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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The Young Hyperions.

 A beautiful and well merited compliment is paid to the Hyperion Brass Band of Vermilionville, on Wednesday evening at Hebert's Hall, by the Masonic Fraternity of Hope Lodge, in the presence of a large and appreciative audience.

 M. E. Girard, Esq., by request, presented the following preamble and resolution, together with a slight token of friendship and esteem, in an able and appreciate address to the young Hyperions, which were accepted and responded to by their honored and worthy President, F. F. Mouton, Esq., in his usual happy style.

 We are sorry that we are unable to give the speeches of these gentlemen ;  but we can safely say, that all present will long remember the pleasant evening of Wednesday last at Hebert's Hall.

HALL OF HOPE LODGE, NO. 145, F.A. M., Secretary's Office.

 At a meeting of Hope Lodge No. 145, F. A. M., at their Lodge room at Vermilionville, La., on the 22nd day of Dec., 1873, the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted.

 On the part of Hope Lodge, No. 145, F. A. M., we the undersigned very respectfully take occasion to offer our most grateful thanks to the Hyperion Brass Band of Vermilionville, for the able manner in which they have so cheerfully made themselves agreeable to as on several occasions.

 They may rest assured that such complaisance on their part has not remained unduly appreciated.

Be it Resolved, that a copy of the above be transmitted to the Hyperion Brass Band.
  (Signed.) J. M. BROWN, J. D. TRAHAN, L. M. ROGEE.

 I hereby certify the foregoing to be a true copy from the original on file in my office.

 Witness thy hand and the seal of office this day of Dec. A. D., 1873.
  JOS. A. CHARGOIS, Secretary.

 After the reading of the foregoing preamble and resolution, on motion of Mr. J. D. Palmer, Leader of the Band, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted :

 Resolved, That the members of the Hyperion Band tender their heartfelt thanks for the high compliment paid them and the flattering honor conferred upon them to-night by the Masonic Lodge of this place.

 Resolved, That the members of said Band gladly avail themselves of this opportunity to present to said Lodge the offer of their gratuitous services whenever needed.

 Resolved, That the best thanks and wishes of the Band are hereby tendered to Mr. T. Hebert, Jr., for his kindness and courtesy in placing the Hebert Hall at the disposal of the Band on this occasion.

 Resolved, That the foregoing proceedings and resolutions be published in the LAFAYETTE ADVERTISER and the Cotton Boll.
    ED. EUG. MOUTON, President.
J. D. PALMER, Secretary.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/10/1874.

Ball on January 30. - There will be a ball at Falk's hall on Thursday, Jan. 30, for the benefit of the Lafayette Brass Band. The Gazette hopes that the people of the town will avail themselves of the opportunity to give substantial proof of their appreciation of this splendid musical organization. The fine music which this band is already able to play shows what it can expected to do in the future if is given the proper encouragement. We do not know of an organization more deserving of the people's support than the Lafayette Brass Band. Lafayette Gazette 1/25/1902.

The Lafayette Brass Band now numbers 14 united members.
Laf. Adv. 1/28/1899.

On Thursday evening of this week a very pleasant social hop was given by the young men of the city, in the upper part of the court house. The Lafayette Brass Band furnished the music, and as everyone went with the intention of having a good time, the evening proved to be a most enjoyable one. Laf. Adv. 1/28/1899.

The Lafayette Brass Band now numbers 14 united members.
Laf. Adv. 1/28/1899.

An Impromptu musicale was held last night at Mrs. M. P. Young's. Music was furnished by a colored string band. Laf. Adv. 1/29/1898.

The Orchestra's Ball. 

 A ball will be given at Falk's hall to-night by the Lafayette Orchestra. The proceeds will go to that splendid musical organization to purchase some instruments. The members of the orchestra have never failed to respond when called upon by the people to assist at entertainments or celebrations of a public nature, and it is to be hoped that the people of the town will take advantage of this opportunity to show their appreciation. We dare say that no organization has ever shown more readiness to help the town than has the Lafayette Orchestra. Only a few days ago it generously volunteered its services to entertain the Agricultural Society, and it is no exaggeration to say that it contributed largely to the success of the session. Upon different occasions The Gazette was pleased to note the public-spirited displayed by the members of that association. Let the people of the town turn out en masse to-night and attend the ball, which promises to be a very enjoyable affair. The orchestra is composed of the following gentlemen: Walter Mouton, leader; Henry Van der Cruyssen, Charles Jeanmard, Charles Jannaro, Dr. Felix Girard, Henri Gerac, Prof. Von Hofe, Edward Voorhies, Wm. Campbell and George Melchoir.
Lafayette Gazette 2/1/1896. 

We take great pleasure in stating that the Lafayette String Band is now prepared to furnish music for dances and parties on all occasions. We trust that they will meet with encouragement, for the lack of good music has been severely felt on many occasions.
Laf. Adv. 2/4/1893

Proceeds of the Street Fair.

 The Gazette has been favored with the report of Mr. F. V. Mouton and Dr. F. E. Girard, respectively, of the merchants' organization in charge of the street fair given here last week for the benefit of the Sontag Band. It shows net profits amounting to $619.30. The total gross receipts of the attractions were $2292.90, the receipts at the main entrance being $728.

 It is a source of pleasure to notice the flattering results of the fair. With this money, the band boys will be able to provide themselves with improved musical instrument. Lafayette Gazette 2/7/1903.

