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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Ladies Tea Club.

On Thursday last, Mrs. T. M. Biossat, the amiable president of the Ladies' five o'clock Tea Club, tendered an elegant reception to the members of this organization, a few friends also participating. From four to six the exquisitely decorated parlor and dining room were thronged with guests in holiday attire, mingling with the flowers, potted plants and other decorations, forming a living picture worthy to adorn the canvas of the most capricious artist. An appropriate game, "Suggestions from a Watch,"was introduced by the hostess and was introduced by the hostess and proved an efficient mode of entertainment; the first prize, a lovely vase adorned with the club's colors was won by Misses F. Chase and Clye Mudd. The booby, a toy watch fell to the lot of Mrs. Franklin Mouton. Delicious refreshments were served from a table whose beyond the pen to portray, only a view of such loveliness would be artistic adornment would be adequate to insure an appreciation of its beauty. While delicacies satisfied the palate, sweet strains of music from a music box delighted the ear, surrounding decorations pleased the eye, and the charm of the hostesses won the hearts of all present. Mrs. Biossat, was assisted in receiving by her sister, Miss Rushing, who has made many warm friends during her stay in Lafayette. Those present on this enjoyable occasion were: Mrs. Wm. Parrott, N. P. Moss, Chas. Caffery, A. Doucet, A. Mouton, B. Clegg, C. Girard, J. J. Davidson, B. Williams, F. Hopkins, S. R., W. S., and J. Parkerson, F. Mouton, and Misses Susie and Eliza Hopkins, L. Parkerson, Heloise Olivier, Lea Gladu, Florence Chase, M. and J. Torian, L. and C. Mudd, Viola Kelly, Blanche Stagg, of Whiteville, and Cavanaugh, of Washington.

Lafayette Gazette 1/1/1898.


The Woman's Club.
 The Woman's Club met Dec. 30, with Mrs. F. E. Davis. After the minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved the resignation of Miss Gladu was accepted. There being no further business, the study of King Richard III was commenced with the following program:

 Mrs. McConnell, the president of the Era Club in New Orleans, then favored the Club with a very interesting talk, after which the Club adjourned and Mrs. Davis served tempting refreshments.

 The guests of the afternoon were, Misses Faulk, Eastman, Stephens, Mmes. DeBlanc, of New Iberia, Jack Nickerson, Mrs. Darling, of Houston, Texas, Mrs. McConnel of New Orleans, Miss Frith, of Bunkie.

 The club will meet Jan. 13, with Mrs. Denbo.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/3/1906.

The ladies in charge of the Christmas tree desire to express their thanks for the liberal donations of cash received, most of the donors modestly objecting to being named. Also, to E. Delmouly, for donation of toys, Mrs. J. O. Mouton, donation of toys; Mouton Bros., donation of toys; B. Falk, lighting hall; Crescent News Co., donation of fruits; Knights of Honor, use of hall, and to a host of others for many kindnesses. The cash donated amounted to $25.00. Paid out for toys and fruit, $22.50. Over four hundred presents were distributed among the young folks. Laf. Adv. 1/4/1890.

Woman's Club Meeting.

 The Woman's Club met Dec. 31, with Mrs. John Givens as hostess. Mrs. Blake, being absent, Mrs. F. E. Davis called the meeting to order. After the business was transacted the following program was rendered.

 There being no further business the club adjourned; after which Mrs. Givens served delicious refreshments. The club will meet Jan. 14, with Miss Lea Gladu as hostess. Lafayette Advertiser 1/11/1905.

The Woman's Club.
 The Woman's Club met Jan. 12 with Mrs. W. J. Avery. After the president had called the meeting to order and all business was attended to, the following program was rendered:
  The club then adjourned and Mrs. Avery served delicious refreshments.

 The next club meeting will be held Jan. 19 with Misses Leftwich and Glidden. Each member is requested to bring one or more current events to add to the afternoon's programme.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/16/1907.

Contractor Massicot Employed by Telephone Co. to Fix All Breaks Made by Them.

