted. For further information call on any T. & P. Agent, or write, E. P. Turner, General Passenger Agent, Dallas, Texas. Lafayette Advertiser 1/27/1904.  

To New Orleans for Sugery. - The Gazette regrets to state that it was necessary for Mr. O. P. Guilbeau to go to New Orleans to undergo a surgical operation on account of the injuries he sustained some time ago at the hands of rowdies on the excursion train between Duson and Crowley. This affair has caused much suffering to Mr. Guilbeau, to say nothing of the expense and trouble, and we are sorry that his condition is such as to necessitate another surgical operation . Reference to this matter will recall to the minds of many people the outrage which perpetrated on the night Mr. Guilbeau was so mercilessly shot. The shooting took place on the 17th of last November, over two months ago, but nothing has yet been done looking toward the punishment of the guilty. The question of jurisdiction has not ever been settled and there is a large number of people who still believe it was done in this parish. It is not for us to say who is or who are guilty in this affair, but there was unquestionably enacted on that night in this country, which boasts of law, order and civilization, a scene which would have disgraced the most barbarous of savage tribes.   Lafayette Gazette 1/27/1900.

On account of the La. Public School Teachers Association April 4 to 6  a round trip to Shreveport is $6.55. Tickets on sale April 6. - To the annual conference and convention of reorganized church of Latter Day Saints, Lamoni, Iowa, April 5 to 10, round trip tickets from Lafayette to Lamoni, Iowa, will be sold at $28.50. Laf. Adv. 1/30/1907.

For the benefit of those who wish to witness the fight between Fitzsimmons and Maher near El Paso the Southern Pacific will sell tickets to that point at one fare rate. For further information apply to Agent Davidson at the depot. Laf. Gaz. 2/1/1896.

 The Southern Pacific announces one-half fare rate for the round trip to New Orleans and return for the Mardi Gras celebration which will take place on the 18th of February. Tickets will be sold February 15, 16, 17 and 18, good for return until February 28, inclusive. Laf. Gaz. 2/1/1896.

Mardi Gras By Train.
St. Martinville will celebrate Mardi Gras. The railroad company will sell half fare tickets to that town from Opelousas, New Iberia and all intermediate points. Tickets will be sold on the 13th and 14th, good to return on the 15th. A special train will run from Arnaudville. Lafayette Gazette 2/4/1899.

Mardi Gras Train Fares.
The Southern Pacific will sell tickets to New Orleans and return on Feb. 10, 11, 12 and 13, at the rate of one fare. Tickets good for return up to and including Feb. 24. Children under 12 years of age half adult rate. Laf. Gaz. 2/4/1899.

Mardi Gras Carnival.
New Orleans, La. Feb. 22, 1898.

 --The Carnival this year promises to exceed previous efforts in grandeur, and New Orleans will show to the world the insignificant effect her recent affliction has had upon the temper and resources of her people. The Southern Pacific will sell round trip tickets February 18, 19, 20, 21, from all points on its line to New Orleans at rate of one fare, limited for return to fifteen days from date of sale. Children will be carried at one-half the adult rate. Double daily train service with sleeper service in both directions. Local agents will furnish all information. Lafayette Gazette 2/5/1898.

Special Train. - The Southern Pacific Railroad ran a special train from Lafayette, La., to Houston, Texas, on the 26th ult. for the benefit of those employees who donated to the fund to erect a monument to the memory of the late superintendent of the road, W. B. Mulvey, the occasion being the unveiling of the monument.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/8/1902.

For the benefit of those who wish to see the fight between Fitzsimmons and Maher near El Paso the Southern Pacific will sell tickets to that point at one fare rate. For further information apply to Agent Davidson at the depot.
Laf. Adv. 2/8/1896

 The Southern Pacific announces one-half fare rate for the round trip to New Orleans and return for the Mardi Gras celebration which will take place on the 18th of February. Tickets will be sold February 15, 16, 17, and 18, good for return until February 28, inclusive. Laf. Adv. 2/8/1896


