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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Lafayette will have a Base Ball Nine This Season.

 There is a movement on foot to organize a good nine of ball players, Lafayette has some fine material and it is possible to make up a splendid nine here. It is the intention of the promoters to call on the merchants for some financial assistance which, no doubt, they will readily give. There is no sport that exceeds in popularity and it is something which always arouses enthusiasm with the proper effort which will probably be made, our citizens ought to enjoy some excellent playing this season. Lafayette Advertiser 2/14/1903.

Baseball Team Organized.

 Now that the football season is over the boys at the Industrial Institute are about a baseball team ;  in fact, the necessary equipment in the shape of masks, stomach-protectors, bats and balls, have already been ordered, and it will not be long ere the people of Lafayette and vicinity will have the pleasure of witnessing a match game between these boys and a team from some neighboring town. It is needless that everyone wishes them success in this new field sport - the same success that has characterized their every effort in the past to establish the supremacy of the Industrial teams, and to hold on high the colors which have not yet known defeat. A match game, as well as various other out-door sports, will take place some time in March, to see which a small entrance fee, say 25 cents,  will be charged. The sports will be such as to attract a large number of people, and a gala day is expected. Let everyone turn out.
Lafayette Gazette 3/1/1902.

Base Ball. - Will Graser, captain of the Perseverance Club, requests The Gazette to state that the members of that club and all lovers of the national game are urged to be present at a meeting which will be held at 4 o'clock Sunday at the truck house. Matters of importance will come up for consideration and a large attendance is desired.
Lafayette Gazette 3/2/1895.

Base Ball Begins. - The Lafayette Baseball Club will open the ball season with a hot game with the New Iberia boys in their town. On April 24, the New Iberia boys will return the visit and a fine game will be pulled off on the local diamond. Lafayette Advertiser 4/6/1904.

Last Saturday afternoon an interesting game of ball was played by the High School nine and the Institute Juniors on the Institute grounds the score was 13 to 12 in favor of the latter. Laf. Adv. 5/2/1903

 The Lafayette Jr. Base Ball team will play ball Sunday at Breaux Bridge against the Breaux Bridge Jrs. they promise a good and exciting game. They would like to hear from the Jrs of all neighboring towns. Address all communications to Dr. H. P. Beeler, Lafayette, La.
Laf. Adv. 5/2/1903.

Lafayette Baseball in 1898:

The Lafayette Dixie Base Ball Club will make its initial bow to the public to-morrow afternoon minus uniforms, equipment and practice.

 It was the intention of the management not to open the season until the team was thoroughly seasoned and equipped. However this step is a concession to help out the program of the Fireman's Festival. Following are the names and position of the Dixie for to-morrow afternoon:
Derbes-Left Field; Matthews, Pitcher; Nickerson, 2nd Base; Gonzales, Center; Gray, 1st Base; Mudd, Short Stop; Mouton, 3rd Base; Hamilton, Center Field; Olivier, Right Field.
Lafayette Advertiser 5/7/1898.

First of the Season.

 Sunday the base ball season was opened at the ball park with a good game between Lafayette and Breaux Bridge. A large crowd was present and followed the game with close interest and great enjoyment. The batteries were Crouch and Suarez for Lafayette and Delahoussaye and Love for Breaux Bridge. Both did excellent work. There were a few errors during the game, but considering this was the first of the season the players all did well. The game was close, 7 to 6, favor of Lafayette. Laf. Adv. 5/10/1905.

Base Ball. - The Lafayette team played New Iberia Sunday on their home grounds, and the game was strictly professional up to the eighth inning. The playing was fine, could not be improved upon. Only one run was made and that by Lafayette. But when the eighth inning set in, things took a different complexion, for Lafayette lost their grip somehow and began to drop errors which New Iberia picked up promptly and adroitly, piling up runs, so that when the game ended Lafayette walked off with one little run while New Iberia stepped high with seven. Lafayette didn't feel so bad, however. Everybody has "off" days, and next Sunday when Franklin comes up here to play, the "boys" calculate it will be their "on" day, and there will be some real lively doings. Lafayette Advertiser 5/11/1904.
 First of the Season. - Sunday the base ball season was opened at the ball park with a good game between Lafayette and Breaux Bridge. A large crowd was present and followed the game with close interest and great enjoyment. The batteries were Crouch and Suarez for Lafayette and Delahoussaye and Love for Breaux Bridge. Both did excellent work. There were a few errors during the game, but considering this was the first of the season the players all did well. The game was close, 7 to 6, favor of Lafayette.

Lafayette Advertiser 5/10/1905.

Ball Game Postponed. - The game of ball proposed for last Sunday between the Abbevilles and the Camellias failed to materialize, the Abbevilles asking for an extension of time for one week; so we may certainly expect to see the game to-morrow afternoon. Last Saturday the Crescents, noticing that the Camellias had steam up and hating to see it wasted on the blow-off, mustered up a nine and gave them got well licked for their trouble - score, 12 to 7. As an old negro remarked, "Dem Kermoleys is gittin'  ter be bad! - bad!!" Lafayette Advertiser 5/10/1890.

The Base Ball game between Lafayette and Jeanerette was won by Lafayette. Score 16 to 9.
 Laf. Adv. 5/14/1898.

Base Ball Next Sunday. - Sunday, May 21, Lafayette will cross bats with Pilette, and a good game is certain. Both teams are strong and lovers of ball can expect one of the closest and best games of the season.
Laf. Adv. 5/17/1905.