 The breaks in the concrete walks made by the Cumberland Telephone Co., when installing their new plant, have made the walks unsightly for a long time and it will be welcome news to everybody to learn that Contractor Massicot expects to begin repairing them within the next fifteen days, the company having contracted with him to do the work. Lafayette Advertiser 1/16/1907.

Miss Gladu & the Tea Club.

Miss Lea Gladu entertained that charming circle, the Tea Club, at a Madelson evening last Tuesday, from four to six. The program consisted as follows:

 "Song Without Words," by Miss Mudd; "Life of Mendelson" by Miss Ramsey; "Morning Song" by Mrs. Davis; and "Spring Song" by Miss Gladu. At five o'clock a delightful lunch was served by the hostess. The club will meet next with Mrs. Lerosen. Lafayette Advertiser 1/19/1901.

Ladies' Tea Club.

On Thursday, January thirteenth, the Ladies' Five O'clock Tea Club was very pleasantly entertained at the cozy home of Mrs. Eugene Trahan, whose hospitality has so often been enjoyed. Despite the inclemency of the weather a goodly crowd was in attendance and a merry afternoon ensued. Miss Bessie Cornay was awarded a lovely prize for having given the prettiest definition of "home." A tempting menu of sandwiches, tea, chocolate, cakes and ice-cream was served from a table and buffet bedecked with exquisite flowers, cheifly the white and crimson camelia, whose rich colors blending with the delicately tinted china and snowy nappery presented a most inviting aspect. Mrs. Trahan was assisted in her duties as hostess by three of our charming girls, Misses B. Cornay, Adele and Bulah Young. The next meeting of the club will be at "Idelwylde", the woodland home of Mr. Baxter Clegg. Lafayette Gazette 1/22/1898.

Women's Literary Club.

The Woman's Literary Club met Saturday a week ago with Mrs. A. B. Denbo. The subject for the afternoon was J. Fennimore Cooper. Several ladies who were on the program being unable to attend Mrs. Denbo very kindly took their places and read a fine sketch of the Massacre at Fort. Wm. Henry and also an excellent paper on one of Cooper's leading characters. Mrs. Leo Judice contributed a well composed and entertaining paper on Cooper's life. After which all the Club members took part in the discussion, making this meeting one the pleasantest and most profitable held this year. The Club will meet next Saturday with Mrs. T. M. Biossat.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/27/1904.  

The Ladies' Club of Lafayette held a very interesting meeting at the residence of Dr. N. P. Moss last Thursday afternoon. The question, "Resolved that the cause of the English in the South African war is just," was the theme of a debate in which several members of the club participated. The English or affirmative side was represented by Mrs. T. N. Blake, Mrs. R. B. Raney and Miss Lizzie Parkerson while the negative or Boer side of the controversy was defended by Mrs. T. M. Biossat, Mrs. Baxter Clegg and Miss Lizzie Mudd. The arguments presented were able, showing that the debaters had made a thorough study of the subject. The judges, who were Mrs. Wm. Clegg, Mrs. A. B. Denbo and Mrs. W. J. Sechrest, gave a decision in favor of the English, though complimenting both sides upon the conspicuous ability displayed in the debate. Lafayette Gazette 1/27/1900.

 Mrs. T. M. Biossat entertained her friends at a 'pink tea' last Tuesday afternoon. Misses Villa Rushing, Yolanda Rigues and Lizzie Parkerson, and Mrs. N. P. Moss assisted the hostess in receiving. The occasion proved one of much enjoyment to the participants. Laf. Adv. 1/27/1894.

We had the pleasure of meeting in our town this week, Mr. Kenneth Benllina, of Opelousas, who came down to attend a meeting of the Ladies Aid Society, of which he is one, if not the most active members. The next will be "Two hearts that beat as one." Laf. Adv. 1/28/1899.

Ladies' Five O'clock Tea Club.

