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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


From the Lafayette Gazette of December 11th, 1897:

Electric Lights in 45 Days!

 From present indications, it is safe to say that Lafayette will be lighted by electric lights in about forty-five days. Mr. Widner, an electrician from New Orleans, has arrived in Lafayette and taken charge of the work of erecting the plant. The brick work for the foundation of the stand-pipe was begun Monday, and a score of workmen are busy completing that part of the undertaking.

 The poles will soon be erected. The gentlemen in charge are doing their utmost to expedite business, as great delay was caused by the quarantine regulations. Mr. F. Printz, of the Consolidated Engineering Co., was in town during the week, supervising the work. Mr. Don Caffery represents the company, and assures The Gazette that no trouble or expense will be in the way of an early completion of the erection of both plants.
Lafayette Gazette 12/11/1897.


 R. Clemile Landry, president of the Police Jury of this parish, was chosen on last Monday by the Democratic Convention to represent Lafayette parish in the coming constitutional convention. No better choice could have been made. Mr. Landry is eminently fitted to be our representative in that sovereign body, which is to frame the organic law of the State. He has been intimately acquainted with the local government for a number of years, and that experience which he has thus acquired will undoubtedly be of great value.

 He is a Democrat, a man of sterling worth and strict honesty.

 In educational matters, he has always liberally and wisely appropriated the public funds towards maintaining a good system of public schools in this parish.

 He was born and raised in this community, "to the manor born."

 In the reformation of the elective franchise, the greatest work before the convention, he, no doubt, will have at heart the interest and welfare of the white people of Lafayette parish. The platform, upon which he stands, is a clear-cut one. It stands for white supremacy; that above all.

 The Democrats have done well to choose him.

 The Gazette unhesitatingly endorses the honorable R. C. Landry as a candidate for the constitutional convention.

 He stands for white supremacy, civilization and intelligence.
   Lafayette Gazette 12/11/1897.

Republicans Silent.

 The Republicans of the State are supremely silent as to what they will do at the coming election. They seem to be waiting, like Micawber, for something to turn up. In the neighboring parishes, no opposition is being put up to the Democratic candidates. St. Mary is the only exception to our knowledge. There, the doughty Captain Pharr has again been chosen by his party to make the fight.

 Judge A. C. Allen is one of the Democratic candidates. The campaign in St. Mary promises to be an interesting one as now that the negro is practically culminated from the suffrage, the strength of the white Republicans will be ascertained.

 Lafayette Gazette 12/11/1897.

Christmas Excursions.

 Excursion tickets from all points to points in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia will be sold via Southern Pacific December 21 and 22, 1897, good for return within 30 days from date of sale, at rate of one fare for the round trip.

 Local tickets from and to any point on line will be sold December 23, 24, 25, 30, 31, 1897, and January 1, 1898, good to return up to January 3, 1898, at rate of one a third fare.  Lafayette Gazette 12/11/1897.

Revived After a Depressing Period.

 Two months of quarantine, shutting out almost entirely the traffic over the Southern Pacific between New Orleans and points in Texas, has not in any wise impaired the zeal of the line in opening the great highway for traffic.

 Commencing November 25, the various communities have raised their quarantine and immediately the double daily train service with buffet sleepers was put in operation, making connection at New Orleans will all lines east and north. Lafayette Gazette 12/11/1897.

 Off to Baton Rouge.

 Sheriff I. A. Broussard left Tuesday with the following prisoners in charge: Edward Casimir, sentenced to twelve years at hard Labor; Jos. Bernard, same; Hypolite Davis and Casimer were implicated in the general shooting affray which occured some months past on Mr. Landry's place, a few miles from town. Lafayette Gazette 12/11/1897.

Fairs at Carencro.

 Father Laforest, the beloved pastor of St. Peter's Church at Carencro, will give a series of fairs in that place for the purpose of paying off the debt still due on the church which was destroyed lately by a storm. On Dec. 25 and 26, the entertainments will be for the white people; on January 1 and 2, dinner for the colored folks.

 Dinner and supper will be served at reasonable rates. Drills and concerts by the convent children, assisted by amateurs, will be attractive features of the fairs. A large hall has been built to accommodate large crowds. Lafayette Gazette 12/11/1897.

