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Monday, July 22, 2013


 What's New in the Advertiser's Store Window?

Very fine samples of our parish products have been brought to our office during the week. We are glad to record such very fine results, it shows that Lafayette can compare favorably with with any other section of our state.

 Sugar Cane. -
Fine specimens of cane, some with seven joints ready for our refineries were brought to us by Messrs. W. P. Thomas, Jos. Ross, Vavasseur Mouton, Armand Chaupin, W. S. Torian and Nicholson.

 Cotton. - Dr. F. E. Girard sent a very fine stalk of ordinary quality well loaded, Dr. T. B. Hopkins furnished us a stalk of limbless cotton which had 120 bolls and squares, which is rather out of the ordinary for this early day and wet season, and last of all Mr. A. Bacque who brought us a stalk of Steckler Cotton loaded with 124 bolls and squares.

 Corn. - Very fine samples of this product were forwarded us by Messrs. Joe Ross, Archie Morgan, Farrar  Lindsay and Leonce Gladu. Ears were of good size and the stalks were as tall as 14 feet.

 Peaches, Grapes, etc. - Fine products of the above were sent us also.

 What Is Lacking. - We would like very much to receive a monster watermelon.
 Lafayette Advertiser 7/23/1898.   

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