 The meeting of the Ladies' Five O'clock Tea Club at the lovely home of Mrs. B. Clegg, was indeed a most pleasant event. The hostess assisted by her aunt, Mrs. Thos. H. Magill welcomed the guests to the spacious parlors, whose elegance was heightened by reflective rays from a cheery fire. In the absence of the president, the vice-president, Mrs. N. P. Moss, presided, and an interesting program was carried out. Misses Young and L. Mudd lent their musical talent to the delight of the audience. Miss Rushing entertained her hearers with a pleasing literary selection.

 A game of "Characteristics" was improving as well as interesting. The first prize, a pin tray of Egyptian design, was awarded Miss F. Chase. The booby, a miniature specimen of the sterner sex, fell to the fell the lot of Mrs. Eugene Trahan.

 The "festal board" was a "thing of beauty," with its foundation of polished oak embellished by dainty doilies, cut glass and silver, and this gathering will be a "joy forever" to those who were the fortunate participants. Lafayette Gazette 1/29/1898.

Ladies' Five O'clock Tea Club.

 The meeting of the Ladies' Five O'clock Tea Club at the lovely home of Mrs. B. Clegg, was indeed a most pleasant event. The hostess assisted by her aunt, Mrs. Thos. H. Magill welcomed the guests to the spacious parlors, whose elegance was heightened by reflective rays from a cheery fire. In the absence of the president, the vice-president, Mrs. N. P. Moss, presided, and an interesting program was carried out. Misses Young and L. Mudd lent their musical talent to the delight of the audience. Miss Rushing entertained her hearers with a pleasing literary selection.

 A game of "Characteristics" was improving as well as interesting. The first prize, a pin tray of Egyptian design, was awarded Miss F. Chase. The booby, a miniature specimen of the sterner sex, fell to the fell the lot of Mrs. Eugene Trahan.

 The "festal board" was a "thing of beauty," with its foundation of polished oak embellished by dainty doilies, cut glass and silver, and this gathering will be a "joy forever" to those who were the fortunate participants. Lafayette Gazette 1/29/1898.

Mrs. T. N. Blake entertained the Ladies Five O'clock Tea Club, Thursday evening, at the Cottage Hotel. Laf. Adv. 2/4/1899.

Ladies Five O'clock Tea Club.

 The last meeting of the Five O'clock Tea Club was held at at the home of Miss Bessie Cornay, who proved a most gracious hostess. After the business program was dispensed with there followed a unique game, in which that almost proverbial "woman" weapon, the innocent looking hat-pin, figured conspicuously. The first prize was awarded Mrs. N. P. Moss, the booby fell to the lot of Mrs. F. J. Mouton. Vocal and instrumental music by Misses L. Hopkins and B. Cornay was enjoyed, as were also the delicious refreshments served later in the afternoon. Lafayette Gazette 2/5/1898.

Woman's Literary Club. - The Woman's Literary Club held a Mark Twain meeting with Mrs. F. E. Davis Saturday. Papers were read by Mrs. T. M. Biossat and Mrs. A. B. Denbo, which were excellent and greatly enjoyed. Miss Gladu and Miss Edith Trahan, a visitor, both entertained the club with beautiful selections on the piano. The club will meet with Mrs. A. B. Denbo on the 16th.   Lafayette Advertiser 1/6/1894.

On account of the bad weather the Woman's Club failed to meet Saturday with Mrs. Jno. Kennedy. Laf. Adv. 2/8/1905.

The Women's Literary Club.

 It is the custom of the Women's Literary Club to hold at least one social meeting yearly to which the husbands and friends of the ladies are invited. This year the club met with Mrs. F. E. Davis on last Friday evening, and although the weather was very inclement, not a single guest failed to attend. The evening was enjoyably spent in conversation, progressive euchre and listening to music by a band engaged for the occasion. Mr. Pratt won the first gentleman's prize, a traveling brush and case. Mr. Baxter Clegg the consolation prize, a figure head tobacco box. Mrs. Baxter Clegg won the first lady's prize, an atomizer, and Miss Lizzie Parkerson the consolation prize, a powder box. The gentleman's booby a bag of candy, was captured by Mr. C. K. Darling ; while Mrs. Pratt was the fortunate winner of the lady's booby, a cute little shoe. After the distribution of the prizes, all the guests were served with refreshments from the fair hands of the ladies. Shortly after all left for their homes feeling that this particular social meeting was one of the pleasantest they had ever attended.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/8/1902.

