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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


A Most Gay Ball.
Letter to the Editor:
Laf. Jun. 16, 1889.

Dear Editor, - Here I sit pen in hand and considerably puzzled how to begin to give you and your readers a necessarily short, correct description of last night's ball, or hop, as it was styled by its givers.

By way of introduction I can truthfully say that by your absence you deprived yourself of the exquisite pleasure of witnessing one of the most enlivening balls, private or public, given this season. That's a fact, a solid undeniable fact, with all due respect for and kind recollection of almost every one of its predecessors.

Why, dear editor, it was astonishing, amazing, and gratifying the sight of so much well-clad feminine beauty gliding over the polished surface of the ball-room floor; and the writer gazing at it through his spectacles - the which, by-the-by, lent an air perspective to the gay scene - was forcibly reminded of lively panoramas, and highly colored illustrations from Oriental proceedings read of in that venerable, immortal and veracious book, the "Arabian Night's Entertainment." Ah, yes; dear sir, life is too short that we should permit to pass unnoticed the jolly gathering of Tuesday night . . . . Soe of the dresses indulged in by the ladies who attended this remarkably successful hop were as rich and tasteful as ever it was the luck of the writer to see.

In last week's issue of your paper it was claimed that Mr. J. P. McGee was a "connoisseur" of all that was rich and beautiful in feminine apparel, - well I trust he took notice of those handsome feminine appurtenances worn on the occasion of which I write, and that in some issue of the ADVERTISER he will tell us what he thought of them. When he does so the writer predicts a difficult task for him.

All honor to the "young men of Lafayette;" they worked hard to make their pleasing venture a success and they succeeded. Without putting the names of those who participated in making the hop one to be remembered, the ladies will easily learn whom they have to particularly thank for the pleasure of the evening. J. P. M.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/19/1889.

Grand Ball.
 Invitations are out for the Grand Ball on the 18th inst. at the La. W. Hotel, the ladies being generally invited,--with their escorts who, by the way, must provide themselves with a piece of metallic substance commonly known as the American dollar, or--it's equivalent--a ticket, before they knock for admittance. This much for the door, and when you get in--well, you mustn't know to fix yourself in such a way that should you grow Shakespearean and say "he who steals my purse, &c.," you would, more than anything else, resemble a harp struck by lightning. Lafayette Advertiser 2/4/1882.

  The ball given last Saturday night by the lodge of A. O. U. W., did not receive the patronage it ought to have had. The young men were conspicuous by their absence. Laf. Adv. 2/5/1898.

Successful Ball.
The ball given by the local lodge of the A. O. U. W. last Saturday was a success. Although the number of those who attended was not large, the affair was a thoroughly enjoyable one in every particular. The lodge is to be congratulated on the successful and pleasant outcome of its undertaking. Lafayette Gazette 2/5/1898.

 There will be another grand calico and masquerade ball given at Falk's Opera House on St. Joseph night, March 19th. All are respectfully and cordially invited to attend. Admission 50 cents.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/10/1894.

Remember the Knights of Labor ball at Falk's Hall, to-night. They have made elaborate preparation, and as they always do, give a most hospitable entertainment, where every facility in afforded for mirth and enjoyment. They give these entertainments every season, and they are always liberally patronized. Go and enjoy it.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/15/1890.

Ball St. Joseph's Night.
We are requested to announce that there will be a grand calico and masquerade ball, at Falk's Hall on St. Joseph's night, Feb. 19. A general invitation is extended to the ladies. Gentlemen will be charged 50 cents admission. Laf. Gazette 2/17/1894.

Mardi-Gras Ball.

 Notwithstanding the very disagreeable weather of last Tuesday quite a number of people attended the Masquerade Ball at Falk's Opera House, but the attendance was not as large as in preceding years. The maskers were few and besides three or four costumes there was no attraction in the sight.

The firemen of Crowley, La., to the number of twenty-four having accepted the invitation of their colleagues of Lafayette were present lending an added attraction to the ball.

Their coming was highly appreciated and without doubt the firemen of Lafayette will sometime return the compliment.

The grand march was executed by all the firemen present in full uniform and the sight was grand to behold.

In the name of the Fire Department, the Hon. Wm. Campbell in words well chosen thanked the firemen of Crowley for their presence. Reply was made by one the visiting firemen.

The prize offered by Mr. Falk, a gold medal for the best Lady and Gentleman dancers was awarded to Miss Isaure McDaniel, of Lafayette, and Mr. Ivick, of Houston, Texas.

Lafayette Advertiser 2/18/1899.  

The masked ball at Falk's Hall last Saturday evening was well attended (unreadable words) the young people from this and adjoining towns, who gathered to participate in and enjoy the whimsical costumes, extravagant masks and the merriment such affairs always affords.
Laf. Adv. 2/18/1888.

