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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


From the Lafayette Advertiser of December 5th, 1901:

 If the closing century has been signalized by great events, peering into the future as we stand upon the boundary line of time we are justified in the belief that the dawning century is fraught with great promise.

 The assertion is made, and not without good reason, that the world is growing better. As an indication of this fact may be pointed out the charitable movements of the times - the world wide effort to alleviate human suffering. The number of hospitals, asylums and homes that have been erected during the past century, surely indicate that there is more compassion, more sympathy and brotherhood than ever before. This tendency is accentuate by the special efforts that have been made in recent years to mitigate the suffering from calamities such as the Johnston flood, the great famine in India and the Galveston storm. These and similar occurrences have been the occasion for manifestations of charity and human sympathy as the world has never witnessed before.

 Public opinion also furnishes an indication in the same direction.

 The world's conscience is quicker than of yore, as was well exemplified in the late Dreyfus affair. It demands cleanliness of life in public men, and it is prompt to condemn on abstract principles of right and wrong the wrong-doing of a man or a nation.

 The century just closed has been well named the "wonderful century," for it has witnessed a remarkable advancement in scientific development and educational progress, and looking forward one years there is presented a most hopeful outlook for the future of the human race. Some of the reforms and improvements it is believed that will be realized during the 20th century are : the abolition of war,  and this would seem to leave very little more to be desired.

 On one can speak with certainty of the future but the world does not go backward, and it is not unreasonable to anticipate with assurance the extension and fruition during the new century of reforms and good movements cradled in the century just closed. And with this belief to inspire us, let us tread into the 20th., century with firm step and unreserved confidence in the plans of the omniscient God, and let each one of us to be resolved to do his honest part in the up-building of home and country, for there is work for everybody to do in the grand scheme of the universe.

 The Advertiser wishes to all a very happy New Year in the new century, and predicts that the year 1991 will see the realization of important movements in our midst for the advancement, prosperity and happiness of our people.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/5/1901


The birth of the new century is suggestive of better things. It seems to offer to every community a golden opportunity to improve -- to hasten along the highway of progress. During the last decade of the nineteenth century the South has astonished the world in industrial development. Social or political conditions had placed the Southern States at the mercy of more fortunate sections, and it required almost superhuman energy to overcome difficulties which appeared well nigh insurmountable, and, as was aptly described by the editor of the Daily States, "to-day a regenerated South lifts her radiant face to the smiling sunrise and bids welcome to the new century. Her burdens of war lifted, her sorrows past, her energies quickened and her capacity broadened by the first ray from the sun of progress of the young century falls athwart her vigorous form, and every emotion of her nature is vibrant with the thrill of a new life."

 In all the South no section is more favored by nature than that of which Lafayette parish is the garden spot. Its natural advantages are unsurpassed and properly developed would yield sustenance for many thousands more.

 The opening of the century should serve as an incentive to our people. It is the most opportune moment for them to shake off what an eminent educator has called "hindering traditions." Let them keep step with the music of progress and when the band-wagon passes by they will be able to get into the front seats of the vehicle.

 Lafayette has done well in recent years but it can do better. It is strong enough now to accelerate to speed and move along with the swiftest in the race. Lafayette Gazette 1/5/1901.

Musings of a Mossback.

  They met ! They organized ! ! They adjourned ! ! ! -- that 20th century city council. At least we have been informed that they did this. Well, what of it? Nothing that we can see, excepting every applicant for office within the appointive power of the council was elected without opposition, there being but one applicant for each position. Whilst some believe this to have been solely the result of accident there are those who contend it was due to pre-arrangement. It matters not much which is the correct opinion if the public's affairs are not made to suffer in consequence, and time alone can furnish the criterion by which to gauge. We shall see. Great oaks from little acorns will grow, or the mountain may labor and bring forth a mouse. The out-come will depend largely on whether the dog will wag the tail or the tail manipulate the canine. This presupposes the existence of a dog and naturally gives rise to the question. Who is Canine Highness? Read the answer in the stars. The term dog is used her figuratively, of course, and it is our observation that if the dog is not wagged by one tail it is wagged by another, in all affairs, politically speaking, where a number of men are connected in a common cause. That is the rule and the exception is found in the case of the dog wagging the tail. In the present instance we may be confronted by one of those rare exceptions, and that is our only hope. By their deeds we shall know them and in the absence of any evidence to the contrary it is but fair to give the new council the benefit of the doubt. In the meantime we make a gratuitous offering of the following sound advice to the individual members of that most august body: Do not fall into the dangerous habit of allowing any particular one or two or your number to do all the thinking and talking, but think and act each one for himself. Only do this and you will be certain to never commit any incorrigible mistake. Lafayette Advertiser 5/18/1895

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