With the rapid increase in the population of Lafayette, there are constantly occurring cases of needy distress for which an organized society could render timely and much needed relief. All ladies interested in this matter are requested to meet at the residence of Mrs. W. W. Wall on Monday evening, Feb. 11th, at 4 0'clock, to consider the advisability of forming a "Ladies nonsectarian Aid Society." Laf. Adv. 2/9/1889.

Euchre Thursday Evening. - The ladies of the Jewish Aid Society gave another of their delightful euchre parties at Falk's Opera House Thursday evening. A large crowd was present and enjoyed the occasion greatly. The prizes were won as follows: First ladies prize, Mrs. J. A. Martin; second, Mrs. Hector Prejean; third, Mrs. Arthur Bonnet; booby, Miss Corrine Guidry. First gentleman's prize, Mr. A. S. Clark; second, Mr. Felix Mouton; third Mr. Vic Levy; booby, Mr. Will Levy. Laf. Advertiser 2/10/1894.

Woman's Literary Club.

 The Woman's Literary Club met at the Dormitory Saturday at the Dormitory Saturday instead of with Mrs. T. M. Biossat as announced. The evening was devoted to Elber Hubbard, the Sage of Roycraft. The Shop was well treated my Miss H. D. McLaurin, Forbes of Harvard was the title of Mrs. J. L. Kennedy, Journey to the Home of Goldsmith was charmingly sketched by Mrs. Baxter Clegg, and Current Events was a well prepared subject by Mrs. J. A. Martin. The "Hubbard" meeting proved one of the most entertaining of the series this season. Misses Riis and Lefwich, the hostesses, added much to the success of the evening. Lafayette Advertiser 2/10/1904.

The Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist church will give a mite meeting next Tuesday evening at the residence of Mrs. R. C. Greig. The entertainment is given for the benefit of the Methodist parsonage, and it is hoped that all friends will lend their presence and contribute a mite to a worthy object, Remember Tuesday evening Feb. 13th. Lafayette Advertiser 2/10/1894.

The Mite Meeting.

 The mite meeting given by the Ladies' Aid Society, last Tuesday evening proved a very a enjoyable affair to all present. While the inclement weather prevented many from attending yet a most gratifying result both socially and financially rewarded the efforts of the society. Songs, recitations and games, formed features of the entertainment and were supplemented by dainty refreshments served by the ladies.
Lafayette Gazette 2/17/1894.

Due to an omission the account of the Ladies' Tea Club held at the home of Miss Leah Gladu did not appear in our local columns last week. Laf. Gaz. 2/19/1898.

Woman's Literary Club.

 The Woman's Literary Club met on the afternoon of the fourteenth with Mrs. T. N. Blake as hostess. The club colors, purple and white, were carried out very effectively in the decorations.

 Russian violets of the deepest hue were lavishly used, contrasting with the waxen whiteness of the narcissus blossoms. After the roll call which was responded to with original valentines a short business meeting was held, after which an unusually attractive program was enjoyed.

 Lafeadio Hearn and his book "Chita" a tale of the Last Island disaster was the subject of Mrs. E. L. Stephens' paper and proved to be one of the finest papers that the club has ever enjoyed. Mrs. F. E. Davis read a sweet selection entitled "Father Dagobert" from the pen of Mrs. E. M. Davis. Mrs. W. A. LeRosen read interesting character sketches of Catherine Cole, Pearl Pivers and Dorothy Dix. The latter, in response to a request from Mrs. LeRosen sent a charming sketch of her life accompanied by a nice letter which was read to the club.

