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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


We trust that soon a plank sidewalk will be laid to the Convent, for the benefit of the school girls. It would be a good and just act for the town council to do.
Laf. Adv. 1/11/1890.

At Mt. Carmel. - We received a kind invitation from the Superior of Mont Carmel Convent of this place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last, with perfect satisfaction to all present. In our next issue we will give a full report of the examination.   Lafayette Advertiser 1/17/1874.

At the Convent. - In response to a courteous invitation from the Mother Superior of Mount Carmel Convent here, we had the pleasure of visiting that institution during the past week, and while there took advantage of the opportunity to look into the arrangment of the building. There can be no question but that most excellent judgement is shown in the arrangement and disposition of the study rooms as well as in all other departments. It has a corps of well equipped instructors who are thoroughly posted in all modern ideas and methods of teaching. Lafayette Advertiser 1/20/1894.

One of the most prosperous and successful educational institutions in South West Louisiana is the Mr. Carmel Convent of this place.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/21/1893.

Mt. Carmel Academy.

 Friday at Mt. Carmel Academy the pupils of "The S. O. W. Club," celebrated Lincoln's birthday.

 The blackboards and walls were decorated with flags, buntings, and President Lincoln's picture; also a number of the pupils drawings. We entertained Mother Superior and the faculty with recitations, songs, and the reading of several essays. We are not preparing for George Washington's birthday. On that day will be a grand contest between the Seniors and Juniors. There will be a prize awarded to the pupil who will have made up the most words with the letters contained in the name Washington.
                    PAULINE CAILLOUET.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/17/1904.

Next Tuesday, May 13, the Scholars and Teachers of Mount Carmel Convent, of this place, will go to Washington, La., to visit the Superior, Mistresses and scholars of Mt. Carmel Convent of that place. A special coach has been chartered for the excursion, which be attached to the mixed train leaving here at 8 o'clock a. m. and returning at 7:45 p. m. We wish them much pleasure in their excursion. The Convent at Washington gives a fair for its own benefit, commencing on the 13th and ending on the 15th.  Laf. Adv. 5/10/1890.  


 Professor Mchay will give two performances at the Convent in Vermilionville, on the 18th and 19th of this month. Persons wishing to procure entrance tickets in advance can do so by applying at the convent or at Mr. Revillon's store. The doors will open at 7 o'clock and the performance will begin at 8 o'clock p. m. Admittance : 75 cts; Children, 50 cts.
Lafayette Advertiser 4/18/1874. 

A nice little feast took place Monday at Mount Carmel Convent. That day was the anniversary of the Rev. Mother Incarnation. It was a surprise to the dear mother when during the morning the young boys and during the afternoon the young girls assembled at the Convent Hall and there rendered a full programme suitable to the occasion. Many presents were offered to the Rev. mother by the children and the Sisters; among them was a beautiful picture of the Sacred Heart. The day was spent joyfully and cakes and refreshments were served. In the near future a pic-nic will be given by the pupils of the Convent. Lafayette Advertiser 4/24/1897.

A Gay Excursion.

 The bright anticipations of the girls of Mount Carmel Convent, of Lafayette, were totally realized in the excursion to Washington Tuesday. Early in the morning they were astir and busy with preparations. Just before 8 o'clock the gay and happy throng moved down to the depot and boarded the train, at least 120 strong. That handsome, gentlemanly and accommodating young conductor, Mr. William Kelley, was so "taken aback" by this sudden flood of youth and beauty that in his excitement and embarrassment he bit off a corner of his beautiful blonde moustache with his ticket punch. 'Dice' Jr. (unreadable word) up a telegraph pole and remained there until the train was out of sight. Rev. Father's Antonioz, of Rayne, Jacquet, of New Iberia, and Forge and (unreadable name) of our town accompanied the party The excursionists reached their destination at about 11 o'clock, and were met by the Sisters and pupils of Mount Carmel Convent, of Washington. They were escorted to the Church, and from there to the Convent, where the Fair was in progress. Here they were most hospitably entertained and spent the day delightfully, arriving back home at 7:30 p. m., wearied of pleasure for the time being. The Convent Fair we learned proved to be very successful. Our girls here are certainly indebted to their sisters at Washington for the enjoyment of a happy holiday. Lafayette Advertiser 5/17/1890.

We hear that Mount Carmel Convent of this place will on June 15th prox., give a grand bazar on the Catholic church square. Laf. Adv. 5/19/1894.

Popularity Contest. - A contest, which is stirring up much interest, that will soon turn into active canvassing, is to take place at an entertainment to be given at the Mount Carmel Convent some time will compete for a gold watch, to be awarded to the one receiving a majority  of votes as the most popular young lady. Votes are to be solicited at large ;  and the campaign is announced as open.

 The fair young aspirants for popular favor will launch immediately into the exciting arena of public electioneering, with all the enthusiasm and ardor, but needless to say, without the scheming and unfairness, with which their confreres of the sterner sex plunge into the wilder whirl of political competition. Those declared for the contest are Misses Bella Judice, Florence McKeon, Celina Duplan, Nita Trahan, Angelo Romero and Althea Deffez.
Lafayette Advertiser 5/30/1896.

