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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Surrey Races. - Races will take place to-day on the Surrey Track between DeClouet's Nelly Bly and Barlo belonging to Don Louis Herpin, Distance 7 arpents, and purse $200.00. Other races will also be run during the day. Lafayette Advertiser 1/9/1897.

An interesting race will be run on the Carencro track on Jan. 11, between Daisy B., belonging to Pierre H. Mouton, and Louisiana Henry belonging to William Angel, distance 8 arpents, for a purse of $200.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/10/1903.

-- Pellerin Bros., have put up in their saloon a black board which records the daily winners at New Orleans La. The news is received by special telegraph and telephone lines. Bets are occurring daily.
Lafayette Gazette 1/14/1899. 

Racing News.
Pellerin Bros., have put up a black board which records daily the race winners at New Orleans Louisiana. The news is received by special telegraph and telephone lines. Bets are occurring daily. Lafayette Advertiser 1/14/1899.

Educated Horse. - Those who missed seeing the educated horse, Forest Tempo at Falk's Hall, missed a good chance of seeing what an (unreadable word) can do, and what many people can't do. This horse's accomplishments, among which may be mentioned writing names, and figures on a black board, and solving arithmetical problems, demonstrated what can be done by careful patient, and intelligent teaching. He was well worth seeing, for he is a wonder.  Lafayette Advertiser 1/17/1903.

There will be some horse races at Theall's track, near Royville, on Sunday, March 1. Laf. Gazette 2/15/1896.

Races. -Races are advertiser to take place on Primeau's track near Royville tomorrow, Sunday. The principle race will be run by "Gabe," belonging to Rodolphe Roy and "Crazy," entered by Edward Hebert.
Laf. Gaz. 2/16/1895.

There will be races to-morrow on Broussard's race track.
 Laf. Adv. 2/17/1894.

Excursion From New Orleans.

 To-morrow, Sunday, an excursion from New Orleans will arrive in Lafayette about noon.  The managers of the Oak Avenue Park have arranged to have races.

 The following horses are entered for the event.

Half-Mile Race - $200 Side.
  Bessy June, by Sonny Landry & Boney, by Lulien Roy.

 Three Arpents Race - $100 Side.
    Maud S., by P. B. Roy, of Royville & Little Surprise, by Lucien Roy & Prejean.

Seven Arpents Race - $25.00 - Side.
  Ryland, by Bob Cochrane & Ledet, by Alb., Landry, of Royville.

 Mules Race and Dog and Horse Race.

 The admission will be 25 and 15 cents. Ladies free.

 By the above one can see that the race promises to be exciting and consequently we hope that a big turn out will be at the park.
Lafayette Advertiser 4/8/1899. 

A Race Track For Lafayette. 

A splendid race track is being built on the grounds of  D. A. Cochrane, and will be completed by the 25th, of May, when a number of fine races will take place. Mr. Alfred Hebert is the manager of the track and intends to have it first class in every particular. The grand stand will accommodate several hundred people and will be well situated to afford a good view of the track. In the center of the grounds, a large garden with many walks, fountains, etc., will be laid off, so as to make it a pleasant park to visit on Sunday afternoons and other times.

 On the 25th. of May, besides other races, there will be a contest between the eight wards of the parish for the best 3 year old colt. This feature alone will doubtless attract a large number of people from all parts of the parish. This track will be of great benefit to the town of Lafayette in many ways and the people should give it their warm support. Later on we will publish the full list of races for the 25th. The name of this new enterprise will be the Surrey Race Track and Amusement Park of Lafayette.
Lafayette Advertiser 4/26/1902.

 Formal Opening of  The Surrey Park.

 The Lafayette race track will be formally opened on June 7 & 8 by a number of fine races. Many good horses have been entered for the races, and all lovers of the sport will get a treat that will be only an earnest of the high character of races, lovers of fast horses have in store for them in the future. To make the affair interesting to the people of the parish generally, a special pony race, to which all ponies in the parish 14 hands high are admissible, will be run, and a handsome gold watch will be given to the winner. Further particulars will be given later. Lafayette Advertiser 5/10/1902.

Two large excursion trains, loaded with Baptists bound for Fort Worth, Texas, passed through Lafayette Wednesday night. About two hundred of them took supper  at the Crescent Hotel, where a sumptuous spread had been prepared for them. These excursionists are principally Baptist ministers and their families from Alabama, and go to attend the Baptist convention at Fort Worth.
Laf. Adv. 5/10/1890

Surrey Park Changes Hands. - Saturday Surrey Park was bought by Messrs. Pellerin Bros., Alphonse Peck, Chas. Cochrane and P. H. Mouton, who will manage it under the name of the Surrey Park Association, with A. Peck, president; P. H. Mouton, vice-president and general manager; C. A. Cochrane, secretary; Pellerin Bros., treasurer. The track will be governed by the rules of the American Trotting Association, and at all times good order will be maintained. The new management promise the public and especially all admirers of fast horses, a series of fine trotting, running and pacing races that will appeal to the lovers of the sport. The first races under the new management will take place Sunday, May 15, beginning at 2:30, and they give promise of being highly interesting. A special invitation is extended to the ladies, who will be admitted free, to be present. The next series will be run on Sunday, May 22. Lafayette Advertiser 5/11/1904.

 There will be races at Cleophas Broussard's track, to-morrow, and music by the Breaux Bridge Band. Laf. Adv. 6/15/1894

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