The celebrated Breaux Bridge string band will furnish the music at the Mardi Gras ball.
 Laf. Adv. 2/8/1902

A New Brass Band. - The Gazette is pleased to announce that hereafter Lafayette will have a brass-band and as the new organization will have Mr. Joseph Ducote as president, and Prof. Walter J. Mouton as leader, we have every reason to think that it will have a successful career. The officers and members of the band are: Walter J. Mouton, leader; Joseph Ducote, president; Sam Plonsky, secretary; Mrs. Sam Plonsky, treasurer; members: Ed. McBride, Louis Lacoste, Henry Judice, Victor Levy, Emmanuel Pellerin, Albert Robicheaux, Dr. F. E. Girard, Pierre Gerac, J. Dauriatte, L. Pierriette, L. Lagneaux, Joseph Gabriel.    Lafayette Gazette 2/11/1899.

A New Brass Band for Lafayette.
 A new brass band was organized in Lafayette last Sunday. Mr. Walter J. Mouton, the popular coronetist was chosen leader. With such a thorough energetic musician at the helm, success will attend the new organization.

The following officers were elected: President, Joseph Ducote; Secretary, Sam Plonsky; Treasurer, Mrs. Sam Plonsky.

The roll is as follows : Corenetists : Walter J. Mouton, E. McBride, Jos. Ducote, J. Dauriac; Altos: Pierre Gerac, E. Arnould, Dr. Felix Girard, Albert Robichaux; Tenors : Leon Lagneaux, E. Pieriet, Victor Levy; Trombone: Joseph Gabriel; Barytone: Henry Judice; Snare drum: E. Pellerin; Bass Drum : Louis Lacoste.
The band is ready to fill any engagements.

Lafayette Advertiser 2/11/1899.

Dr. F. E. Girard the manager of the Sontag Military Band, was the recipient a few days ago of a handsome gold-headed umbrella presented to him by the members of the band as a testimonial of their friendship and as a recognition of his untiring efforts to promote the welfare of the organization. Laf. Gazette 2/14/1903.

A Good Idea.

Dr. F. E. Girard is the originator of a splendid plan to give Lafayette people a place where they can spend Sunday evenings pleasantly, listening to as good music as is heard anywhere, eating ice cream, and drinking soda-water and lemonade - and all for a price that will be within the reach of everyone. The Sontag Military will avail itself of the generosity of Judge Parkerson, who has offered the use of his beautiful grove for open-air concerts. The band's intention is to build a music-stand for the musicians and enough seats for the audience. It is also proposed to serve light refreshments at very moderate figures.

 Dr. Girard has gone to work with characteristic energy to raise the funds necessary to buy new suits in which the band boys will make their appearance on the opening which will take place during the latter part of May. Dr. Girard has already secured the following liberal contributions to the fund. Lafayette Gazette 2/22/1902.


Last Monday night, at Falk's Opera House, the musical element of Lafayette assembled itself, and the happy result was the organization of a new brass band. About 20 members members have been enrolled.
The election of officers as follows;

 Chas. Bienvenue, - President.
 Chas. Jeanmard, - Secretary.
 Dr. F. E. Girard, - Treasurer.
 Louis Lacoste, - Censor.
 Henry Gerac, - Leader.


 Louise Lacoste, Ed. McBride and Pierre Gerac.

 The first rehearsal of the band will take place to-morrow at 11 o'clock, a. m., at Falk's Opera House. The band will participate in Lafayette's Gala day on April 10th., and will add greatly to the various attractions.

 We can't find praising words, in our vocabulary that could convey our administration for the organization of this musical band.

 It is a thing that Lafayette has been in need of for a long time. We don't know of anything more in keeping with the progressive spirit of any community than a first class brass band.
Lafayette Advertiser 4/2/1898.

The Brass Band of our town has been in existence for several years, has commendably surmounted many obstacles, provided its members with fine instruments, and attained considerable proficiency in executing music. Whilst laudable efforts are being made in other places to organize and maintain Brass Bands, we are sorry to see our young men of the Hyperion Band neglecting that organization and all the advantages it possesses.
Lafayette Advertiser 4/13/1878.

We thank the Pelican brass band boys for the pleasant serenade on Wednesday night.
  Laf. Adv. 4/18/1896 

Pelican Brass Band. - The first ball of the season will be given at Falk's Opera House to-night by the Pelican Brass Band. This promises to be a most enjoyable affair and nothing will be left undone to make it a grand success.

 A good band is one of the things which go to make a live town, and the fact that there is but little money to be made by a brass band in a town the size of Lafayette, should cause our citizens to encourage their efforts. We want a band and it takes money to buy music and keep them going, therefore turn out and pass a pleasant evening. You will not miss the small amount expended and it will add to the band's profits.

 Everybody is cordially invited and the admission fee has been placed at the small sum of 50 cents for gentlemen. Ladies free. Refreshments will be served.
Lafayette Advertiser 4/20/1895.

 The newly organized string band, was out serenading Tuesday evening and rendered some excellent music music was greatly enjoyed.  Laf. Adv. 5/26/1894.

New String Band. -  Messrs. Jos. Ducote, Raoul Pellerin, Cinquieme Mouton, Chas. T. Beinvenue, Henry Judice, with Walter J. Mouton as leader, have lately organized a string band that promises to bear favorable comparison with the best rival bands owned by south-western Louisiana. Whilst the young gentlemen have associated themselves together in this matter primarily for private pleasure, they will not refuse to accept engagements to furnish music for special occasions, at home. We wish much success to the new String Band of Lafayette. Lafayette Advertiser 6/9/1894

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