Woodmen of the World.

 Prof. C. E. Ives is establishing a flourishing Camp of the Woodmen of the World at Lafayette. At each meeting several applicants are introduced into the mysteries of the order. The organization will be completed in a short time from the present rate of increase. Lafayette Gazette 12/11/1897.

Democratic Parish Convention.

 Lafayette, La., Dec. 4, 1897. - Pursuant to a call of the Democratic Parish Executive Committee, the Democratic Parish Convention, composed of delegates elected in the different wards of this parish, met at the court-house in the town of Lafayette at the designated hour.

 Upon roll call, all the wards were duly represented, except the first and second wards, as follows:

    1st ward, not represented.
    2nd ward, not represented.
    3rd ward, represented by 11 delegates.
    4th ward, represented by 5 delegates.
    5th ward, represented by 3 delegates.
    6th ward, represented by 8 delegates.
    7th ward, represented by 2 delegates.
    8th ward, represented by 3 delegates.

 Upon motion, the following resolution was adopted: "That a committee be appointed by the chair to select a candidate as delegate to the Constitutional Convention, and the chairman be appointed, ex-officio, a member of said committee."

 The chairman appointed the following committee: Leopold Hirsch, Theolin Dupuis, Jos. Ducote, A. M. Martin, Overton Cade, Jules Langlinais, A. C. Guilbeau, Aymar Labbe and John Whittington.

 Upon motion, duly made and carried, the following committee on resolutions was appointed by the chairman, to wit: Julian Mouton, Overton Cade, Jules Langlinais, A. C. Guilbeau, J. Aymar Labbe and John Whittington.

 The committee appointed to select a candidate as delegate to the Constitutional Convention, recommended Mr. R. C. Landry.

 Upon motion, duly made and carried, Mr. R. C. Landry was selected by acclamation as a candidate as delegate from this parish to the Constitutional Convention to be voted for on the second Tuesday of January, 1898; the alternate to be appointed by the Parish Executive Committee in case of vacancy.

 The committee on resolutions then submitted the following resolutions which were unanimously carried:

 Be it resolved, by the Democrats of the parish of Lafayette in convention assembled, that we favor;

    1. A reform of the suffrage, which will conserve the rights of suffrage to the whites; and which will exclude the negroes from the elective franchise, as far is it is practicable under the Federal Constitution.

   2. A reform in the judiciary system which will afford cheap litigation and speedy trials.

   3. A constitutional provision which will guarantee pensions to Confederate veterans and to their widows.

 The following delegates to the Democratic Convention to be held at Baton Rouge, La., were unanimously elected, to-wit:

 First ward, Albert Delhomme, Simeon Begnaud.

 Second ward, Dr. A. O. Clark, Lewis Whittington.

 Third ward, Julian Mouton I. A. Broussard, Paul L. DeClouet, J. Edmond Mouton, Jos. Ducote, Thomas Mouton.

 Fourth ward, Overton Cade, H. Theall.

 Fifth ward, Alcide LeBlance, Aurelien Olivier.

 Sixth ward, V. E. Dupuis, Adam Sonnier, Ophe Melancon, John Roger.

 Seventh ward, A. D. Verrot.

 Eighth ward, John Whittington, Jr.

 Upon motion, duly seconded and carried the delegates present will be authorized to cast the votes of this parish as a unit, and no proxies are allowed.

 The meeting then adjourned.
P.L. DECLOUET, Chairman.
ED. G. VOORHIES, Secretary.
Lafayette Gazette 12/11/1897.

Police Jury Proceedings.

Lafayette, La., December 2, 1897. - The Police Jury met this day in regular session with the following members present: R. C. Landry, Ben Avant, Alfred Hebert, Alonzo Lacy, Jno. E. Primeaux and Jno. Whittington, Jr.  Absent: C. C. Brown and M. Billeaud, Jr.

