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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


1894 Probabilities for Lafayette. 

 A central sugar factory.

 A railroad to Breaux Bridge.

 An ice factory.

 A graded school in complete operation.

 A better system of public roads.

 Water works for the town.

Lafayette Advertiser 1/6/1894

Lafayette Ice Factory. - Mrs. V. C. Walters has leased through the J. C. Nickerson Agency, the Lafayette Ice Factory plant to Carl Alexius for a term of three years. Mr. Alexius intends to engage in the manufacture of ice. Lafayette Gazette 1/24/1903.

Let Us Fall In Line.

We desire to direct the attention of the people of Lafayette to a fact over which there can not be any division of opinion: in just the same way we have found it possible to secure some substantial improvements by co-operative moves, in the recent past, we can add valuable acquisitions in the future. We have not unduly exerted ourselves along this line in times gone by and yet, within the comparatively short space of three years, we can point to no less than four very substantial enterprises that owe their existence in our midst to co-operative movements on the part of citizens. First came the Sugar Refinery at the eastern limits of the town; next followed by the Ice Factory; then, the Cotton Oil Mill and lastly the Water Works and Electric Light Plant. This is certainly a most gratifying showing and stands as indubitable proof of the great good to be accomplished by public spiritedness and co-operation.

If we have done well in the past may we not do even better in the future? The same forces we utilized before are still ours to command. They need only to be put in operation and kept in operation to bring grand results. Why not be up and doing then? Ours is a country of inexhaustible resources, a country of surprising possibilities - if the people who inhabit it will only develop the field.
There will be a good opportunity afforded to the citizens of Lafayette to come together next Monday night to make common cause of the future progress and prosperity of Lafayette town and parish. We refer to the meeting of the Business Men's Association announced to take place at Falk's Opera House, the 7th. instant. The efforts of this organization in the past have been of particular value to the community, and are fully recognized.

Every citizen of Lafayette who has the interest of the community at heart, should not fail to attend this meeting and join in the movement, well remembering the Providence only helps those who help themselves.

We must get in line, forthwith, in order that we may not get left in the rapid march of progress that has seized upon the entire country.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/5/1898.

Ice Factory. - The ice factory which has not been in use for some time will be in full operation the coming season. Mr. P. L. Philips, of Tyler, Texas, and Mr. Baxter Clegg will be manager of it. The Gazette is glad to see the signs of improvement all around us and that is certainly an encouraging one. Mr. Philips has already been connected with the ice plant, and he is known to be a man of business tact and ability. Mr. Clegg will take an active interest in the concern and will devote his time to see it succeed. As such an enterprise is badly needed in our town, there is no doubt but that it will prove a successful business venture.
Lafayette Gazette 2/5/1898.

Work at the ice factory is advancing rapidly, and the plant will be put in a first class condition. Laf. Adv. 2/19/1898.

LAFAYETTE, LA., Feb. 4, '99
 Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between us under the firm name of Clegg & Givens, doing business in the town of Lafayette as manufacturers of ice, selling same at retail and wholesale, is this day dissolved. Baxter Clegg has sold all his interests in said partnership, including machinery, etc., and all  movables, as well as his interest in all accounts due said firm, to John S. Givens, who will continue as the successor of the firm.
                          J. S. GIVENS,
                          BAXTER CLEGG.

      Witnesses :
Lafayette Gazette 2/25/1899.

Improvements the year 1893 will give Lafayette:

  A New Railroad,
  A Sugar Refinery,
  A Cotton Factory,
  A Street Car Line,
  A Graded School,
  A Rice Mill,
  A Cotton Seed Oil Mill,
  An Ice Factory,
and a dozen minor industries.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/25/1893.

There is a strong possibility that Lafayette will have an ice factory in the near future. Laf. Advertiser 4/5/1893.

For the first time in the history of Lafayette ice is being sold at one-half cent a pound, No doubt much more of the cooling articles will be consumed at this price than in past years. We hope the (unreadable word) may last forever. Laf. Adv. 4/28/1894

ICE. - Our energetic fellow townsman B. A. Salles is making preparations to supply the citizens of Vermilionville and vicinity with ice during the summer. He will open his ice depot on Lafayette street, opposite his residence, next week. Lafayette Advertiser 5/31/1879.

A Liberal Management.
These hot summer days ice is most refreshing and the people of Lafayette can congratulate themselves upon having an ice-plant which never fails to supply all demands upon it and at a most liberal price; in fact, cheaper than in any other town in the State. While ice delivered at homes is sold retail elsewhere at 60 cents a hundred, here it sells at 50 cents. In 100 pound lots delivered, elsewhere 50 cents, here at forty, and in ton lots, 25 cents per hundred, And the ice made here is not only well frozen, but is pure. Every particle of water used in making ice is first distilled before being frozen, insuring the removal of all foreign matter.

 The ice-plant is owned by home people who take a sincere interest in the welfare of the town, and in serving the public with ice at price below that prevailing elsewhere deserve the appreciation of the public.

 Lafayette Advertiser 6/1/1904. 

ICE. - The two handsome ice wagon's belonging to the People's Cotton Oil Seed Company have begun their daily runs and last Monday delivered "free ice."
Laf. Adv. 6/15/1901.

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