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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Poll Taxes Paid.
Over 22,000 persons have paid the poll tax in Lafayette parish during the past year. About one-fourth of the these are negroes. Twelve hundred collections were made in December. Lafayette Gazette 1/10/1903.

WELL DONE. - The Advertiser is proud of the fact that the voters of this parish heeded its advice and settled to nearly a maximum the poll tax of 1900. The sheriff's books show 1708 poll tax receipts leaving 525 registered voters having failed to paying the tax, in this latter number will be found hundreds of voters over 60 years of age and exempted. Lafayette has done very well and the Advertiser congratulates the voters in their patriotic stand towards saving their rights of suffrage. Lafayette Advertiser 1/12/1901.


School Board Proceedings.
Lafayette, La., Feb. 7th, 1898.

Among other business...

 The school board met this day with the following members present: Messrs. Delhomme, Hopkins, Durke, Olivier, Dupuis, Broussard, Whittington and Clegg. Absent: W. G. Bailey.

The report of the Sheriff's collection of poll taxes was accepted as follows and a quietus granted him.

 The Committee consisting of Ed. G. Voorhies, chairman, J. O. Broussard and Baxter Clegg reported that they had examined the account of I. A. Broussard sheriff, for the collection of poll taxes for the years 1893, 94, 95, 96, having found some duly accounted with proper vouchers thereof recommend that he be given a quietus for same for the years herein mentioned.

 The following committee consisting of Messrs. C. D. Caffery, J. O. Broussard and W. G. Bailey was appointed to try and secure cooperation from the police jury in draining Sec. 16 T. S. 10 S. R. 8 of the public school land.

 This committee is also to ask an increase in the appropriation made by the budget committee for school purposes.

 The bill of Hon. C. D. Caffery for one hundred dollars fees in renting school lands was approved.

 The bill for a black board laid over at the last meeting was approved.

 Mr. Ben Avant account laid over at the last meeting was also approved.

 It was resolved that no accounts for improvements or fixtures on school properties should be approved in the future unless previously authorized by the Board. Lafayette Advertiser 2/26/1898.

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