 The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

 Hon. Ben Avant, a member of the committee appointed to report on the petition of Col. G. A. Breaux for right of way across the property of Mr. G. Bienvenu, submitted a verbal report to the effect that he had examined the location of the tramway and had investigated all the facts and allegations in the petition aforesaid. He recommended that right of way be granted. Hon. Jno. Whittington reported that as Mr. Bienvenu refused to allow the committee to visit his premises officially, he could not make a report as to the location of right of way for, but, as petitioner admitted having avenues of ingress and egress to his plantation, it was impossible to recommend favor action on said petition. Mr. Whittington therefore moved to lay the matter on the table. By motion of Mr. Avant, duly seconded, the right of way as prayed for, was granted and the sum of $100 allowed to Mr. G. Bienvenu in compensation of all damages by him sustained Mr. Whittington voted nay.

 The donation of a public road by Mr. V. Broussard, was read, accepted, and ordered recorded.

 By motion, the petition of M. Melancon and other for the right of way across the property of V. Broussard was refused.

 By motion, the following Jury of Freeholders was appointed to perfect that portion of the public road from Scott to St. Peter, across the property of J. J. Dubernard, assess all damages, etc., according to law; Antoine Pellisissier, J. J. Dubernard, Simeon Begnaud, Adon Chiasson, Homer Chiasson and Livode Guillote.

 The following report of Jury of Freeholders was read and accepted, the road declared a public highway and the sum of $17 appropriated and set aside for damages assessed:

 State of Louisiana, Parish of Lafayette, Odillon Blanchet, Raphael Guidry, J. M. Rouley, B. F. Flanders, Arthur Comeau, Clement Romero, do solemnly swear that we will lay out the road now directed to be laid out by the Police Jury of the parish of Lafayette to the greatest case and advantage of the inhabitants, and with as little prejudice to enclosures as may be - without favor or affection, malice or hatred, and to the best of our skill and abilities. So help us God. And furthermore, that we will truly assess all damages to proprietors, caused by said road, to the best of our judgment and ability. B. F. Flanders, J. O. Blanchet, Raphael Guidry, Clement Romero, Arthur Comeaux, J. M. Rouley.

 Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 15th day of November, 1897. Sidney Greig, Notary Public.


 We, the undersigned Jury of Freeholders of the parish of Lafayette, duly appointed by the Police Jury of said parish, to trace and lay out a public road leading from Alexandre Langlinais south west corner and north west corner of Albert Laurent through the lands of the following proprietors, to-wit:  Desire Langlinais, F. A. LeBlanc, C. Romero, Mrs. Adelle Landry, Stanislaus Blanchet, Desire Leblanc, Aurelien Guilbeaux, Arthur Comeau, Alfred Leblanc, Guidry, on the west side of said road, Albert Laurent, Jules David, L. A. Leblanc, R. Guidry, Mrs. Euphemon Leblanc, Ulger Romero, Mrs. Cyphrien Broussard, on the east side of said road to the public road running east and north to Vermilion parish, having been notified of our appointment and of the time and place of meeting by the person first named in said order of appointment; and having severally taken and subscribed the foregoing oath, and having given notice to each and every one of the aforesaid proprietors in writing, at least three days notice previous of the time and place of the meeting and of the intended laying out of said road through the lands of said proprietors, which notices were duly served on said proprietors, did meet on the 15th day of November 1897, at Clement Romero's the place designated in said notices, and did then and there, in presence of the following named of said proprietors, to wit: Clement Romero, Arthur Comeaux, Raphael Guidry, proceed to trace and lay out said public road as follows: Beginning at points aforesaid designated and running thence through the lands of the proprietors aforesaid designated for the distance of two miles taking a strip of twenty feet wide off of the land of each one along their common boundary line, which boundary was mutually agreed upon and shown us by said proprietors, and by them designated to us, by setting stakes and plowing furrows, so as to be easily visible and recognizable, and thence through the lands of Desire Langlinais, L. A. LeBlanc, C. Romero, Mrs. Adelle Landry, Stanislas Blanchet, Desire Leblanc, Aurelien Guilbeaux, Arthur Comeaux, Alfred LeBlanc, Albert Laurent, Jules David, Raphael Guidry, Mrs. E. LeBlanc, Ulgere Romero, Mrs. S. Boudreaux, the termination of said road, which road is forty feet wide throughout its entire length, and was so traced and staked out as to be plainly visible throughout its entire course; and we have cause to be made of plat of said road showing the location and course of said road, and the location of the lands of the different proprietors through which said road runs, and the distance and quantity of land expropriated from each owner for said road, which plat is annexed to this our report of said road for reference.