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Mount Carmel Convent is postponed until Oct. 14th, 1896. Laf. Adv. 6/6/1896

School Activities.

Mt. Carmel - Quite a happy arrangement was animated in town Wednesday, and was withal equally quiet. Thirty-two young ladies from Mount Carmel Convent of Washington, chaperoned by some of their teachers, came down by some of their teachers, came down on the local train and were met at the station by a full delegation of teachers and pupils from the convent at this place, whence the two parties repaired to the spacious grounds of the latter institution for a joint pic nic. The occasion must have been an enjoyable one the participants. We hope the young ladies of Washington will come again, but in the meantime, we suppose the daughters of Vermilionville will return the call.
Lafayette Advertiser 6/10/1882.

At Mount Carmel. - The entertainment given at the Mount Carmel Convent last Wednesday evening, was partly a disappointment, so far as attendance was concerned, which was owing to the inclemency of the weather, a heavy storm began to approach just before the hour for opening preventing many from reaching the entertainment. There were a number, however, who braved the weather despite its threatening aspect, and the attendance was, after all, a very fair one. The exercises were creditably rendered and the program was interesting. The prize for the most popular young lady pupil, was a main feature of the evening, being awarded to Miss Florence McKeun. The flower hill was especially pretty and unique. The young ladies and Sisters of the Convent have every cause to congratulate themselves on the pleasing character and success of their entertainment.
On account of the unfavorable weather existing on last Wednesday evening, and more especially to satisfy the wishes of a good number of persons, the sisters of Mount Carmel Convent will will repeat their entertainment of that evening.

 The admission fee will be reduced to 50cts. for reserved seats, and 25cts. for general admission. The date of the entertainment is set for Thursday June 25th. at 8 o'clock. Tickets for sale at the Advertiser Office.
Amounts of Contest.
Miss F. McKeun.....$44.90
Miss B. Judice.....$37.78
Miss C. Duplantis.....$29.90
Miss A. Deffez.....$10.40.
Lafayette Advertiser 6/13/1896.

 Go down deep in your pocket and fish up that insignificant little quarter; them take it around to Falk's Hall next Tuesday night and give it to those Convent girls who have got spunk enough to build a side walk. They have succeeded in their training better than was expected, and their programme is lengthy and interesting. The naire and winning little sprite Miss Emma Falk is going to sing "Mama. Buy Me That." and her mother ought to do it. The children also give a matinee Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, so as to give other children and their mothers an opportunity of attending. A variety of refreshments will be furnished at the Hall. Now turn out and show how much you appreciate spirit and enterprise like this. Laf. Adv. 6/14/1890.

To Benefit St. John's. - Each year the members of the Catholic church of this place make some improvements in their church. Last year a bazaar was held at which enough money was made to handsomely paint the edifice. It is desired to continue making these improvements until the St. John Catholic church in Lafayette is a model church in every respect. The next proposed improvement is to re-seat the church with more modern pews and to help accomplish this the pupils of Mt. Carmel Convent will give a musical and dramatical entertainment at the Convent Wednesday, June 19th, at 7:30 p. m. A good program is being prepared for the occasion and the entertainment will be well worth the money, to say nothing of helping a good cause. All kinds of refreshments will be served at very low prices. Admission is only 25 cents. Remember the date and be sure to attend.
Lafayette Advertiser 6/15/1895.

Grand Display at Mt. Carmel. - All day Wednesday, June 22, the faculty and pupils, will receive their patrons and friends who always find pleasure and interest in anything pertaining the Academy, particularly inspecting the work of the pupils.

 At eight o'clock p. m. the pupils will entertain their friends with a delightful occasion. The stage speaks of the activity of the pupils, as they have taken special care to beautify it with their own work, landscaping and scenery, which will delight every eye. Admission 25 cents. Laf. Adv. 6/15/1904.


A Gratifying Success.

 The entertainments given Tuesday by the pupils of Mount Carmel Convent, at Falk's Hall, for the purpose of extending the plank walk system to the Convent. were a most gratifying success, far exceeding their most sanguine expectations.  Our kind citizens generously responded to their efforts, and both afternoon and night greeted them with large and interested audiences. The acting of the children throughout was splendid, and was greeted with unfeigned applause, they all deserve much credit, and little Miss Emma Falk again carried off the palm, being heartily encored. The profits realized are $110.00, which it is thought will be sufficient for the purpose. In returning their thanks to the public for its appreciation and support, the pupils desire particularly to notice Mrs. W. B. Bailey and Miss Alix Judice for their efficient and untiring services in preparing their entertainments and training them so successfully; to Mesdames Ed. Pellerin, John O. Mouton, E. Delmouly, Floriany Cornay, Edward E. Mouton, Phillibert Revillon, Franklin Gardner, and Miss Marie Revillon, for kind services and valuable donations; Mr. B. Falk for the donation of the use of his hall; and to Messrs. Wm. Clegg and D. V. Gardebled for the beautiful display of fireworks. Also to Messrs. Pierre Gerac, Alfred Mouton and Isaac Bendel for appreciated assistance. Wednesday Dr. N. P. Moss sent the pupils a contribution of $5.00 cash, which swells their fund to $115.00.
Lafayette Advertiser 6/21/1890.

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