 During the afternoon classic solos were rendered by Misses Montgomery and Mudd and a duet by Mrs. Blake and Miss Mudd was played.

 At the conclusion of the meeting a valentine luncheon of twenty-two covers was served in the dining room. At each plate was placed a heart with some appropriate quotation inscribed upon it, and in the centre of the table lay a large heart of violets, surrounded by graceful sprays of narcissus. A dainty salad course followed by ices was generously enjoyed, The club welcomed the following guests at this meeting: Mmes. John Johnson of Michigan, M. E. Davis of New Orleans, J. A. Phillips of Texas, F. B. Baker of Washington, D. C. and C. M. Parkerson. Lafayette Gazette 2/21/1903.

Woman's Club.  The meeting of the Woman's Club Saturday, Feb. 13, fell on Valentine's day and the hostess, Miss Gladu welcomed the Club to a charming Valentine entertainment. Pretty reminders of the day were placed in artistic fashion about the house and lent an added pleasure to the occasion. Frank R. Stockton and John Rendrick Bangs were two authors selected for discussion this meeting, and the members on the program treated the subjects assigned in an interesting way, Mrs. O. B. Hopkins owing to illness, could not attend, but Mrs. Biossat read her paper.

 The following was the program:
Lady and the Tiger...Mrs. G. C. Comstock.

 Mr. Bonaparte of Corsica...Mrs. O. B. Hopkins.

 Houseboat on the Styx and its Sequal...Miss M. C. Riis.

Lafayette Advertiser 2/24/1904.

The Social Event of Valentine's Week.

 The social event of valentine week was the entertainment of the Ladies' Five O'clock Tea Club by Mrs. A. Denbo, whose charming personality lent additional pleasure to the meeting. In the unavoidable absence of the president and vice-president, Miss Gladu ably presided. Arrangements for an anniversary supper was discussed, but final developments postponed until a called meeting which will take place this Saturday afternoon, at the residence of the Misses Trahan. A recitation by Miss Lizzie Mudd, vocal solo with guitar accompaniment by Miss Susie Hopkins, readings by Misses Trahan and Mudd were enjoyed. After the serving of choice cakes and a delicious ice, followed a Valentine party, a unique and appropriate diversion. The first prize, a dainty powder-box, was won by Miss Lizzie Mudd, the booby, a surprise-box, was awarded Miss Adele Young.

Lafayette Gazette 2/26/1898.


Woman's Club.

A very enjoyable meeting of the Woman's Club was held Feb. 25, with Mrs. Tom Hopkins as hostess. On account of bad weather this was the first meeting held since Jan. 14.

Mrs. Blake called the meeting to order and Miss McLaurin read the minutes of the previous meeting. After all the business was transacted the following program was rendered.

Civil Government - The Constitution of the United States, Article I, Miss Leftwich.

 Reading - The Last Hours of Daniel Webster, by Edward Everett, Mrs. John Givens.

 The Graphic Arts, Miss Dupre.

 The Composers-George W. Chadwick, Mrs. H. H. Beach, Mrs. Pellerin.

 The next meeting of the club will be held March 4, with Mrs. J. I. Hulse as hostess.

 After the club adjourned Mrs. Hopkins served a delicious luncheon. Each guest was presented with a pretty booklet with the menu printed as follows:


 When I'm young I'm covered with down,

 Fresh in the country but seldom in town.

 Yet when I'm fried I'm considered very fine,

 But made into salad I'm simply prime.


 I'm green when I'm ripe and I grown on a tree,

 A favorite dish of the Spanish Grandee.


  I grew in the ground on the end of a vine,

 Got pulled 'bout summer time.

Was roasted, hulled and cut into pieces,

 And made into newfangled sandwiches.

 I'm a combination of fruits and ice,

 And by some considered nice.

 At any rate I'm sure to sink,

 When I'm made into a drink.

 The ladies all my praises sing,

 And say unto their beaux,

 Now dearest goodness knows,

 Now dearest, goodness knows.

 Of all the nectars, this is just the thing.