 And we further report that we, said Jury of Freeholders, did on our oaths aforesaid, assess the following damages to proprietors in compensation for their land so taken and expropriated for said road as follows, to-wit:

 Albert Laurent, $5.oo; Jules David, $5.00; Aurelien Guilbeau, $2.00; Mrs. S. Boudreaux, $5.00; and to the other proprietors no damages were assessed, as in our opinion the benefit of said road fully compensates the value of the land taken.

 Done at the parish of Lafayette, this 15th day of November, 1897, B. F. Flanders, J. O. Blanchet, J. M. Rouley, Clement Romero, Arthur Comeaux, Raphael Guidry.


 I, one of the proprietors named in the written report, do hereby consent to the location and direction of the road as described in the written report, and accompanying plat; and hereby agree to accept the amount of damages allowed me, by said Jury of Freeholders, as by the written report set forth in full compensation of all damages by me sustained, by reason of the expropriation of my land for the use of said road,

 Signed and dated this 15th day of November, 1897, S. Blanchet, L. A. LeBlanc, Desire Langlinais, Clement Romero, Alfred LeBlanc, (his mark), Ulger Romero (his mark), Olympe LeBlanc, Desire LeBlanc (his mark), C. LeBlanc, Raphael Guidry, Arthur Comeaux.

 By motion, the drainage fund of the fourth ward was appropriated for the purchase of oxen, as per recommendation of the drainage committee.

 Messrs. Hebert and Whittington were appointed and authorized to repair the bridge over Coulee Mines, near Col. Boudreaux' place.

 Mr. Primeaux was authorized to purchase lumber for the fourth ward.

  By motion of Mr. Hebert, the following amounts were approved on the drainage of the third ward:

 Chas. Jenkins ... $35.00
 Hypolite Patin ... $26.00
 L. Allemand ... $30.00

 Assessor A. M. Martin appeared and represented that under the new registration act, new poll books would be required. The Assessor was authorized to procure said poll books and render his bill therefor.

 By motion duly made, Arthur Comeaux was chosen supervisor of elections to represent the parish of Lafayette on the Board of Supervisors.

 The following accounts were rejected:

 A. Baldwin & Co., weights, meas. ... $76.60
 Dr. F. S. Mudd, examination of stranger ... $3.00

 The following account was laid over:

 E. G. Voorhies, recording 29 acts, ... $50.75

 The following accounts were approved:

 ------------------p. 1----------------

 There being no further business the Police Jury adjourned.
R. C. LANDRY, President.
R. C. GREIG, Secretary.
Lafayette Gazette 12/11/1897.

 City Council Proceedings.

 Lafayette, La., Dec. 6, 1897. - The City Council met this day in regular session, with the following members present: Mayor Caffery, Councilmen Hahn, Martin, Mouton and Landry.

 The minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved:

 Reports of committees were called and the finance committee reported as follows:

 Lafayette, La., Dec. 6, 1897. - To the Hon. the Mayor and Members of the City Council of the town of Lafayette: Your undersigned finance committee beg leave to make this their report for the quarter ending Dec. 6, 1897.

 -----------------p. 1----------------

 By above report it appears that the collector collected since last report $426.42 1/2, special tax for W. W. & E. L. Fund, and that fund is only credited with $426.19 1/4  by the treasurers books; an error against that fund of twenty-two and three-quarter cents that should be credited to it from the general fund. Collector paid treasurer amount of $1,386.38 dollars, of which $26.75 was for fines on stock; which being deducted leaves the amount of taxes and licenses collected and paid by him, $1,339.63 on which he is entitled to a commission of 4 per cent, making, $54.38, for which amount, less $2.13 1/4 amount to be accounted by him by this report, leaving a balance of $52.24 1/4 for which he should get a warrant from the treasurer, in full settlement up to date.
      Respectfully submitted,
         A. E. MOUTON, J. J. DAVIDSON.

Ordered recorded and filed.