 After the Base-Ball game at the Surrey Park, Sunday, (to-morrow between the Century Club nine and the Sontag Military Band nine, there will be a promenade concert given at Parkerson's grove. During the concert refreshments will be sold. Laf. Adv. 5/17/1902.

The great sporting event of the season will be the ball game between the lawyers and business men's nine. The proceeds will be given to the high school.
 Laf. Adv. 5/17/1893.

 Moss Bros. & Co. report that the sale of base balls has greatly increased since the game between the Attorneys and Business Men was announced. Laf. Adv. 5/20/1893. 

Great Game at Surrey Park. 

 Although the weather was threatening, nevertheless a big crowd of friends and admirers assembled at Surrey Park last Sunday to witness the championship game of ball between picked nines from the Century Club and the Sontag Military Band. The colors of the Club and Band were much in evidence. A number of buggies and carriages with their horses lavishly decorated with ribbons and the colors of the two nines, and gave quite an animated appearance to the scene. The game was called at three o'clock, and from start to finish kept the interest of all at high pitch. The first inning was against the club team, and when the Band boys began to roll up tallies in the second and third innings, things began to look black for the Club team. They saw the situation and tried to retrieve lost ground by changing batteries, but the Band boys had the game on them, and notwithstanding the Club nine made a tremendous effort they couldn't offset their losses in the first part of the game. At the close the score was 16 to 10 in favor of the Band boys. Following the game were several mule races, that afforded lots of amusement to everybody. Later in the evening the Band gave a concert at their stand in Parkerson's Grove. Lafayette Advertiser 5/24/1902.

Base Ball. - The Lafayette team played Jeanerette on their own grounds Sunday, and both teams put up a fine game. The score was 9 to 8 in favor of Jeanerette. Next Sunday Lafayette will play at St. Martinville.
Lafayette Advertiser 6/8/1904.

As announced the "Bloomer Girls" played a base ball game last Sunday, against the Pilette's team before a large crowd of spectators. The game was very interesting and the girls proved to be good players but too weak to beat Pilette's team. The score stood: Pilette's 16 to 10 for their opponents.
 Laf. Adv. 6/10/1899

Lafayette Base Ball Club. - Tuesday night a number of Base enthusiasts met in the Bank Building and organized the Lafayette Base Ball Club, with several of the old time players in line as many new and very good players signed for the season.

 The aggregation shows up in good form, and will play ball to win.
The club is under the auspices of the Oak Avenue Park Association. The Park is being placed in first class shape and will be kept so throughout the season. Admission to all the games will be 25 cts. boys under 15, 10cts., ladies free.

 Arrangements are under way for a game with the invincible Pilette Club Sunday evening, June 21st. If played the game will be advertised Saturday and Sunday.
The club will have a practice game Saturday evening, all members are requested to attend.
Lafayette Advertiser 6/13/1896. 


Manager Rene Delhomme of the Lafayette Base Ball team, has requested us to announce that he has succeeded in making arrangements with the Sioux Ball team of the Indian Territory, who are making a baseball tour, to play two games on the local diamond next Saturday, June 17, one at 4 p. m., and the other at 8 p. m. The grounds will be brilliantly lighted by arc lamps for the night game. General admission 25 cents gets you on the grounds , seats on the grand stand 25 cents extra.  Lafayette Advertiser 6/14/1905.

Baseball. - A game of Ball was played in Carencro last Sunday, between the Lafayette and Carencro nines. The score was 5 to 4 in favor of Lafayette. The Lafayettes have so far won all games and challenge any club whose members are under the age of seventeen. Send all challenges to Charles Martin, Manager. Laf. Adv. 6/15/1901.

Base Ball. - The Lafayette Sluggers and the High School team will play a game of ball at the Ball Park at 4 p. m. Saturday. A lively game is promised that will be interesting to admirers of ball. A small admission fee will be charged. Laf. Adv. 6/15/1904.

A Lively Game. - A spirited match game of ball took place last Sunday at Carencro between the Lafayette Camellias, Jr. and the Carencro nine. The game was played only seven innings and lasted one hour and ten minutes with Adam Otto as empire. The chief features of the game were Alpha's puzzling twirl which kept the Carencro boys guessing from start to finish, the good catching of Martin, and the tricky playing of Cliff Guidry on first base. There were a number of good plays on both side, which made the game interesting throughout. At the close of the game the score stood 20 to 5 in favor of the Camelias. Another game will be played between the same teams on Sunday, June 22, at Surrey Park, and the prospects are that the game will be a very interesting one. Lafayette Advertiser 6/21/1902.

Base Ball Excursion Down the Bayou. - The excursionists who accompanied the Lafayette Camellia's Base Ball Club to Abbeville numbered about 80, the steamboat Mary Rose could have easily accommodated three times that number. They had a delightful sail down the bayou, and were enthusiastically received by the Abbeville people. The game with the "Red Stockings" was a very pretty one as far as it went. Unfortunately, like the did here in the game with the Crescents, the Abbeville club raised objection to a ruling if the umpire, and refusing to continue forfeited the game in the 7th inning, the score at the time standing - Camelia's 12, Red Stockings 10. The excursion coming back was delayed, not reaching Lafayette until 6 o'clock Monday morning. The excursionists express themselves as well pleased with their trip and with Abbeville and its people. Lafayette Advertiser 6/21/1890.

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