 Light as a snowflake, white as milk,

 Fit for a princess dressed in silk.

 All dinners and luncheons I'm usually last served,

 The slight, I think, is not truly deserved.

 I'm made from a berry that was green, now black,

 That I'm well liked is a proven fact.
Lafayette Advertiser 3/1/1905.

The Woman's Club.

 The Woman's Club met Saturday with Mrs. O. B. Hopkins. The subject of the meeting was Thomas B. Aldrich. Mrs. Davis gave a most interesting talk upon his life and writings, quoting a number of choice selections by way of illustration. Mrs. John Givens read a selected poem in place of Mrs. Hulse who was unable to attend. Miss Dupre also added to the program by reading a charming short story.

 The club held a special meeting on February 20 and planted a number of trees on the new school grounds. They are also collecting books, magazines and all kinds of good literature, which they are distributing among the country schools. Besides, they have appropriated a small sum to each room of the town schools, with which the teacher is instructed to purchase something specially needed by the room.

 The Woman's Club not only believes in self instruction, but in being a force for good in the  community, and in order to accomplish the most good, have decided to aid the schools in a practical way. It affords The Advertiser much pleasure to welcome them as earnest workers in the cause of education and we believe that just at present it is the greatest work they could engage in. Lafayette Advertiser 3/2/1904.

School Board Proceedings.

Among other business....

The following resolution was unanimously adopted:

 Whereas we have learned of the public spirited and patriotic offer of the Woman's Club to plant trees on the public school lot of the town of Lafayette; to beautify the school-rooms of the town with suitable school decorations or to furnish them with necessary apparatus according to the discretion of the teacher; and to furnish suitable reading matter to be distributed among the rural schools of the parish.

 Be it resolved that this board heartily the co-operation of the Woman's Club in providing suitable surroundings for the future men and women of this parish, believing that the present public spirited act of the Club can be made a worthy precedent in the organization, and an act worthy of emulation by the best men and women in the parish of Lafayette.

 Be it further resolved that a certified copy of these resolutions be transmitted to the Woman's Club. Lafayette Advertiser 3/2/1904.

The Ladies Tea Club was entertained by Miss Lea Gladu on last Thursday.
Laf. Adv. 4/8/1899.

The Ladies Club. - Not a long while ago it occurred to a gentle woman of our town that a ladies' social club would find a useful field in Lafayette in bringing into closer relation the members of the sex. It was further thought to direct the social feature of the organization in the channel of sisterhood and charity, by imposing monthly dues on the members of the club to be devoted to the relief of want and distress among womankind. This idea, happily conceived, was confided to others and met with immediate and general favor. An informal meeting was called for a more extended discussion of the subject, at which the promoters were so much encouraged that a second meeting was held for the purpose of organization. It was decided to name the new association "The Ladies' 5 o'clock Tea Club," and the members agreed to assemble once a week, (on Thursday evening), at the home of a member and partake in light refreshments and indulge in intellectual intercourse, consisting of music, singing, reading and recitation. A "business" meeting is held once a month at which membership dues are collected for charitable purposes, and measures are discussed and adopted for the "good of the order." The meetings each week partake of the nature of a family gathering and are a never ending source of delight to the members. It was a happy thought, happily carried out, this subtle blending of social functions with sweet charity, and that the club and its aims has met with a full measure of appreciation is well attested by the rapid growth of the organization.

 The officers of the club are:

 Mrs. T. M. Biossat, President,
 Mrs. C. M. Parkerson, Vice President.

 Miss Lea Gladu, Secretary,
 Miss Stella Trahan, Treasurer.

 Finance Committee:
 Mrs. Crow Girard, Mrs. N. P. Moss, Mrs. Walter J. Mouton.

 Charity Committee:
 Miss Eliza Hopkins, Mrs. J. Franklin Mouton.

 Arrangement Committee:
 Mrs. J. F. Trahan, Miss S. Trahan, Miss Lea Gladu, and Miss L. Mudd.
Lafayette Advertiser 5/1/1897.

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