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Monday, June 12, 2017

1969 Christmas.

1969: Lafayette History.
Black Friday '69!

 According to Wikipedia, Black Friday has been the day after Thanksgiving. Although the lines are beginning to blur on exactly when the Christmas Shopping Season begins these days, back in 1969 it was still well entrenched and you can bet business was brisk at the Sears on University Avenue in Lafayette.

 So, let's say we could go back in time to to the day after thanksgiving in 1969 and go Christmas shopping at Sears.

 Each of us has a gift card for $100.00 in 1969 money with a stipulation that that items purchased with this gift card are presents for yourself and no one else.

 What would you buy? And how much would you have left over if any. remember, you can't go over $100.00.