POLICE JURY On motion, resolved, that the use of the court house shall be tendered the firemen Hook and Ladder Co. for the purpose of giving a ball on the 25th of February or on the 4th of March.
Lafayette Advertiser 2/22/1890.

police jury Resolved, That hereafter the use of the Court House is prohibited for the giving of balls, concerts or any public exhibition. Laf. Adv. 2/22/1873.

Nice Ball. - The ball at the opera house Wednesday night was a highly enjoyable affair. The management was excellent; the music, by the Five Landry Band, was good, and the beaus and belles were handsome. Every element was present to make it the success that it was. Lafayette Advertiser 2/23/1895.

Mardi Gras Ball. - The ball given by the Benevolent Knights of America on the evening of the 16th proved a most highly enjoyable and successful affair in every respect. Many ladies and gentlemen from Breaux Bridge and other towns were present and lent beauty and charm to the happy occasion. Refreshments were served and social intercourse added to the many pleasant features of enjoyment. The Association extends its hearty thanks to the ladies who so kindly served at the tables.  Lafayette Advertiser 2/24/1904.


 We can say without contradiction, that the ball last Saturday evening was a success - even beyond the expectations of its managers, - and surely we can say again, that much of the beauty and chivalry of Attakapas was gathered here. The spacious and tastily adorned hall of the La. W. Hotel was soon comfortably filled, - including young ladies and gentlemen of this community and many from Opelousas, New Iberia, Abbeville, and other places.

There were also among this gay assembly many of maturer years, who though not being adept in the Terpsichorean art, are far from being unknown in some other spheres.

Promptly at a signal from one of the floor managers, the Breaux Bridge string band sent strains of delightful music vibrating through the hall, and many who, till then, stood listlessly around or were otherwise engaged, proceeded hastily to secure partners for the first waltz, and thus it went, - from the fascinating waltz to the elegant lancers, - from the sedate quadrille to the rather more lively "heel and toe." There were several among the "trippers" who danced gracefully and with ease, and were much admired. In this connection we may state that we heard of complaints from two quarters, - one from those on the floor to the effect that the music did not last long enough, and another from a few young men not dancing who seemed to think the dances tediously long. The latter might be made to think otherwise by means of a proper course of treatment.

The refreshments were abundant and nicely arranged. The table presided over by Mrs. J. O. Mouton, assisted by Mrs. F. K. Phillips, was well patronized, in fact the returns show that numbers made engagements on this part of the programme "early and often." We learn also, that the confectionery department under the management of Mrs. Jos. Plonsky and Mrs. L. Levy was satisfactorily remunerative.

In an adjoining room, where among other things, the institution of a post office department in connection with the ball. This was superintended by Miss F. Bendel assisted by Mrs. J. Frank. Several young ladies were organized as a corps of letter carriers, and these bore epistles of the most amatory order, with a slight advance up on U. S. postage, to those they thought likely to expect communications of that character.

We are glad to be able to say that the ball was a financial success; but leaving that view out of sight, think that an entertainment of the kind once in a while would do the whole community good.

 Lafayette Advertiser 2/25/1882.

St. Joseph's Day.
 The Business Men's Association will give a ball on St. Joseph's day. With the aid of a number of gentlemen, headed by Mr. A. T. Allingham, a parade will be gotten up for the occasion. The floats have already been secured and the work of designing and decorating will soon be commenced. Dr. F. E. Girard and Mr. H. Van der Cruyssen went to New Orleans Wednesday morning for the purpose of procuring the material necessary to decorate the floats. Nothing will be left undone to make this celebration a brilliant success. A number of young men offered their services to the committee and no pains will be spared in carrying the project to a successful termination. The ball promises to be one of the fines ever given in Lafayette, as the association is determined to make it so.
NOTE - Just before going to press we were informed that this celebration has been postponed and will take place on the fourth of July.
Lafayette Gazette 2/29/1896. 

Grand Ball. - The members of Lafayette Fire Co. No. 1 will give a grand ball and parade on Saturday the 29th of May, and it is useless to say that the occasion will be an enjoyable one for all, as our Fire boys never undertake anything of the kind without making a success of it in every way. Fire companies from other towns will be invited to attend.
Lafayette Advertiser 5/15/1886.

Ball Given For Flood Sufferers. - The grand ball given by the Hyperion Brass Band, at the Court House in this place, on Sunday the 9th inst., for the benefit of the sufferers of the over-flowed districts, was a success in every respect. The large hall of the Court House was elegantly fitted up and brilliantly illuminated ;  and the tables groaning under the weight of refreshments of all kinds and served by fair ladies, was really beautiful to behold. The ball commenced at an early hour and old and young did tip it up on the "light fantastic toe till the 'wee small' hours of night," and then retired to their respective abodes contented and happy.

 Mr. Wm. Campbell, Treasurer of the Relief Association of this parish, informs us that the amount of money realized during the evening was beyond his most sanguine expectations. Lafayette Advertiser 5/16/1874.

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