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Tuesday, July 23, 2013



The increased rates put into effect by the insurance companies several months ago are working a considerable hardship on the people of the State. In Lafayette the increase has been so great in some instances as to be practically prohibitive, certain risks being rated as high as 8.2 per cent. Just why this extraordinary increase should have been made, particularly here, is somewhat of a mystery in the face of the fact that Lafayette has never had a disastrous fire, its record of fires is amazingly small, and it has one of the best fire departments in the State. The field here has been exceedingly profitable to the insurance companies, and why all at once they should enforce such heavy rates is past comprehension; for the rates previous were high enough in all conscience.

The citizens should take up the matter with the insurance companies and endeavor to secure a modification.

If we had an effective Progressive League,  and would act in the case and would in all probability secure concessions. Meantime, however, until some one takes the lead in the matter we will just keep on paying this unjust and extravagant rate. Lafayette Advertiser 1/11/1905.

 Be sure to get a $5,000 accident ticket from Parkerson & Mouton before leaving for Mardi Gras. Only 25 cents a day. Laf. Adv. 2/3/1904.

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