 Last Sunday the train which left here at 11:45 for New Orleans was wrecked a short distance on the other side of Cade. The track was blockaded and no train could go through that point. The railroad authorities were certainly aware of this condition of affairs, but strange to say the east bound train, scheduled to leave here about 1 o'clock, left as usual, as if nothing had happened. The railroad company knew that the train could not go through Cade, and it knew also that in the coaches were a number of women and children, who, in case of a long stay at Cade, would be subjected to much inconvenience, if not real suffering. The train reached Cade at about 1:30 and remained there until 2 o'clock the next morning. Anyone can imagine to what the passengers, especially the women and children, were exposed. With the thermometer registering six degrees above zero and little or no fire in cars, and without anything to eat, they were penned up and compelled to stand the bitter cold. What reason can Superintendent Owens, who was present, give for keeping these people over 12 hours at Cade without a mouthful to eat? Had the superintendent had a decent regard for the comfort of the patrons of his road he would have ordered the train back to Lafayette or some point where they would have been able to secure proper accommodations. It seems to us that the people of this section have some rights left which even Mr. Owens ought to be made to respect. There is absolutely no excuse for this outrage perpetrated upon the traveling public. Had the superintendent been unable to avoid all this, we are confident that there would not have been a word of complaint uttered, but as it was the result of either indifference or something worse, be believe the traveling public should exercise their privilege of registering a lusty and vigorous kick if that is all the satisfaction they can get.
Lafayette Gazette 2/18/1899.

A Deplorable Accident. - Mr. Harris Lester, employed at the Southern Pacific yards as a car-inspector, was accidentally struck by a train last Thursday morning at 6 o'clock, and both of his legs were crushed below the knees. The unfortunate man died from the injuries at 11 o'clock the same morning. - Lafayette Gazette 2/21/1903.

Wednesday night four special excursion trains passed through returning from Mardi Gras. They were all long trains, and filled to their capacity. This gives you some idea of what an immense crowd must have invaded the city. Laf. Adv. 2/22/1890

Salt Mine Excursion.

 General Passenger Agent Batturs deserves a place in the story for giving us that special train for the salt mine excursion for the low rate of $1.50 per capita on our guarantee of not less than $100 for the trip; and we returned him the compliment by making the excursion worth $246 to the company instead of $150. But the excursion was worth all it cost to all concerned. The day was ideal. The view across Vermilion Bay was alone worth the price admission. And notwithstanding queer reports to the contrary in some of the papers, the railroad made perfect connections, and no teacher was delayed a minute on his return home by reason of the excursion to the salt mine. In fact, the kind and courteous assistant of the road Mr. C. C. Mallard, accompanied bye excursion in person for the express purpose of seeing the schedule carried out - and he did. Lafayette Gazette 3/1/1905.    

Railroad Excursions.

 The Southern Pacific Sunset Route will sell tickets from Lafayette to California Points on the following dates:

 Lafayette to San Francisco and Los Angeles and return April 22 to 27th. Limit June 25th, rate $47.50 with stop overs. On account of convention of Federation of Women's Clubs.

 Lafayette to Dallas, Tex., and return May 4 and 5. Limit June 8, rate $14.45 on account of General Conference M. E. Church.

 Lafayette to Alexandria and return April 8, 9 and 10. Limit April 14, rate one and one third fares. On account of La. State Homestead League Shreveport La.

 Lafayette to Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and return June 22 and 23. Limit July 29th. One fare plus $2.00. On account of Triennal Convention International Sunday School Association.

 Lafayette to Springfield, Mo., and return May 12 and 13, limit May 28, rate $21.00. On account of General Assembly Cumberland Presbyterian church.

 Lafayette to Asheville N. C. and return May 5, 6 and 7, limit 24, rate $25.20. On account of Southern Baptist Convention.

 Lafayette to Houston, Tex., and return April 6 and 7. Limit April 13, rate $8.65. Tickets will be extended until April 25, for all who take advantage of round trip rate to Mexico, $34.25. On account of Texas Lumberman's Convention.

 Lafayette to Dallas, Tex., and return April 19, 20 and 21. Limit April 30 with privilege of extension to May 15, stop over, returning at Houston, rate $8.60. On account of Annual Reunion United Confederate Veterans.

 Lafayette to Portland, Oregon and return May 27 to June 8. Limit 60 days, rates $52.50 and $63.50 with stop over. Round trip tickets to California and Oregon may be had going one route returning another. On account of National Convention Travelers Protective Ass'n. Supreme Lodge Ancient Order United Workmen.

 Lafayette to San Francisco and Los Angeles and return May 27 to June 8, 1902. Limit 60 days, rate $47.50 with stop overs. On account of Imperial Council Nobles of Mystic Shrine.

 Lafayette to San Francisco and Los Angeles and return August 2 to 8, limit Sept. 30, 1902, rate $47.50 with stop overs. On account of Riennial Meeting Knights of Pythias.

Lafayette to St. Paul, Minn., & return May 7 & 18. Limit may 29, rate $35.45. On account of National Baptist Anniversaries. For additional information apply to local agent or O. B. Ellis, D. P. A.
Lafayette Advertiser 4/5/1902.

