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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Dedicatory Services. - An event of unusual importance and solemnity will be the dedication of the Methodist Episcopal Church next Wednesday Jan. 5th, Bishop E. R. Hendricks officiating. The dedicatory services will begin at 11 o'clock a. m. after which Bishop Hendricks will deliver a sermon appropriate to the occasion. The bishop is known at home and abroad as man of forceful character, and rich experience in the ministration of his episcopal functions. The dedication therefore will be of peculiar interest and impressiveness and fraught with the inspiration of this eminent and zealous dignitary of the church. The pastor Rev. Reams has made arrangements for the accommodation of a large congregation and extends to all a cordial invitation to attend and witness the interesting ceremonies incident to the occasion.Lafayette Advertiser 1/1/1898.

Farewell Sermon.

 Rev. John A. Miller, presiding elder of this district in the Methodist church during the past four years, and who, all the while has had his home among us, preaching his farewell sermon here last Sunday. At the recent conference he was assigned to Ruston in the Northern part of the State, which by the way is a very important appointment. It is second to none in the state outside of New Orleans. Ruston is on the Vicksburg and Shreveport railroad and besides the fact of its being one of our most thriving town, it enjoys the distinction of being an educational centre. Lafayette Advertiser 1/6/1894.


Dedication Exercises Conducted by Bishop Hendricks.

 Rev. I. T. Reams' Success of his Two Years' Pastorate.

 [From the N. O. Daily Picayune.]

LAFAYETTE, LA., Jan. 5 -- Bishop R. E. Hendricks to-day dedicated the Methodist Episcopal Church, in Lafayette. The bishop preached a most eloquent sermon from the text found in James 11, page 23, "And he was called the friend of God." The distinguished divine depicted the happy relation that existed between the ancient patriarch, Abraham, and God, and made a most affective application of the text to man's social, moral and intellectual relationships to-day.

 After the sermon, the interesting and impressive ceremonies, incident to the formal dedication, were conducted by the bishop, Rev. Thos. F. Webb, president of the board of trustees, who transferred the sacred edifice to the Methodist Church of Louisiana, and Bishop Hendricks, on behalf of that body, accepted the property. A large and attentive congregation filled the church and witnessed the interesting services. A number of ministerial brethren were also present, among whom may be mentioned Revs. H. O. White, Jno. A. Miller and J. M. Johnson, former presiding elders of the church; Revs. B. F. White, R. A. Davis, J. M. Brown, H. Armstrong, T. S. Randle and M. C. Manley, former pastors. Other visiting ministers were: T. J. Upton, J. F. Patterson, J. L. Bronson, R. S. Isbell, Robt. Randle, S. H. Whatley, S. S. Holloway and Geo. Manotte.

 The occasion was one long to be remembered and marks an era in the history of Methodism here, fraught with most encouraging prospects.

 Rev. I. T. Reams, the pastor, was the recipient, to-day, of hearty congratulations on all sides over the success which has crowned the efforts of his two years' pastorate in Lafayette. Bishop Hendricks is one of the most prominent church dignitaries of his sect and has exercised his episcopal functions in many foreign countries, having held the China mission conference, at Shanghai, last year, the Japan conference and the Corean conference the same year. The bishop will go from here to Crowley and there preside over the annual conference of the Methodist church, to be convened t0-morrow at that place.

 The Methodist church dedicated to-day is probably one of the handsomest and most substantial edifices if its kind in Southwest Louisiana. The structure is of Gothic design throughout, presenting an artistic appearance in its interior and exterior aspects. Several beautiful memorial windows add very much to the effect of the ornamental work and harmonize with the stained glass of other openings. Finished throughout, the building has a seating capacity of over three hundred, and is designed to accommodate the Sunday school classes as well as to afford a convenient study for the pastor. For many years the pastor the congregation occupied a small frame building erected about the year 1860, through the liberality of the late Gideon Stephens and others, but as the time grew apace the need of a larger house of worship was felt, and so last year, under the able and zealous administration of their pastor, Rev. I. T. Reams, the membership succeeded, after much labor and sacrifice, in completing the object of their heart's desire. The energy displayed by pastor and people certainly reflect much credit, and too much praise cannot be accorded Rev. Reams, who labored with hand and brain to push the enterprise to a successful issue. The ladies, under the style of the Ladies' Aid Society, did heroic work for the cause, and in fact, inaugurated the movement under the leadership of Mrs. T. S. Randle, who, in connection with her devoted husband, Rev. T. S. Randle, did so much to stimulate church work in Lafayette. The church is free of debt and the hearts of its member may justly swell with pride over the auspicious event this day recorded. Besides the completion of the church, Rev. Reams, the pastor has built and finished a neat and commodious  parsonage, grounds for which were donated by Mrs. M. E. Girard, a faithful and life-long member of the church. During a comparatively short pastorate of two years, Rev. Reams has therefore accomplished material results worthy of note, and besides has administered to the spiritual welfare of his congregation in a most satisfactory manner. Under his zealous ministry the membership has been largely increased, and the cause of religion advanced along general lines. It is safe to say that the people of Lafayette and the congregation in particular will gladly welcome the re-appointment of a pastor under whose efficient management so much good has been accomplished. From the N. O. Picayune and in the Lafayette Gazette 1/8/1898.

Rev. M. Lyons occupied the pulpit in the Methodist church, last Sunday morning. He was here in regard to the building of a parsonage for the presiding elder of this conference, in Lafayette.  The intention is, if the money can be raised, to build a house that will cost from $1,500 to $2,000, which will be the permanent home of the presiding elder. We sincerely hope that the needed amount will be raised, and the parsonage built, for it would insure our town of always having the family of the presiding elder with us.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/4/1893.  

Divine services at Methodist Church every Sunday at 11 a. m., and 7:30 p. m. C. C. Wier, Pastor. Laf. Adv. 4/6/1901.

Ice Cream Festival. - Ice cream and cake will be served by the young people of the Methodist church on the lawn of the Masonic Hall Tuesday night. Come out and have a good time. Laf. Adv. 5/17/1902.

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