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Tuesday, July 23, 2013



We have been informed that a bill will be introduced in the next Legislature and probably adopted' which will be directed against "ungained" bachelors over the age of thirty years.

It is said that the celibacy of man is always of his own volition while that of a woman, in the greatest number of cases is altogether involuntary.

The bill proposes to levy an annual tax of $50 on bachelors of a certain age to counterbalance the expenses of a household of the inconveniences of a short tempered mother-in-law.

Whether this will prove gratifying news to marriageable girls, we do not know but the fact remains that the bill will be pushed through with the result that either the revenues of the State will be considerably increased or more marriages will take place.

We feel sure that the author of this proposed law is destined to become the most popular man in the whole State of Louisiana.

From the Plaquemine Protector and in the Lafayette Advertiser 1/12/1901.

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