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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Calvin Crawfish and His Friends.
Lafayette Advertiser 1/1/1959.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is one a series of fictional stories written especially for Southwest Louisiana pre-school children, which will be published in the women's section of the Daily Advertiser  as space permits.

 By Mary Alice Fontenot, Advertiser Society Reporter.

 ".. Calvin Crawfish woke up. He yawned and stretched  his two big tough sharp claws, and all of his eight legs, and wiggled his two long whiskers and then his short whiskers.

 ".. 'My, but I'm hungry,' said Calvin to himself. 'I'm going to eat my breakfast, then go outside and see what's going on!' So he opened a can of termite sandwich relish and put it on a slice of (unreadable word) bread and then put on a leaf of tender (unreadable word) to finish his sandwich. After he ate this he drank a cup of milkweed tea, then wiped his whiskers with a piece of thistle down. Then he was ready to  go outside and see what was going on.

 ".. Calvin crawled out of the hole in the middle of his mud house and looked around. It was early in the morning, but Calvin couldn't see the sun because the sun because there was a fog. The sky was silver gray, and as far as Calvin could see everything everything was silver gray. The fog was like a silver gray curtain that had been pulled down all around Calvin and his house.

 ".. Calvin liked the fog. He liked the sunshine too, and the rain, and he liked it at night when the moon was shining, and he liked the fog.

 ".. With the silver gray curtain of fog making everything look different, Calvin could imagine that he was somewhere else except his near his mud house by the Coulee, in Lafayette, La. He could imagine he that he was some place far away, all alone by himself.

 ".. But he couldn't imagine this very long. Because in just a little while he heard Mr. Blue Jay going 'Cha-WOK! Cha-Wok!' as he flew by, then along came Lydia Lizard, with droplets of fog on her green and white suit, then Willie the Worm crawled out from under a leaf, and Margo Mockingbird started his song from the top of the pecan tree.

 "The sun started shining a little, and the fog became more silver and less gray. Every now and then a sunbeam would creep through the silver fog and light up a little place on the coulee bank. Calvin decided to go down by the coulee and see what was going on there.

 ".. Right at the edge of the water Calvin found a little island. 'This is strange,' thought Calvin. 'I don't remember this little island being here yesterday, or the day before. In fact, I don't remember seeing it!'

 ".. The sun was shining by now, and it felt warm and nice. The fog was going away, and as the fog went away, the shone bright (missing words) in the warm sunshine. He decided to take a nap. He crawled over on the little island and went to sleep.

 ".. All of a sudden Calvin woke up. The island was moving! Calvin looked around, and saw that a he was out in the middle of the water, and the island was moving towards the other side of coulee, and Calvin crawled off onto the ground real quick.

 ".. Then he found out what had happened. What he had thought was an island was really Timothy Turtle! The fog had made everything damp, and Timothy's hard shell was all smeared with mud, which made him look like a lump of dirt.

 " 'Oh, Calvin,' said Timothy. 'I knew you didn't know that was me! So I thought I'd give you a ride across the coulee and surprise you.'

 ".. 'My goodness, Timothy, you really did!' said Calvin. 'And I had a nice morning nap besides!' "
Lafayette Advertiser 1/1/1959.     

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