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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


NOTICE. - All Parties are hereby warned to keep their Hogs off my premises or I will not be responsible for same. They are damaging my property.
P. L. REVILLON.   Lafayette Advertiser 1/6/1894

 Regular Session, Dec. 5th, 1881.

 Present: M. P. Young, Mayor; and Councilmen Bailey, Mouton, McBride, Lombard and Falk. Absent: Alpha and Revillon.

 On motion, the reading of the minutes of the preceding meeting of the minutes of the preceding meeting was dispensed with.

 The following ordinance for the prevention of vagrancy was read and, on motion, unanimously adopted :

 Be it ordained by the City Council of Vermilionville, That all idle persons who, not having visible means to maintain themselves, live without employment ;  all persons wandering abroad and lodging in market spaces, sheds, barns, uninhabited buildings, or in the open air, and not giving a good account of themselves ;  all persons wandering abroad and begging,  or who go from door to door, or who place themselves in the streets, passages, or other public places, to beg or receive alms, shall be deemed vagrants.

 Be it further ordained, etc., That it shall be the duty of the Constable or any of his deputies, whenever required by any person, to carry such vagrant before the Mayor for the purpose of examination ;  and if the Mayor be satisfied by the confession of the offender, or by competent testimony, that he is a vagrant within the description aforesaid, he may fine or imprison such vagrant, the fine not to exceed twenty-five dollars, and he may cause much vagrant to work upon the streets, at the rate of one dollar per day, until the fine imposed shall have been paid ;  and if such vagrant be a proper object of charity, he shall send him to such place of refuge as shall be provided by the City Council.

 Be it further ordained, etc., That this ordinance take effect from and after its passage.

 On motion of Mr. Lombard, the Constable was ordered to enforce the ordinance in regard to sweeping or cleaning of chimneys within the limits of the Corporation.

 On motion, it was resolved, that persons haul logs, or buildings over the bridges of this Corporation and breaking or tearing up the bridge, will be required to repair such bridges immediately, under the penalty of a fine of not more than five dollars, nor more than five days imprisonment for each bridge broken or torn up.

 On motion, it was resolved, that hereafter all persons are prohibited from driving wild cattle through the streets of this town under a penalty of not more than five dollars, or imprisonment, at the discretion of the Mayor.

 On motion the Council adjourned.
M. P. YOUNG, Mayor.
H. M. BAILEY, Secretary.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/7/1882.


Stock Ordinance.
Since the ordinance requiring stock and cattle to be kept enclosed at night, we notice that the banquets and ditches are in much better condition than ever before seen at this season the year.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/12/1889.


The bill introduced by Mr. St. Julien in reference to hogs was rejected, and Mr. Huffpauir offered as a substitute a resolution in effect: That all hogs found running at large be impounded, the owner to pay damages inflicted, provided such does not exceed value of animal. That 50cts. per head be paid to party arresting animal which if not claimed with three days shall be sold by a Justice to the highest bidder. The Justice shall receive 10 per cent commission on gross sales and ten cents per day for each head for keeping. Laid over.
Laf. Adv. 2/9/1889.

February 8th, 1879.

 Among other business....

 On motion resolved that any person who shall shoot, kill or disable, any horned cattle, mule or horse found roaming in his field or his premises shall be fined in the sum of fifty dollars. The amount to be recovered by the owner before any court or competent jurisdiction. Any law in conflict with the above is hereby repealed.

 On motion resolved that the use  of the court house shall be tendered the (unreadable word) Hook & Ladder Co. for the purpose of giving a ball on the 25th of February or on the 4th of March. Lafayette Advertiser 2/15/1879.  


 POLICE JURY: By motion of Mr. St. Julien the Stock Law, together with all amendments thereto, was ordered posted throughout the parish, and the president authorized to carry out the objects of this enactment. Laf. Adv. 2/18/1893.

POLICE JURY - On motion, resolved, that the printer be and is hereby authorized to publish the resolution passed on September 24th, 1877, in regard to horned cattle in the First and Third Wards. Also resolution passed September 3rd, 1877, in regard to hogs in the First and Second Wards.

 On motion, resolved, that any person who shall shoot, kill, or disable, any horned cattle, mule of horse found roaming in his field or on his premises, shall be fined in the sum of fifty dollars. The amount to be recovered by the owner before any court of competent jurisdiction. Any law in conflict with the above is hereby repealed. Laf. Adv. 2/22/1890


Relative to the police of horned cattle, in First and Third Wards.

 Be it ordained by the Police Jury of the Parish of Lafayette, that from the first day of June until the thirtieth day of November of each year, the respective owners of horned cattle ranging in the First and Third wards of this parish, shall keep such cattle in pens or in some manner securely confine them, each and every night from sunset until sunrise.

 That between the sunset and sunrise of each night between the above named dates it shall be unlawful to permit horned cattle to rove at large within the limits of the 1st and 3d wards of this parish, and that if between sunset and sunrise between said dates of 1st of June and 30th of November of each year, any horned cattle within the limits of 1st and 3d wards of this parish be found roving at large over the fields or crops of any other person than the owner of such cattle, the said cattle may be lawfully held and detained by the owner of such field or crops, until the damage caused by such cattle in their roving shall be fully paid or satisfied by the owner thereof. Lafayette Advertiser 2/22/1879.


Relative to Hogs in the First and Second Wards.

 Resolved, That the resolutions passed on the 3d day of December, 1860, and on the 4th day September, 1865, relative to the police of hogs, or providing that the same might be unlawfully killed when found roaming at large, be repealed and annulled so for as they affect the First and Second wards of this parish ;   and the said resolutions shall not be construed as applying to the police of hogs in other wards. Lafayette Advertiser 2/22/1879.  

The owners of good dogs should protect them with corporation collars, for in a few days dog killing will commence.
Laf. Advertiser 2/25/1893.

Take Up Loose Stock.

We would like to call the attention of the police officers to the violation of the city ordinance in regard to stock remaining at large. In different parts of the town stock is often seen wandering at will over the streets and sidewalks, which should not be the case. In some instances hogs are allowed at liberty and they annoy the neighbors. We would suggest that the officers make a round up of loose stock and make the owners pay for it, and keep it up. This way we are sure will make the owners more careful. Lafayette Advertiser 3/2/1904.     

Read the town marshal's notice to the owners stock permitted at large on our streets at night. The moment he relaxes his vigilance this nuisance resumes its pestiferous sway. He is determined to enforce the ordinance in this matter strictly. Laf. Adv. 5/10/1890

Mad Dog. - Some excitement was created in town on Thursday evening, caused by the appearance of a mad dog on the streets. Laf. Adv. 5/30/1874.

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