 Collector McFadden reported as follows:

 -----------------p. 1-----------------

 Respectfully submitted,
    S. W. MCFADDEN, Collector.

 To the Hon. Mayor and Members City Council, Lafayette, La. - Following is receipts and disbursements since last report:


 ---------------p. 1---------------

 Respectfully submitted,

 The following accounts were approved:

 -------------------p. 1------------------

 The account of Mr. R. R. Zell was approved, considered that it covers the services rendered by Mr. J. W. Armstrong, assistant civil engineer, representing Mr. Zell.

 The account of D. V. Gardebled was laid over.

 It was moved and seconded that the W. W. and E. L. committee be requested to insist upon the presence or R. R. Zell here from this time on, during the construction of the W. W. and E. L. plant; that a copy of this resolution be furnished the chairman of the committee immediately.

 There being no further business the Council adjourned.
S. MUDD, Secretary.
Lafayette Gazette 12/11/1897.

City Council Special Meeting.

           Lafayette, La., Nov. 26, 1897.
  The City Council met this day with the following members present:  Mayor Caffery, Coucilmen Hahn, Hopkins, Martin and Davidson.

 Upon motion Dr. Martin, the secretary being absent, acted as secretary.

 Dr. Martin, as a member of the Board of Health, reported that the board had adopted the following resolution:

 Be it resolved, that we recommended to the City Council the adoption of the resolution adopted at the health conference here on the 17th inst., relative to second-hand goods from places where yellow fever prevailed lately, and furthermore that passengers will be admitted hereafter without any certificates.

     Thereupon the following was adopted:
  Be it enacted, by the City Council that the above and foregoing resolution of the Board of Health be and are hereby adopted, and that the same be enforced under the penalty of a fine not more than $100 in default of payment of fine imprisonment not exceeding thirty days.
G. A. MARTIN, Secretary.
Lafayette Advertiser 12/18/1897.

 Selected News Notes (Gazette) 12/11/1897.

 Fernand Mouton, who has been attending Draughon's Business College at Nashville, Tenn., has returned to Lafayette. He successfully completed the commercial course in that well-known institution.

 James E. Mouton has been nominated by the St. Martin Democrats as their candidate of delegate to the Constitutional Convention. H. P. Fournet is their choice for member of the lower house.

 The advertisement of Mr. Ambroise Mouton appears in this issue of The Gazette. Mr. Mouton has established a real estate and collecting agency in Lafayette, a much needed thing in any prosperous town.

 Miss Julie Revillon has returned after a week's stay in Breaux Bridge.

 George, Thomas and Louis Debaillon left during the week for Jefferson College.

 Mrs. Armand Salles, of New Orleans, came to Lafayette this week, to see her sister, Mrs. W. B. Bailey, who has been quite ill.

 Try some of the pickled pigs' feet and barreled pickles at Mouton & Hopkins.

 Sidney Bouchard left last week for Mermentau where he is employed by the Southern Pacific.

 I. A. Broussard, A. D. Verrot, P. L. DeClouet, Simeon Begnaud and Judge Julian Mouton left Tuesday for Baton Rouge to attend the State Democratic Convention, as delegates from the parish.

 Dr. F. S. Mudd now occupies the building next to Revillon's store as an office.

 Miss Lizzie Bailey, who left Sunday for New Orleans, where she was to attend school, returned to Lafayette Wednesday, having been called here by by the illness of her mother. Mrs. Roy and children accompanied her.

 There will be a Christmas Tree at Bertrand's school house, in the eighth ward, Thursday, Dec. 23, at 7 o'clock, p. m. Admission, 10 cents. Lafayette Gazette 12/11/1897.


 Sullivan's "Lost Chord".

The first correct copy of Sir Arthur Sullivan's great song, "The Lost Chord," ever printed in American direct from the composer's own hand, will appear in the Christmas number of The Ladies' Home Journal. Over his signature Sir Arthur Sullivan states that of the millions of copies of "The Lost Chord" sold in America, all are incorrect, and that this is the first accurate copy of the song ever prepared by him, or for which he ever received a penny of payment. The complete music and words of Sir Arthur's copy of the song, expressly prepared for The Ladies Home Journal, will be given.

 Lafayette Gazette 12/11/1897.

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