EXCURSION. The Southern Pacific will run an excursion to New Orleans on Easter Sunday returning same day. The low rates offered will no doubt attract an unusually large crowd, especially as Easter in New Orleans is always observed with much ceremony.
Lafayette Advertiser 4/6/1901.

Excursion From New Orleans.

 To-morrow, Sunday, an excursion from New Orleans will arrive in Lafayette about noon.  The managers of the Oak Avenue Park have arranged to have races.

 The following horses are entered for the event.

Half-Mile Race - $200 Side.
  Bessy June, by Sonny Landry & Boney, by Lulien Roy.

 Three Arpents Race - $100 Side.
    Maud S., by P. B. Roy, of Royville & Little Surprise, by Lucien Roy & Prejean.

Seven Arpents Race - $25.00 - Side.
  Ryland, by Bob Cochrane & Ledet, by Alb., Landry, of Royville.

 Mules Race and Dog and Horse Race.

 The admission will be 25 and 15 cents. Ladies free.

 By the above one can see that the race promises to be exciting and consequently we hope that a big turn out will be at the park.
Lafayette Advertiser 4/8/1899. 

Two large excursion trains, loaded with Baptists bound for Fort Worth, Texas, passed through Lafayette Wednesday night. About two hundred of them took supper  at the Crescent Hotel, where a sumptuous spread had been prepared for them. These excursionists are principally Baptist ministers and their families from Alabama, and go to attend the Baptist convention at Fort Worth.
Laf. Adv. 5/10/1890

 A large excursion will be run from New Orleans to Lafayette during the early part of next month. Laf. Adv. 5/17/1893.

Don't forget the excursion to take place on the 27th inst. from Washington to Thibodeaux under the auspices of the Morgan Lodge, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen. Thibodeaux is one the prettiest towns in south-west Louisiana and a nice place generally to go.Lafayette Advertiser 5/19/1894.

 Make your arrangements to go to Abbeville on the grand excursion given by the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, on July 2nd. Special preparations will be made for the ladies, and as no intoxicants will be sold on the train all can feel assured that they will have a pleasant time.
Laf. Adv. 5/20/1893.

Morgan's Louisiana and Texas Rail Road and Steamship Company will sell tickets from Lafayette to Franklin La. and return June 7th, 1903 with return limit June 7th, 1903 at a rate of $1.00 on account of the grand opening of the St. Mary Park Association located on the last Bank of Bayou Teche, Trotting and Running Races, Bicycle Race, shooting tournament between the Iberia and Franklin Gun Clubs. Excursion train passes Lafayette 10;50 a. m., returning and leaving Franklin at 7p. m. Lafayette Advertiser 5/30/1903.

The excursion to Abbeville given by the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen will be run on Sunday, July 2nd. Make your arrangements to attend.
 Laf. Adv. 6/3/1893

Leg Cut Off. - A negro woman living in Free Town went to the depot to meet her daughter who was on one of the excursions Sunday. There was big pack and jam and in some way the woman, who is very large, was pushed on the track and run down by the cars, having her leg cut off just above the ankle. Drs. G. A. Martin and John Tolson  attended her. Lafayette Advertiser 6/8/1904.

June 28th. is the date for the Grand Excursion from Abbeville to Opelousas. Don't miss it.
Laf. Adv. 6/13/1896

July Excursion.
 The railroad excursion that will run from Washington to Houma on Sunday July 1st., promises to be one of the most largely patronized excursions of the season. The Iberia Excursion Club, under whose auspices the excursion will be given, are making extensive preparations to ensure an enjoyable time for the large crowd.

Lafayette Advertiser 6/16/1894.


Base Ball Excursion Down the Bayou. - The excursionists who accompanied the Lafayette Camellia's Base Ball Club to Abbeville numbered about 80, the steamboat Mary Rose could have easily accommodated three times that number. They had a delightful sail down the bayou, and were enthusiastically received by the Abbeville people. The game with the "Red Stockings" was a very pretty one as far as it went. Unfortunately, like the did here in the game with the Crescents, the Abbeville club raised objection to a ruling if the umpire, and refusing to continue forfeited the game in the 7th inning, the score at the time standing - Camelia's 12, Red Stockings 10. The excursion coming back was delayed, not reaching Lafayette until 6 o'clock Monday morning. The excursionists express themselves as well pleased with their trip and with Abbeville and its people. Lafayette Advertiser 6/21/1890.

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